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Lindsay Lohan

Mending Family Fences

5/30/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529-michael-lohan-dina-cody-lindsay-ali-tmz More evidence Lindsay Lohan is finally taking rehab seriously -- we've learned she's listening to her counselors and has found a clever way of trying to repair her damaged family.

Michael and Dina are at war, and Lindsay's counselors at Betty Ford are concerned the conflict is an impediment to the rehab process.  Betty Ford can't get Dina and Michael to work as a family unit, so Lindsay has resorted to a clever, bedazzled trick -- jewelry.

We're told Lindsay decided to purchase "anchor" chains for her dad, sister Ali and her brother Michael Jr. ... to represent how they are all anchors in her life.  Dina, Cody and Lindsay already have the chain.

Lindsay believes the symbolic gesture can actually open the door to some semblance of family unity ... which counselors think could help her in rehab.

Lindsay told Michael about her plan when he visited her this weekend, and it moved him enough to go out and buy the anchors himself, which Lindsay will give to the rest of the family.

Michael shipped the anchors to Lindsay, and she plans to give them to Michael Jr. and Ali when they visit her next weekend.

We're told counselors have a clear goal -- getting the entire family in the same room.

Anything is possible ... well, almost anything.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan's uncle, Matthew Sullivan arrested

Lindsay Lohan's uncle, Matthew Sullivan arrested

Lindsay Lohan's uncle, Matthew Sullivan, was allegedly caught drunk and in possession of marijuana by Long Island cops, Page Six reports.

Sullivan, 46, of Merrick, was stopped by state troopers on Meadowbrook Parkway on Oct. 3 just before 11 p.m. Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Nassau DA Kathleen Rice, told The Post's Kieran Crowley that Sullivan blew a .13 on the Breathalyzer. The legal limit is .08.

480 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hey Paul, tell your drunkin' druged out sister I met the guy from the Bethpage Golf course she's been chasing after

We had lots of laughs, as he was telling a group of us Dina is the worst drunk he has ever seen

We had lots of laughs, I told him to check out Dr. Phil show (which hesaid he didn't see)

The laughs were endless!!

480 days ago


If I was to buy white oprah, volcano and the other succubus family anchors they would weigh 200ibs each..

480 days ago


Actually I really do hope that it takes this time. I hope she moves away from LA and NYC and finds some quiet little town to settle down. She could be the reining queen of the Community Theater. She'll be a big fish in a little pond. Not a little minnow swimming with the sharks in LA.
Ok I know, It ain't going to happen. And I'd miss the fun we've had thanking our lucky stars that we aren't HOHAN.
As for the little minnow I'd have to say Lindsay is more like a jellyfish. Looks innocent enough until it stings you and leaves you in pain. While it floats off looking for more victims.

480 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If this story were true, wouldn't you want that to stay just between you and your family? I mean, putting out something so (personally) meaningful to be tabloid fodder, really, really demeans it.

480 days ago


So Michael Lohan made up this whole story, called TMZ and told them about it. There is no way Lyndsay would come up with this. Michael has been in the news almost every day with something to say about Lyndsay and this is another of his "news" creations.

480 days ago

Fred Farkel    

This sounds fantastic!!

I wish my own crazy ex-wife would get on board and help me with my grown keyids...

480 days ago


Like all addicts she is finding a way to game the system. She finally realized she is stuck in there or go to jail, as soon as her 90 is up she will be right back to the no talent train wreck she was before. I still predict a early drug fueled death for this addict.

480 days ago


@ Sterlinguys, firstly I do not have a flabby arse, quite proud of my arse if you must know. unlike you I do not equate my arse shape with my happiness in life. if you wish to know what a (Munter is) maybe you should equate yourself with Brit Aussie Language. You always will be an absolute fvcking areshole.

480 days ago


There is so much fake sugar in this report to sent a body into a coma........Think I need to test my level and take a insulin shot to counter its amount.....
Lohan Inc sticking to the "Revamping of Lindsay D Lohan ". They are SOoooooooo
'predictable.........!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!~

480 days ago


To beat out milos spending spree dina bought all her kids a stretched straw... .

480 days ago


Sterlingay is Dulnas (finger man)

480 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Two funny ironies this week: Amanda standing before the judge in a huge blond wig "a la Lohan" and now a necklace to save the Lohan's. A NECKLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY AM I THE ONLY PERSON THAT THINKS THIS IS HILARIOUS?

480 days ago


There is real hope for the hopeless including the Lohan family and for you too. His name is Jesus Christ. Repent now and believe the gospel. He is the real Waymaker and He will make a way for you. Eventually Lindsay will get it and move forward with her life. Some call it progressive sanctification. It is a process of numerous ups and downs... going down various roads until the true path of life is found. The big question is: Don't worry about the Lohans but ask yourself is you have found and are on the right road to salvation? God has Lindsay in His hands. Does Ge have you too? Repent.. and live the life He had intended for you. One filled with unexplanable peace ... joy and righteousness.

480 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I've seen that movie before. Just like in all her others she pretty much sucked donkey in that one too. Anyone taking bets on how long this little slice of family happiness lasts?

480 days ago
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