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Chief Keef

BOMBING Down Highway

Chased By Cops

5/30/2013 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

17-year-old Chief Keef was caught ON TAPE shattering the speed limit in Illinois this week -- allegedly doing 110mph in a 55mph zone -- and TMZ has dash cam footage of the subsequent police chase ... and arrest.

The video starts out pretty tame -- until out of nowhere, Keef barrels past the idling police cruiser in his BMW X6 M ... and the cops peel out after him. It takes roughly two minutes for officers to catch up to Keef and pull him over.

As we reported, Keef was eventually arrested for speeding and having too many people in his car (he only has a driving permit). The arrest is also on tape.

But the best part -- wait 'til you hear the arresting officer's voice when he finds out Keef's got $8,000 CASH in his pocket ...


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This kid is going to get a harsh reality check in about a year or two when his appeal wears off and he can't sell an album to save his life. The way he likes to throw money around, it wont be long before he's broke and living back home with his Mama like many rappers before him. We'll see what kind of attitude he has then.

513 days ago


Beiber, Keef they are all stupid kids doing stupid irresponsible stuff that your average kid is doing of the same age. The difference is they have to live their lives being video taped 24/7...which only means they are getting caught more often. Should they be held to a higher standard because their image influences young teens - YES. They should take responsibility for their actions if that means, fines, jail etc. and they should come out and say they screwed up instead of acting "entitled" to a free ride no matter what they do. However, the LA courts are not setting a good precedent for this...i.e. Lindsay Lohan.

513 days ago


typical coon...god forbid he pays child can always tell the jigs that dont pay child support...they always have the loudest sound systems in cars!

513 days ago



513 days ago


And the racist cops were so racist in the way they handled him. Putting their racist hands on him, all the while giving him racist looks and racist attitude. Didn't anyone else pick up on that, all the racism those racist cops were displaying all the while they were dealing with him. Damn racist cops.

513 days ago



513 days ago


Dem be raceest

513 days ago

Az Heat    

He was pulled over for the crime he was committing not because of the color of his skin!!! Notice how how white and Asian people are the only ones that never use the race card!!!!

513 days ago


Yo man, leave da gangsta alone, cause he done nothing wrong. True dat! Racist whitey!

513 days ago


Why do you keep posting this kid, Kylie Jenner should have got this spot in the main page instead of Toofab, her pictures are really nice!

513 days ago


Sounds like hes taking driving lessons from Bieber. Something tragic is bound to happen driving at those speeds. Only a matter of time. What is wrong with these people?????
and PS: WHO GIVES A FLYING F*CK ABOUT RICH B*TCH PETRA ECCLESTONE??? Hey Queenpetra . . . . . . what is your problem??? Seems like you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands. Obscess much???

512 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

lol but the white kid gets away with everyday

512 days ago


What a punk!! Lock his pathetic a$$ up already & throw away the key!!!!

512 days ago

Yosemite Sam    

it was a "racist look"

512 days ago


In Illinois speeding in excess of 40 mph over the posted speed limit is a criminal offense, not just a speeding ticket. This kid can kiss his license good-bye.

512 days ago
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