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Eric Dickerson

Justin Bieber Is Dangerous

5/28/2013 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528-eric-dickerson-justin-bieber-tmzNFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson says he's personally witnessed Justin Bieber racing his Ferrari around the streets of Calabasas ... and tells TMZ he's worried the singer could seriously hurt someone if he doesn't slow his ass down.

We spoke to Dickerson -- who's lived in Calabsas for years -- and the NFL legend tells us he doesn't blame Keyshawn Johnson for confronting the singer yesterday.

"I've seen [Justin] driving fast around Calabasas before in the Ferrari," Dickerson says ... "It's just not safe."

Dickerson says he owns two Ferraris and understands how dangerous the car can be if an irresponsible person happens to be in the driver's seat.

"I used to drive fast," Dickerson admits ... "but that was on the freeway ... and even that wasn't safe."

As for Keyshawn's decision to follow Bieber to his home, Dickerson says -- "I don't blame Keyshawn, he's got kids ... I don't blame him for trying to get [Justin's] attention."

"I would've been the same way ... when you're a father it takes on a whole new meaning.  Plus, we got that football mentality."

Still no word from Bieber's camp.

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No Avatar


As soon as Bieber hits puberty, his career is over.

477 days ago


What a wuss. He Is scared to drive fast on the highway so he flies around his subdivision.

477 days ago


He's just a whiney little b!tch who tries to talk tough and has nothing to back it up...throw him in prison for a night & let him get his colon stretched out, then we'll see how big & bad he acts...

477 days ago


He does have talent, i'll give him that much but not much else... he is a menace. I'm ashamed that he is Canadian. If you've seen his parents, you'd know why he is the way he is... they are punks just like him, they look like they came out of a trailer park.

477 days ago

James A    

I applaud Eric Dickerson and Keyshawm Johnson for calling out this little ass*ole. When he kills a kid in in his "hood" it will be a little too late. Please Mr. police officer, do you job and lock this puck up, then
take away is car and license to drive.

477 days ago


This kid is living too fast. He's in for a rude awakening. The same thing happened to Hulk Hogan's son. Unfortunately you have to hit that wall to wake up. Sometimes you gotta stop and lookin around once in a while, slow down. Think.

477 days ago


That's how left Eye died. granted who knows who is driving beibers cars since he loans them out all the time though

477 days ago


"Still no word from Bieber's camp."

LiL beibes still hiding under his bed.

477 days ago


To the person saying that "you have to hit a wall to wake up", it seems as though Justin will never hit that wall. Celebrities only reach that point when they have no one, and if you've ever witnessed the rantings of the 12 year old "Beliebers", you'd know that is never going to happen. He does this because he knows he can. Fact is, he does not have to please those who dislike him. He only has to please his fans, as they are the only ones financing his lifestyle. He knows that he can do whatever he wants because those delusional ****s will stick up for him and stand by his side no matter what. The amount of excuses I've seen made by them are never ending, even in situations where JB was completely in the wrong. It's sad, but its the truth. We can wish that he gets his act together, but it's not going to happen; at least not while those Beliebers are around.

477 days ago


Bieber...a youtube sensation...what is his talent again? apparently now racing cars and lifting his shirt.
A punk who doesnt have any more talent to give!!! Selena run...and run fast!!!

477 days ago

Mel harrison    

Beiber has tatts lol

477 days ago


bieber is trying to get some street cred. the only people complaining are black people (who should really care less) and he is trying to stay in the media by doing stupid stuff and showing off, like a kid any attention is attention. he sees his star dimming and he doesn't like it.

477 days ago

Lisa G    

I got two words for the Bieber, James Dean.

477 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so it looks/sounds like this 'community' has a very structured hierarchic order, where it 'communicates' with each other on this level, and bieber is an 'outsider' hence, 'not a member of the community' and they now want him out, because he does not mesh with their ideals of 'togetherness'. i mean, did these people erect this entire gated area on their own, for their own purposes? or were they all only independently able to purchase homes there, and thus formed an 'overall standard of expectations for behavior'? like a gang or a mob? i mean if you want to build your own 'compound' like fuqn cult, then go do that, and ya'll can move next to each other, after you've built homes and housing out of your pocket with this purpose. but if you just as a 'team' want to 'own property' which was zoned by the GOVERNMENT AND BY THE STATE and are now 'occupying that 'territory' by 'all collectively purchasing homes in a particular area, and now you as a 'community' call the shots as to 'who you welcom' then, uh, you can surely go fuq yerself, because that is some bullchit. revved it up, justin is all i can say to that.

477 days ago


Isn't he here illegally? I certainly wouldn't call what he does work so no visa, and I didn't hear about him emigrating. Send his little frost back self back to the frozen north.

477 days ago
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