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Justin Bieber

Underage Clubbin' In NYC

5/30/2013 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber broke out his finest party tank top and hit the NYC club scene HARD last night -- rollin' to 3 hot spots in a matter of hours ... problem is, he's not 21.

Cameras rolled as Bieber and his posse rolled into Avenue nightclub (where Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched a gypsy) ... then to Marquee ... followed by 1 Oak.

Here's the issue ... we checked into the age requirements to hit the different venues and we found Marquee had advertised that Wednesday was a 21+ night.

Bieber is only 19.


It's possible Marquee has a license to allow minors into the venue ... and they CHOSE to make it a 21+ night, which would mean no laws were broken.  We're checking into that ...

Ditto for Avenue ... which also advertised Wednesday as a 21+ evening.


As for 1 Oak -- we're diggin' on that.

We called and emailed Marquee & Avenue & 1 Oak for comment -- so far, no word back.


No Avatar


Can't wait for this punk to end it all!

423 days ago


Shouldn't he wait until his b@lls drop?

423 days ago


has anyoned noticed that he has a lolipop in his mouth and that can only mean one thing--------- HES ROLLLLINGG ballllsss

423 days ago


VIPs always get in regardless of age. Studio 54 used to admit then-underage celebs like Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields while Drew Barrymore was partying in NYC at the ripe old age of eight.

We mere mortals have to use fake IDs.

423 days ago

myra morris    

Justin Justin Justin don't tutn out like the others that have gone down hill with all the fame and money be yourself Be the great nice young man you started out to be don't fall into the Hollywood trap PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

422 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I am sorry, but what a mess!

422 days ago


Where are his parents???

422 days ago

OH NO!    

WTF is he wearing? Didn't anyone tell him he looks like a douche, or is everyone kissing his ass 24x7? How tough can you be, when you are 100 pounds soaking wet? He looks like the spawn of Vanilla ICE!

422 days ago

Double Bubble    

What a scrawny little geek..Look at him trying to appear all hard core with tattoos on his noodle arms and a pretty tank top to show them off... He's sooo gansta !

422 days ago


These people that let Justin get by with so much are dumb. His mother was in his life so much when he was like sixteen. What happened?

422 days ago


Stop acting like such pretentious *******s, TMZ. I'm sure you never went to a club when you were under 21. Only in the US can you fight in the army and die before drinking a beer.

422 days ago


they made him an entertainer so they could cash in on him-lighten up-clubbing is part of his profession-and no one was all up in arms about 16 year Paris Hilton dancing on tables and making a complete hore of herself at all the NY hotspots while her mother cheered her on-nice job Buffy-what a gold digging POS her mother is-that's how paris got famous for absolutely nothing-at least Bieber works for a living

422 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

This kid is traveling the same path of das Cracken. I wonder what the next stupid move will be. I feel forvhim because he is really young. Why doesn't he ever seem to spend any time in Canada? Do the girls up there like him? I know my cousins came to the States from London one summer in the 70's and they didn't like the Beatles or Led Zeppelin. I was astounded. They were into the music that the Beatles liked. Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis Nd Elvis Pressley.

422 days ago


lol @ party tank top

422 days ago


this video is hilarious. You could not make this stuff up and act it out any better. he truly looks like a little kid whose parents are out for supper and he's out skateboarding until after dark with his friends. he really needs to lose the sunglasses when the moon is out because it doesn't look as good as I'm thinking he's thinking it does.

422 days ago
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