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Michael Lohan

I Want Lindsay OUT

of Betty Ford, NOW!

5/26/2013 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052613_michael_lohan_launchLindsay Lohan might be an all-star rehabber at Betty Ford ... but Michael Lohan remains unconvinced of the center's healing powers, telling TMZ he wants LiLo transferred STAT.

Our photog spotted Michael arriving at LAX Saturday afternoon and asked the doting dad's thoughts on LiLo's situation at BF and if he was in town to visit LL while she serves her time recovers.

Michael quickly made his position clear -- he's no fan of Betty Ford and wants to transfer Lindsay to a different facility ASAP. 

He also throws in his two cents on Amanda Bynes.


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Yeah, let her loose and let him in! Just make sure an insane asylum area is close by.

523 days ago


He must be needing some cash! I despise this POS excuse of a human being, what a waste of air. Get a job A**hole

523 days ago


Demon daddy calls himself a recovery expert, he said he's been sober for 8 years, has anyone ever looked at his twitter account? he has been drunk tweeting at least twice in the past 2 months, he's a crank.

523 days ago


Awwww he cant get access to her to get a quote he can then sell to a tabloid somewhere - it must really suck. If Betty Ford Center is any good, they will have told Lindsay to have no more contact with him - that's probably what's p!ssing him off. Boo hoo.

523 days ago


Susan (cough, cough)

No one can have as much hatred for a total stranger as you do, and not have had sex with him, at least 4 times.

523 days ago


What a loser.

523 days ago


This guy is a poor excuse for a father. All of sudden he thinks he knows best when he himself still gets in trouble left and right. Waste of space he is.

523 days ago


Time to rip off charities,,heard march of dimes is open

523 days ago



By that reasoning I could say exactly the same to you and other haters. I detest Michael Lohan, he's a violent abuser who constantly betrays his daughter whilst pretending to be a man of God. He is a fake.

523 days ago



Uh, your vitriolic hatred towards Michael Lohan makes you just as much of a hater as any other hater on this board dear.

523 days ago


It's very expensive to keep up 'appearances' when you can't, not wanted and not relevant.

The Lohans are nothing more than a desperate pathetic joke. That have burned themselves over and over again for years.

Lindsay Lohans set up of doing whatever she want's when she want's. Get's caught. She blames Dina and Michael, Dina and Michael go on every talk show and tabloid they can blaming each other for Lindsay's screwing up. Worked for years and they all made money from this simple con.

Cons no longer working. Granted they may make some money here and there but nothing close to what it was.

Whatever happen to Dina being beaten and raped and trying to hoc her tell all book she wanted to title a 'parent trapped' Cutsy. Oh that's right NO WHERE. Not in the states and not in Europe. Because it's total bullshyt lies and nobody is going to pay money for this dribble just like nobody is going to pay 10-12 bucks to see Lindsay in a movie. Not happening.

523 days ago


You and Joe Jackson should get together, you both know how to manipulate your children. And really,like either of you ever made good choices,unless you benefited from it or it was legally required. You don't get any more chances. Leave Lindsay right where she is, it is the best place for her. She has to kick Adderall, drinking, drugs; she is turning into the new Amy Winehouse. Worry about yourself, you have your own drug and alcohol problems. as well as problems reading restraining orders. Stay away from her and let her heal.

523 days ago


Yeah? Well I want you dead in your grave so we never have to see or hear from you again but that aint happenin either. You are not even a part of Lindsays life you a**hole so just keep your fu**ing mouth shut. You and your alcoholic a**hole of a wife are probably the reason this girl is in the shape shes in today. Your opinion is not wanted and does not matter so SHUT THE HELL UP. The State could help your daughter more than her parents EVER could. Please God, take him now! Hes ready.

523 days ago


Will somebody please shoot this guy and put us all out of our misery?????

523 days ago


Who cares what this low life moron has to say about anything??? STOP interviewing him already!!!! Lindsey is a total stranger to him anyway!!!

523 days ago
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