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Steve Nash's Ex-Wife

He's Banning Me From L.A. to Avoid Child Support

5/24/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Nash is making a full-court press to block his ex-wife from moving from Phoenix to L.A. with their 3 kids so he can avoid paying child support ... this according to court docs filed by his ex.

Nash and his ex Alejandra are locked in a legal battle royale over where she's allowed to move.  Alejandra wants to relocate from Phoenix to L.A. ... so the kids can be closer to Steve.   But the b-baller has vigorously tried to block the move, which is curious because he famously chose the Lakers over the New York Knicks to be closer to the youngins.
Alejandra says Nash has told her he didn't want her to move out West because he might be traded or forced into retirement ... which would mean uprooting the family again.

But Alejandra says Nash is simply blowing smoke -- and that the REAL reason he wants her to stay put in PHX is because California courts are likely to impose huge child support obligations against him -- something the Phoenix courts have not done.

Alejandra claims Steve is not paying a cent in child support ... zip, zero, zilch ... and he doesn't want to blow a good thing.

Alejandra says Steve's admitted that living so far from the kids is tough on him and them ... and it would be better for everyone if they could spend more time together ... but his desire to save a few bucks on child support is trumping his obligation to his family.

For now ... a judge has issued a restraining order, prohibiting Alejandra from moving West until their trial, which is scheduled for next week.

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No Avatar


After reviewing the minute entry, it appears to me to be nothing but a money grab.

482 days ago


Stupid men procreate with gold digging cows and... tada... the lawyers make money and you spend half your life in court. Motto... keep your dingus in your pants stupid!

482 days ago


Putting aside everybody's super passsionate feelings about child support, I still don't see a valid reason why a woman - who only ever moved to Phoenix for her husband's job in the first place - should be forced to stay there now that they are divorced and he's not even living there anymore.

482 days ago

Mystery Guest    

Lots of men will do anything to get out of supporting their kids.

482 days ago

Bill Leslie    

1) I don't see how he's not paying some child support for 3 kids unless there was an agreed to settlement - that's not helping her credibility

2) why doesn't she offer to sign an agreement to not refile in Cali to show that it isn't just a money grab so she can spend the kid's money on herself

482 days ago


What many people here don't understand in any legal battle, the woman can conjure up a number of lies in her suit for these matters, That's why we have courts that sift through the truth from the lies.I can assure you she is in a big HOUSE in phoenix with her kids(fed..clothes) NOT wanting for anything.But of course you will find in these cases they can NEVER get enough.

482 days ago


This guy seems like such a jerk!

482 days ago


How can you legally keep the mother of your children from moving CLOSER to you? That is unheard of! I get why you aren't allowed to move kids away from the other parent but this seems unconstitutional. To deprive someone of the ability to live where they want to live when there are no issues with taking children further away? Crazy.

482 days ago


Not going to take sides but I will say divorce is not good especially when there is a child involved. I pray I never have to go through one.

482 days ago


isint she the wife that had jason richardsons baby while he was on pheonix? or am i mistaking her for tony parkers wedding night romp with the one Barry"s wife at his wedding reception to longoria?

482 days ago


i dont see how he is in the wrong at all. she had a baby with another man who was on the suns at the time! that makes whatever he does ok with me. Shes the HOE

482 days ago


What? He can't tell her where she can or can't live!

482 days ago


There is one thing the article fails to mention, and that is if California or Phoenix is his permanent residence. That is the important thing here. Some people on this board are acting like because he plays the season in LA that he lives there permanently. He could be like many other athletes and play in one city, but when the season is over he has a home in a different state that is his residence.

If that is the case then she should be blocked from moving to California. And why would she want to uproot her kids from where they have lived for 5 years? And don't give me it is because she wants them to be closer to their father. Their father most likely only is in California for the basketball season.

And to you that claim he isn't paying child support, he is. All of the expenses that he is paying are things that child support is supposed to go to. Just because he doesn't put money directly into her hands every month doesn't mean he isn't paying child support.

482 days ago


Umm..this article forgot to include a few important facts:
1. Steve has paid her $5,000,000 in the divorce settlement.
2. Steve continues to pay $30,000 per MONTH to pay for his kids education, medical expenses, extra-curricular activities, and nanny services.

To me, Steve is already supporting his ex-wife and his 3 children. If his ex-wife is not able to support their kids with $5 million + $30,000 per month, then she is a horrible mother. In my opinion, Steve is taking care of his kids. If he has to pay more "child support" its only going to be wasted on his ex-wife's plastic surgery and Gucci handbags.

482 days ago


Ok, the writer is not telling the whole story. He Paid her Millions in the divorce settlement and courts agreed he paid her enough in that. She is trying to move there so she can claim Child support as CA courts are more willing to side with her. She is neing a Greedy SOB who cheated on him with a teamate as well.Get your facts straight TMZ

482 days ago
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