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Lindsay Lohan

Mending Family Fences

5/30/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529-michael-lohan-dina-cody-lindsay-ali-tmz More evidence Lindsay Lohan is finally taking rehab seriously -- we've learned she's listening to her counselors and has found a clever way of trying to repair her damaged family.

Michael and Dina are at war, and Lindsay's counselors at Betty Ford are concerned the conflict is an impediment to the rehab process.  Betty Ford can't get Dina and Michael to work as a family unit, so Lindsay has resorted to a clever, bedazzled trick -- jewelry.

We're told Lindsay decided to purchase "anchor" chains for her dad, sister Ali and her brother Michael Jr. ... to represent how they are all anchors in her life.  Dina, Cody and Lindsay already have the chain.

Lindsay believes the symbolic gesture can actually open the door to some semblance of family unity ... which counselors think could help her in rehab.

Lindsay told Michael about her plan when he visited her this weekend, and it moved him enough to go out and buy the anchors himself, which Lindsay will give to the rest of the family.

Michael shipped the anchors to Lindsay, and she plans to give them to Michael Jr. and Ali when they visit her next weekend.

We're told counselors have a clear goal -- getting the entire family in the same room.

Anything is possible ... well, almost anything.


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Good morning all. I don't know what to say a about this one other than WTF?

426 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Lindsay.can say whatever she wants, it doesn't impress me after her 2 and a half weeks of rehab. People in rehab talk just like people in jail, but what they do once they get "free" is the only thing that counts.

426 days ago


LMFAOOO , Sterlingay just called me a skank and said that he wouldn't and I quote (breath) the same air as me.!!!!!!

426 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Clear Vote.

nikki bitch, you are as deluded as milo, i ain't a lohan tho you know more about them than i do, get a grip a$$hole.


426 days ago


Good Nornin guys,

So they like anchors? I wish they would all take a nice cruise on a Carnival Cruise Ship. Between the mishaps of the ship and the mishaps with the Lohans you could have a Reality show that would blow you out of the water. There could be food fights, throwing each other over board, stopping up the toilets so that everyone has a sh!tty time. Just think of the possibilities.

426 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    



i ain't related to any lohan though i wish i though are a stupid cnut who can't see the wood from the trees, how is your wife? you know what i mean dude? hahahahaha , did you tell her you tried to hit on dina and dina told ou to fcuk off? LMAO

Stearlingguys aka PAUL SULLIVAN claims he's just a fan.

NOW how would he know Dina got hit on?? He thinks I am the guy who hit on his SISTER.

I am a female, you loser!!

You are Dinas little b!tch boy Paul

426 days ago


Hey Sterling Freak, Dulna just called and she would like your fingers back, If you know what I mean. Wink Wink.!!!

426 days ago


You can't choose your parents but you can ditch them if they're complete a s s h o l e s. Lindsay should consider that option if she wants to stay sober.

426 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Those anchors make think of one thing...come on everybody...Y M C A! Y M C A A!

426 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina is now embroiled in scandal after she and her brother allegedly left a charity dinner on Saturday night without footing the bill.

The 49-year-old and the actress's uncle Paul Anthony Sullivan were said to have been given four free tickets to an event at East Hampton restaurant Andrra.

Eat and run? Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina is now embroiled in scandal after she and her brother allegedly left a charity dinner without footing the bill

The soiree, which also featured the Great Bonac Fireworks Show, was a charity event for the Clamshell Foundation, which supports local health, cultural and education projects.

While Dina and Paul, who was sentenced to one year in jail for fraud in 2008, were only reportedly offered two other tickets, the pair brought eight other guests along with them, and according to sources who told The New York Post, they did not pay.

'They dined and dashed on a $2,500 check and didn’t leave a dime for the waiters,' a source told the paper.

'The understanding was they would get four free tickets. Sullivan stormed up at the end and said, "What is this check for?"

'Organizers offered a reduced bill for around $1,100, but then they just upped and left without leaving a tip.

'When organizers later phoned him to demand payment, Sullivan said, "My celebrity clients were not happy." '

The owner of the restaurant Rich Silver has since confirmed that the party did not settle the bill.

426 days ago


I can just see the celebration now when she gets out.Let the drunken brawls begin.As soon as she can use this rehab,To get out of her numerous legal DUIs.She'll be out caring less who gets killed during her next spree.

426 days ago


This bitch is going to be 27 years old and she is attached to her family like a barnacle to the Stugats -**** getting jewelry -get the hell away from your ****ed up, dysfunctional. moronic, money/fame whoring family and try and get your ****ing head screwed on the right way and then just maybe you will overcome the ****hole that is your life and possibly amount to something more than a skanky, washed up, balding POS actor that you are.

426 days ago


Sterlinguys, if you wish to go one one one with me, let the games begin!!! I will play with you for a bit you fvcking Munter.

426 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Details are emerging from a weekend fracas at Lindsay Lohan's parents' house on suburban Long Island, N.Y., which ended with police being summoned to the scene.

Nassau County authorities responded Sunday to a call from the Merrick, L.I., home of Michael and Dina Lohan at around 6:30 p.m., the New York Post reports.

Police are investigating the claims of a 44-year-old man – apparently, Lindsay's uncle – who says he was attacked at the house, having been "punched in the face while trying to break up a fight between two people," said an investigator.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, admits to New York's Daily News that he's the man who was involved in the fight, which took place in his home after a service at the family church, where Lindsay's youngest sibling, Dakota, 7, had his first communion.

Speaking to TV's Celebrity Justice, Michael Lohan said: "After the communion we had a party. We were having a great time, it was a wonderful day."

Then, Michael says, his brother-in-law (Lindsay's uncle) Matt Sullivan wanted to leave. "He came across the front of the car and he swung at me," Michael says, "and when he swung at me, I hit him."

Lohan claims he didn't start the fight. "If I approached him," he says, "why was he 20 feet in my direction and why was there blood all over the front of my Mercedes?"

Lohan tells the Daily News that he left the scene before the cops arrived. Sullivan reportedly received 16 staples in his head at a local hospital.

426 days ago


Lindsay and her Doctors at Betty Ford,

There is a Missing Link in that Family Chain.

It is Ashley.

Lindsay needs to put out offerings to Ashley and have her visit at Betty Ford if she can. Lindsay needs to get a piece of the Chain to "Ashley".

Nobody is Perfect, and that includes her Father Michael. I include Dina, Lindsay's Mother, in the list.

But Family is Family. Ashley exists, and everyone knows it was proven last year from DNA that Michael is the Father of Ashley.

Lindsay ....................... you step up. You're the one Family member now capable of this.

426 days ago
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