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Heidi Klum

Gets Topless

Protesters in Her Face

5/30/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Boobs

0530-heidi-klum-getty-antm-flashHeidi Klum just got an eyeful of boobies -- and some anti-Heidi messages -- when two topless women ran onstage during the finale of "Germany's Next Top Model."

It was quite a scene ... the bare-breasted women got right in Heidi's face ... exposing messages written on their chests, like "HEIDI HORROR PICTURE SHOW."

At least one security guard got a handful of underboob while dragging away one of the women ... perks of the job.

Heidi seemed unfazed by the interruption -- and it's unclear what the protesters' beef was with her ... or shirts.

But who cares? BOOBIES!



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419 days ago


They're sick of seeing her everywhere so they protested!..good for them!,ads,commercials,tv shows!,award shows,reality shows..I'm sick of her too!.

419 days ago


Germany hates her! Hau ab Heidi!

419 days ago


Not enough boobies for an eyeful

419 days ago

BB not bb    

This is a weird world. I think this is a protest group out of the Ukraine. They get topless for various. What I don't get is how there is the jump from bras to topless so easily. It seems the people who just go braless are the ones on the outside of society.

I don't know if these women normally wear bras, but they seem very uninhibited about going completely topless. They look like they sort of enjoy the attention in a way. Women who go braless do it for comfort and health most likely, not to get attention or promote a cause.

I think it is kind of funny because Heidi seems so elegant and composed.

419 days ago

BB not bb    

As far as Femen, they stand for some good things and some bad things. When they throw abortion into their platform, that makes the whole thing sound suspicious. That is the worst too of propaganda to say you are pro-choice, meaning luring women into killing their own children unwittingly.

It ends up being for women's destruction instead. Feminism is much like the black civil right movement that then took a detour into the black power movement with the likes of the Black Panthers. What was meant as a peaceful plea for acceptance turned into a call for criminality among blacks.

I heard that communists have infiltrated both of these movements. They want to take something good and twist it into something evil. I don't know if that is even the aim at the core of communism, which in and of itself seems an idealistic concept. I think some group may have twisted communism in its application and are also seeking to twist any other social justice movement that they come across.

I wish there was more acceptance of women's breasts in general and the concept of breast feeding as a normal and natural part of life. As for the promotion of the eugenics agenda of abortion, than can go jump in a lake.

419 days ago

BB not bb    

Let me add something else. There is something sexually wrong with women from the Ukraine. They are often selling themselves as mail order brides to come to America for economic opportunities or a so-called better life. The sex slave trade is rampant there, with women being kidnapped and sold overseas and nothing much is done to stop it. Gangs terrorize towns and threaten to murder whole families if the women they take don't continue to work for them.

Why has this plague come to the Ukraine. Maybe because their Cossacks used to rape and exploit Jewish women throughout Eastern Europe wherever they could find them. Now the chickens have come home to roost and they are getting a taste of what they foisted on others.

I find this group to be somewhat exploitive of women. They say it is for only young women, but aren't women's rights for all women? Do they only want young women so that people get a kick out of seeing them topless? They are not going topless for comfort or freedom but for shock value. I thought the point of feminism was that women's bodies should not be any more shocking than men's bodies.

They are using the shock value of women's breasts to write nonsense slogans on women's bodies, as if they are just another form of commercial equipment. This kind of degrades women into being nothing more than tools for a cause.

Equal rights for women, blacks, workers, etc. is a great thing. The problem is when the causes for these concepts are infiltrated and polluted by toxic agendas aimed at destroying society instead of improving it.

419 days ago

A German    

There has been a lot of criticism in Germany about Heidi Klum and the show, because they communicate to girls and young women (who make up the majority of the viewers) that they have to be skinny and sexy and nothing else. Femen often protest partly naked in order to get media attention. Cause no one would care about them protesting against sexism dressed. Feel free to check out German news to see the uncensored pictures, because unfortunately showing your breasts in public really isn't a big deal in Germany anymore.

419 days ago

BB not bb    

@German, how is having a show that showcases women for their beauty abusing anyone? I think some people confuse their own jealousy with being exploited.

I admire Heidi for her integrity, intelligence, and perseverance. I don't admire her for being skinny, which she is not either. As far as beauty, she has her own look. Everyone should look for the beauty and value in themselves and stop worrying about what others have that they don't.

I find her to be an inspiring person. I watched her on that fashion design competition. She is about the modeling industry because guess what, that is what she worked in all of her life.

I don't think these femen women are what you would call portly either. Why must you pick on Heidi then? Is it because she is actually a POSITIVE role model?

419 days ago


Got a handful?... I don't know about that.

419 days ago


loooool FEMEN they are soooo useless but they getting more and more numerous

419 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Let's hope these girls where using their underarm deodeorant. Probably not.

419 days ago


Who cares?

419 days ago


Heidi Klum Horror show...LMAO...ummm and I soo agree

419 days ago


Okay, I'm convinced that 12 year old boys are on staff at TMZ and are writing these articles.

419 days ago
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