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Chief Keef

After Latest Arrest ...

Just a Younger Bieber?

5/29/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

17-year-old Rapper Chief Keef already has a handful of arrests, and his latest sparked a heated debate at TMZ -- is 19-year-old Justin Bieber getting a pass on his screw-ups because he's white?

It's about to get real ... angry.

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Drop the freaking race card, Keef was pulled over in Illinois not Calabassas and Twist was in Biebers car on the last few street violations not Bieber. YES he is acting like a little bitch but that has nothing to do with race!

455 days ago


The fact he didn't end up dead on the streets where he grew up sure isn't an uplifting story to the woman who is accusing him of murdering her son.

455 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

You obviously know nothing about Chief Keef if you're comparing him to Justin. He would have shot Keyshawn instead of running from.him. I wish you would stop reporting on this gang banger. It's bad enough he has a record deal.

455 days ago


Another thug rapper, a young one but still one who thinks he is tough.
Rap is like flossing with barb wire, just not enjoyable at all for me

455 days ago


Really TMZ??? Starting a racial discussion and comparing Chief Keef to Justin Bieber???? Please come to Chicago and I will personally take a producer on a little tour. I will also,provide you with Chief Keef's rap sheet that was in existence long before people decided to turn him into a "Justin Bieber." The difference is chief Keef's is a gangster in every true sense of the word and it is not behavior that should be admired or emulated. Thanks to Interacope records, he is positioned in that light to a naive, ignorant audience who thinks Keef's is just an act. Unfortunately, he is not. There is no racial issue other than what these boys,were born into.

455 days ago


Chief Keef
After Latest Arrest ...
Just a Younger Bieber?.................They are just 2 TeenAge Girls having fun, One is ultra ugly....

455 days ago


they're both tools

455 days ago


Bieber = hasn't Ben caught during any incident Keef = caught during all of his incidents Ppl are makin jb out to be something he is not .. If he wasn't famous no one would care that he was drinking at 19 or speeding in his car ... Just cuz he is famous dont mean everyone gotta hop on his **** and bash him cuz he is acting like a normal teen .. Rather see him act like a normal 19yr old than acting like a cracked out meth head that's addicted to adderall ! HE'S DOING EXACTLY WHAT A 19YR OLD DOES LIVING YOUNG WILD AND FREE ... Now tmz can kindly hop off his dick and let him live like a teenager !

455 days ago


Who and WHO?

455 days ago


cozart and biebers backgrounds are completely different. i'm sure the latter cannot even fathom growing up in, essentially, a war zone. their behaviours stem from different places, experiences and fears. bieber is a piece of crap. he's extremely privileged, yet has no humility, ethics or character. he refuses to take responsibility for his actions, and there's nothing to back up the hype that comes out of his mouth.

cozart needs to learn how to live, but he's still young. manuel and interscope are simply making bank of this kid.. they're not there to help him. he has no mentors in his life, and no one he's going to listen to. it's sad.

not saying keef is doing all right, far from it. but he's not living a life of hypocrisy and bs like bieber is, and thinking he gets a pass because of who he is.

and, yes, i think a lot of the judgment comes down to skin tone as well.

455 days ago


Keef is a disgusting gang banging thug. His music is about killing and drugs and b!tches. I think Bieber is a tool, but his music is about love and lame sh!t that's in pop music. Keef is a dangerous criminal.

455 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Phishie from Philly

455 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Here's the question that should be asked;
Is TMZ a bunch of trouble making racist bastarrds for asking such a stupid unthought out comment?
And the answer is-------------- YES THEY ARE!

455 days ago

Kev the Realist    

t has nothing to do with race, they are both punks who are not above the law and both of these pitiful losers need to feel the strong hand of justice so they know that they a re not exempt from obeying the law, bofreo som innocent gets killed. They have no respct for the laws of the land and it is time to send them and other losers, like them a lesson.

455 days ago


I think it is a definite possibility. A white Canadian....On thing that does separate them...the little eunuch always breaks the law in California..the land of let the stars do as they please...just look a lindsy....while the other nitwit breaks the laws in the normal parts of the country where cops are real cops and there are real judge's who actually punish people for violations...imagine that would you people in California!

455 days ago
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