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Steve Nash

I'm NOT Trying to Duck Child Support

5/30/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

053013_steve_alejandra_nash_launch_v2Steve Nash is NOT trying to weasel out of paying child support to his ex-wife ... this according to Nash's attorney who tells TMZ accusations to the contrary are "absolute nonsense."

Nash and his lawyer Robert Schwartz just strolled back into a Maricopa County courtroom in AZ ... where they're set to do battle with Steve's ex-wife Alejandra for the 2nd day in their nasty child support war.

As we previously reported, Alejandra believes the Lakers star is trying to block her from moving with their 3 kids from PHX to L.A. because Steve doesn't want to pay child support.   As we reported, Nash is not paying child support in Arizona, but if his wife and kids move to California a judge would likely make a significant dent in Nash's wallet.

On his way into court, Steve didn't want to talk about the allegation -- but his lawyer did ... saying, "That is absolute nonsense and it's not accurate at all."

Alejandra arrived to court soon after.

We're told the judge is expected to deliver a ruling in the case by the end of the day.

Stay tuned ...

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No Avatar


She's a money loving gold digger. He's already given her $5 million dollars. She's just trying to squeeze him out of more

520 days ago


money hungry skank slob after 5 million! when will famous men learn woman are only after the money NOT them..specially when you look at how ugly some of these guys are!

520 days ago


She cheats on him, and then takes him to court.
What a wonderful, motherly role model she is...

Get a job besides being a brood mare.

520 days ago


Gotta love the sensationalism. How long before TMZ actually puts up the truth, you know, he paid her a massive lump sum in the divorce, he's paying 90% of all the bills, stuff like that. How about telling everyone that the reason why NASH who's a multi-millionaire is only paying 90% because the ex was told to pay the other 10% due to the fact that she's got income of her own coming in. In Arizona you can buy a MANSION for less than 250 grand if you find one foreclosed on. How about also explaining to the rest of the posters who aren't familiar with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that Mr. Nash can jump on a plane at anytime and see his kids an hour later. You make it sound like the guy is living on the other side of the country for Christ Sakes. This should be the way it is for all divorced couples with lots of money. The man NEVER puts a large sum of money in the wife's hands when it comes to Child support. Too many women are using that money on themselves.

520 days ago


Take care of your kids you cheap bastard.

520 days ago


He has a place in Los Angeles but she can't? If it is not about child support what is his reasoning?

520 days ago


$5 million or not- why does she have to foot all the bill for the kids? Didn't it take 2 to have these babies? 2 to raise them? Then it should take 2 to pay for them. Time to man up and be a daddy to these babies- instead of looking at the money aspect (Which he has pleanty of), maybe he should focus on his kids being closer to him so he can see them. Should of thought about all these possible outcomes BEFORE having kids.

520 days ago


I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin with no broke ........

People who use their kids as pawn for their own personal agendas are s***.

520 days ago

Ted Allen    

Why does TMZ seem like they are on her side? How much more money does she f'ing $$$ need outta him?

520 days ago


Though I side with this guy, since it sounds like he is paying for the kids via tuition, insurance etc .. however I do find it disturbing that someone can go to court and fight which state you can live in. I'd rather see some sort of pre-agreed thing where child support is addressed rather than just the idea that another person can dictate where you live.

520 days ago


She deserves waaay more than 5 million. He cheated on his wife while she was pregnant. He also tried to say the third child his wife had was by a teammate. The child is his. He lives in LA with the girl he cheated on her with. His wife deserves a lot more. I hope she wins.

520 days ago

Mystery Guest    

Why else would be he trying to prevent her from bringing their kids to live CLOSER to him?

520 days ago


He is a piece of trash. If he isn't doing to dodge child support, then he's basically saying 'I don't want my kids around me'. And, to all those idiots saying 'Oh, well, she got this much when they divorced', a divorce settlement is not child support. His kids are going to be able to read this one day and realize that their dad didn't love them enough to a) let them move closer to him and b) he didn't want to support them.

520 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

so is it state shopping to get more money?

520 days ago


He gave her 10 million, AFTER she was caught screwing his teammate. She's revolting.

520 days ago
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