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Michael Lohan

I Want Lindsay OUT

of Betty Ford, NOW!

5/26/2013 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052613_michael_lohan_launchLindsay Lohan might be an all-star rehabber at Betty Ford ... but Michael Lohan remains unconvinced of the center's healing powers, telling TMZ he wants LiLo transferred STAT.

Our photog spotted Michael arriving at LAX Saturday afternoon and asked the doting dad's thoughts on LiLo's situation at BF and if he was in town to visit LL while she serves her time recovers.

Michael quickly made his position clear -- he's no fan of Betty Ford and wants to transfer Lindsay to a different facility ASAP. 

He also throws in his two cents on Amanda Bynes.


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Whoever gets the most hate checks wins a prize.

453 days ago


You and that former sicko wife of yours, put her there via DNA and your vicarious actions to be media putas. Her teaspoon of fame, race and money have kept her out of the big house. You folks still do not know to handle your family issues privately.

453 days ago


Oh goody. Just what Blo and for that matter, Amanda Bongs, and the world itself needs, is the opinion of ole ragged balls Milo. I think he should march right over to the Betty Ford clinic, bang on the door, maybe swing from balconies to trees and demand to let Blo out for an Adderall tune-up and a transfer to that rehab joint he's schilling for. He must be hard up for stories to sell. Isn't it about time for him to get arrested for something again??

453 days ago


Why are you low on cash.

453 days ago


Michael Lohan can mouth off all he want's to. Still trying to bad mouth Betty Ford. That didn't work the fist time Lohan was there and not working the 2nd time she's there. Going no where. Not working.

Lindsay Lohan is a 27 year old grown woman with a very long legal history. She has been on probation of some sort since 2007 and continues. Lot's to be proud of.

If it was not for Shawn Holley who got Lohan pled down from Felony theft to misdemeanor theft, by the skin of her teeth and a couple of bucks shy of legal felony theft, Lindsay Lohan would not be so arrogent.

Hey nothing but misdemenaor probation violations. Lindsay Lohan has gotten away with that. Not anymore.

Michael Lohan can make a fool out of himself all he wants to. Hell Dina Lohan already has. Court knows the con. Lohans can mouth off all they want to goes no where.

453 days ago


He doesn't need to be weighing in on someone else's kid (Amanda). He has done such a fine job raising the one he already has. F'n d!ck, keep your eyes on your own paper.

453 days ago


So what happens if Bynes ends up at BF with Blo and Brooke? I still want to know how Blo was able to tweet from BF on Sunday??????

453 days ago


Give this man "The father of the year" award. PSYCHE!!!!!

452 days ago


Oh there's the mouth again. Like his opinion means anything LMFAO!!!

452 days ago


Isn't there a one-way rocket to the sun we can put that entire nasty family on?

452 days ago


Shut up, Michael. Please.

452 days ago


Ground Control to Major Tom ?

452 days ago


If I were Kate Minor, I'd have Bible Thumping, Grampa Lohan wear a chastity thimble, just in case in runs into one of them there wicked city women who seduces grampa into another paternity suit. And by seduce, I mean she just has to be female.

452 days ago


According to gossip sites (snicker), Lindsay is doing great in rehab. Isn't that what he wanted? He's always yelling about sending her to rehab rather than jail but suddenly when she's allegedly working on her many problems in rehab, he wants to pull her out? Lindsay's problems are her own fault, but when you look at her parents you know it didn't take much effort on her part to become the complete F-Up that she has is today.

452 days ago


So what is the latest happening thread on ROL?

452 days ago
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