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Rihanna Concert

Herpe Days Are Here Again

5/30/2013 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A woman claims she got a souvenir at a Rihanna concert that will last her a lifetime ... herpes.

Starkeema Greenidge claims in a new lawsuit she was at a Rihanna concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn when she was approached by a M.A.C. rep, who was hawking lipstick samples.

Greenidge claims the rep applied the RiRi Woo, red lipstick -- endorsed by Rihanna -- to her upper lip, told her to press her lips together and spread it around.

The suit claims the lipstick had been previously applied to the lips of others at the concert, and someone had the herp.

Greenidge told TMZ ... the day after the concert, "My whole lip was irritated and hugely swollen."  Greenidge says she went to a doctor and he told her she had herpes.

The suit accuses M.A.C. of shoddy business practices -- applying lipstick directly from the tube instead of using either disposable samples or individual swabs.

Greenidge is suing M.A.C. Cosmetics, Inc -- not Rihanna -- for unspecified damages.


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If you love something, set it free. Just don't be surprised if it comes back with herpes...

514 days ago



514 days ago

BB not bb    

Starkeema, is that like Cometice or Moonisha? How do you get a make-up consultation at a concert? Did they have a table where the girl walked up and asked to try the lipstick? I never saw people at a show just walking around the aisles slapping lipstick on the patrons.

That is horribly disgusting. Who knows how many people were infected then? Maybe even hundreds. A large concert can have 75,000 people. Was the company too lazy or too cheap to use individual swabs?

Herpes is horrible because it never goes away and is contagious to anyone who you kiss in the future. It causes flue like symptoms, malaise and disfigurement.

Since a huge portion of the population already has herpes, it would make sense not to share lipstick with strangers.

514 days ago

BB not bb    

I once met a little girl named ****ima. I was afraid to say her name because I thought it was a set up.

514 days ago


Herpes doesn't show a day after contamination. Who is dumb enough to use used lipstick?

514 days ago


anything to make a buck it seems

514 days ago


Rihanna Concert
Herpe Days Are Here Again.....................SICK SKANK WHOREEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........................

514 days ago


That's disgusting!! The people that put it on were idiots too. I would NEVER put on lipstick or use samples that was used by hundreds of people directly on my lips!! If I want to test a sample I test it on my hand and take it off immediately with alcohol. In my opinion both people were in the wrong; MAC - and the countless morons at the concert that put it on their lips and passed it on... sheesh

514 days ago

BB not bb    

Herpes can show up the next day, perhaps depending on how depressed your immune system is. Some people's systems react more quickly than others. I believe that you can get it the next day.

You also don't need sores or open cuts on your lips to spread it. It goes from lips to lips. It lives in the nerve endings of the skin.

514 days ago


Dear sweet Jesus, this is disgusting. Who the heck would use a lipstick that has been used on a hundred other lips? And, how's she going to prove responsibility in a court of law?

514 days ago


Seems to me this person is just upset that she didn't use her own brain! Yes, seems it was bad practice by whoever was pushing the lipstick, but at the same time, I personally do not sample any makeup that isn't in sealed individual samples...even at a makeup counter. Herpes, pink eye...unless I get a sealed personal sample, I'm not testing your product! That is just common sense!

514 days ago


Rihanna has herpes. Just google Rihanna herpes. One reason Chris was upset with her.

514 days ago


hmmm let's see...ditzy glamordazed chick wandering around a concert with a tube of lipstick..

what do you NOT do?

514 days ago


What special idiot will let anyone put a sample of anything on them when its obvious it was used on others? Ew nasty Rihanna didn't give her herpies MAC did ew

514 days ago


It was probably the one used by Rihanna. It's a known fact she has herpes. Ever notice those cold sores on her lips.

514 days ago
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