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Amanda Bynes to Rihanna

'Chris Brown Beat You

Because You're Not Pretty Enough'

5/26/2013 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
just inexplicably railed on Rihanna on Twitter, saying Chris Brown beat her because she's ugly ... but RiRi got the last word and it was AWESOME.

Bynes tweeted -- and quickly deleted -- "@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough."

She followed that up with another insult -- about wanting to name her dog Rihanna. It's unclear what set her off.

RiRi clearly got wind of the deleted tweets, because she just posted the BEST COMEBACK EVER:

Don't mess with RiRi.

UPDATE 11:03 AM PT -- Amanda has already responded (and already deleted):

"@rihanna unlike ur fugly faced self I don't do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren't pretty u know it!"


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I'm Awesome admit it     

I don't care what anyone says Rihanna is gorgeous. Rihanna looks way better than Amanda, Amanda looks like the crack head version of Miley Cyrus

485 days ago

BB not bb    

Amanda is jealous because now Rihanna can go after Drake again. Amanda came on to Drake and it went nowhere, but Drake was into Rihanna for a while. I wonder if Amanda is going insane over Drake. Maybe she had some kind of secret affair with him in the past.

Amanda seems like she is trying to turn ghetto or even Negro. She is dressing like the black female rappers and wearing their types of wigs and make-up. I wonder what her problem really is. Maybe she is too embarrassed to tell anyone.

485 days ago


there is no way that i will think amanda is doing this for publicity. she really is sick. some people with mental problems, will hide it when faced by someone like judge or person who can control them. they have mental issues, they are not stupid. she was so talented and creative. i pray someone helps her before she gets hurt. is it the result of drugs or genetic?

485 days ago


Men do not beat women because they "are not pretty", "didn't cook the meal right", "said something", etc. They beat because they disrespect women or even hate them, have angry issues & think it is ok to do it. This won't be the last time Chris Brown hits a woman. Amanda is just ignorant.

485 days ago


Uh oh! She wants so dark meat. Hey, somebody stop her! Lol

485 days ago

queen bee    

Provide a drug test result for your sorry ass then. PROVE IT.

485 days ago


She sounds like a 5 year old throwing out insults about people being "ugly." The slew of denials about drugs is obvious she's got something going on, and seriously, my 2nd grade students have better insults than "You're ugly," and they really are not in drugs.

485 days ago


Amanda the dumpster face calling Rihanna ugly? Give me a break. I think Rihanna is actually one of the most stunningly beautiful celebs.

485 days ago


Amanda Bynes is ugly, talentless and a nobody that'll do anything for attention and relvance at this point. She's pretending to be crazy so she'll always be in the press so just does stupid antics and says stupid things so people will talk about her. Its hard for her to to accept she's a washed-up nobody that no-one will willing to hire to act. Amanda Bynes please die peacefully of a drug overdoes or car accident so we don't have to hear of u anymore

485 days ago


I think amanda is just bored and doing all this for comedy and attention.

485 days ago


war of the potheads

485 days ago



485 days ago


I love all the trainwrecks Hollywood has right now. LOL hahahah

485 days ago


What the f--- is wrong with this girl? You can tell by the way she's acting that this definitely won't end well.

485 days ago


Amanda must have done some heavy drugs and char-broiled her brains bad. Did she take a handful of ecstasy pills at one time or something?

That one actress Anne Heche got so screwed up on ecstasy that she thought she was the daughter of God. She was seeing aliens all that crazy shyte. No joke. She at least admitted that she was a drug abusing crazy lady.

485 days ago
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