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Jose Canseco

Flirty Pic with Rape Accuser

Hours Before Alleged Incident

5/24/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0522-jose-canseco-tmz-2013Just hours before Jose Canseco allegedly committed rape ... the alleged victim posed for a very flirty pic with J.C. in a Vegas casino and joked that they had just gotten married, TMZ has learned. 

The pic was taken on the floor of the MGM Casino at 2:51 AM on May 10 -- with the woman cozying up for a couply shot with Jose ... with her open right hand placed on the center of his exposed chest.

The person who took the photo says he's a huge Canseco fan (apparently those still exist) ... and had recognized Jose strolling around the casino with a female companion.

The fan asked Jose if he could snap a shot -- and Jose obliged, striking a pose with the woman while she giggled and told the photog she and Jose had just tied the knot.

For the record -- we've done some digging, but couldn't find any proof of a Canseco marriage.

The photog told us the two seemed happy ... no signs of distress.

Of course, things changed -- 'cause the woman reportedly told police Jose drugged and raped her later that day.

Jose has denied the allegations -- claiming his accuser is making up the story for publicity.


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No Avatar


No wonder, look at the way that skank is dressed, when you wear tight dresses up to your hootiestank...you send the wrong message. Grow up and dress like a human being...not a slut!

518 days ago


Sounds like she had sex and he didn't want any thing else to do with him and she is pist now she is yelling rape what a b#### this guy is broke wrong dude gold digger

518 days ago


He is still so hot

518 days ago


If she was a "huge" fan then she should be happy! Lol

518 days ago


Somethings fishy she looks like she is all over him and he has is hand high on her shoulder. ....I don't believe her story...

518 days ago

Ted Frunk    

Typical skank.

Skank wants money
Skank bangs man with money
Man with money doesn't give skank money
Skank is appalled that Man with money doesn't pay for the use of her slit
Skank claims rape
Man with money has to fight it for a year
Man with money wins, but has reputation ruined
Skank is unaffected and looks for next target

How about making false rape claims illegal.

518 days ago


Jose still on that Deca Dynabol ! You know he has ZERO natural testosterone so I doubt he raped her. He might have punched her in the face tho...Roids do that to a person.

518 days ago


Because she looks happy right now it couldn't have been rape? I am not saying he did it but this picture makes no difference - some people even go on dates and have a good time with someone who then rapes them! Imagine that! They may even wear a sexy dress and kiss during the date (gasp!) but non of that is an invitation to have sex. Once someone says no, that is it. It makes me sad that you would even post this and insinuate that she's to sexy and happy to have been raped.

518 days ago


What is with all the accusations about slut shaming?? Nobody is saying she wanted it, or deserved it. Questioning if someone was actually raped is not slut shaming... a girl saying she was especially after she is seen flirting, touching and then telling people she is married to the man is going to raise questions. As it should. I love how some will jump right to the slut shaming thing without even KNOWING what happened. Immediately the guy is guilty. I had an in law scream rape at a gas station when they were drunk and being driven home by a friend and they were pissed off and drunk so that's what they did to 'get back' at the guy for not letting them drive drunk. So please spare me the nonsense about how it's rare for a woman to lie about being raped. No one is slut shaming this woman because no one KNOWS if she was even raped.
How about some actual evidence before we label the guy a rapist huh??

518 days ago

Me Too    

Looks like the only crime he's guilty of is wearing the douchey "Affliction" style shirt.

518 days ago


White women are whores. Why would any man have to rape them?

518 days ago


No question Jose is 100% guilty here,This appears to be a nice girl you would take home to momma, not to read much into it but the clincher for me was her fine CHURCH OUTFIT............tsk..tsk.

518 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Canseco is a known piece of back stabbing trash and will do anything to get what he wants.However the tramp in the pics. is no better and should have known what type of thing Canseco is..............the way she is dressed and the way Canseco is was a recipe for trouble.

518 days ago


Id hate to b on that jury!

518 days ago


Wow, seems like a scheming whore to me.

518 days ago
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