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Lindsay Lohan

Mending Family Fences

5/30/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529-michael-lohan-dina-cody-lindsay-ali-tmz More evidence Lindsay Lohan is finally taking rehab seriously -- we've learned she's listening to her counselors and has found a clever way of trying to repair her damaged family.

Michael and Dina are at war, and Lindsay's counselors at Betty Ford are concerned the conflict is an impediment to the rehab process.  Betty Ford can't get Dina and Michael to work as a family unit, so Lindsay has resorted to a clever, bedazzled trick -- jewelry.

We're told Lindsay decided to purchase "anchor" chains for her dad, sister Ali and her brother Michael Jr. ... to represent how they are all anchors in her life.  Dina, Cody and Lindsay already have the chain.

Lindsay believes the symbolic gesture can actually open the door to some semblance of family unity ... which counselors think could help her in rehab.

Lindsay told Michael about her plan when he visited her this weekend, and it moved him enough to go out and buy the anchors himself, which Lindsay will give to the rest of the family.

Michael shipped the anchors to Lindsay, and she plans to give them to Michael Jr. and Ali when they visit her next weekend.

We're told counselors have a clear goal -- getting the entire family in the same room.

Anything is possible ... well, almost anything.


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Night all, see you later.

477 days ago


It's amazing how people these people get dumber and dumber, but seriously none of this family is or really has ever done anything worthy of the publicity they are getting.........

477 days ago


If you want to see her get sober, stop writing about her. There is no counselor at BF who is telling TMZ they are "concerned that her family is an impediment to her getting sober". Let her just go through the treatment program without comment, the same as every other client does.

477 days ago


I honestly wish her all the best may she get back on track soon life is challenging specially when you have all that money and freedom and people go through stuff but when they stop and take a step forward all that **** doesn't matter. All the best to you lindsay, and people can be a little bitter too damn!

477 days ago


lindsay has always had family unity. she's always had a strong bond between herself, dina, mike, ali and cody. so it's pretty obvious where this story is coming from and it's not betty ford.

477 days ago


This all happened before. It's a redux of the last time. The family therapy obviously didn't mend fences for very long.

I honestly think the problem here is low IQ on the part of all of the Lohans. It's been proven that intelligence is inherited and both Dina and Michael are very unintelligent - hence Lindsay is unfortunately not blessed with much smarts. So no matter how hard intelligent people at BFC try to impart wisdom on the Lohans - it will be too much for them to comprehend.

And really - even though we all (in a perfect world) would love and have relationships with our parents, there are some people who are not fit as parents by their nature. And at 27 years old it's time for Lindsay Lohan to strike out on her own and this awful codependence must end.

The other thing Lohan needs to learn is how to be by herself. And that takes intelligence, poor thing, one attribute she does not have.

So all this jewelry and talk is just once again - BS. Wishful thinking that in a few months will prove to have been fruitless as Lohan once again proves her stupidity by going to nightclubs while strung out on adderall and drink. I hope to God she doesn't hurt some innocent person while she's on her fresh-out-of-rehab bender. But knowing Lohan - there will always be more jewelry to steal, more cars to crash, more drugs to take, more stranges to punch, more cones to move.

477 days ago


She is obviously still insane.

477 days ago


is that a Christmas tree I see in the background how old is this

477 days ago


Whats she going to do next, go to the local shelter and help the homeless by signing autographs for them again?

477 days ago


Jill666 remember this "daddy,mommys on coke and she owes me $40,000"....

477 days ago


Instead of getting together with these awful family members who only pull her down into the crapper, she should sever ALL ties to them, all of them, only then can she get sober + heal.
If Betty Ford is pushing these disfunctional shi--y people on her, the Hell w/ Betty Ford.

477 days ago


I've seen so few Kardashians on lately, I think since Kanye face planted in that sign? Have they stopped funding you guys? So is Lindsay stepping in, she'll pay you to defend her now? Good luck with getting paid, is all I have to say.

477 days ago


It really really amazes me the way Lohan Inc , whether its Micheal or Dina or even Lindsay think that people will believe anything they put out there.....but that is the principle of successful Con Artistry....Gullibility of the public... or as P T Barham said " There's a sucker born every Minute"......and we all can agree that Lohan Inc and Micheal Lohan is the King of Hollywood Con Artists....He and his family have make a successful and pretty dame Rich life out of cheating , lying, and conning any sucker they can as well as the whoring and drug dealing Lindsay deals in.....
In the Old days he would be riding from town to town selling his Snake Oil and Wonder Water to why his sons picked pockets and the woman of the family entertained the gentlemen of the towns....
And the sad thing is People keep buying the Snake Oil they are selling,and a month later when they are peeing blood and wondering whats wrong they will go and get another bottle ?????

477 days ago


This has got to be by far the worst Lohan story I have yet to read on TMZ. I know everyone at your office is busy looking for Amanda Bynes's bong/vase but please either come up with better material or refrain from posting about Lohan until you actually got something. Dont worry she will most likely be punching a staff worker any day now.

477 days ago


The cool thing about the anchor is the bottom opens up where you can stash cocaine,

477 days ago
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