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Steve Nash


Place to Raise Kids

5/30/2013 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:20 PM -- Both sides have rested their case, which is now in the hands of the judge. We're told a ruling could take up to 60 days.

4:30 PM -- Nash
just finished his turn on the stand ... saying his ex-wife has been making it EXTREMELY difficult to see his kids in Phoenix ... so it makes NO SENSE that she wants to move to L.A. so they can see him more often.

Nash said he sees the kids in Arizona at LEAST as much as would in L.A. ... and maintained that her only motivation for moving is so California courts can nail him for child support -- which he says would really only support her lavish taste.

“A major reason we divorced was her incessant spending, social climbing, materialism,” he said.

Nash testified about several occasions when Alejandra made it difficult for him to see 8-year-old twin girls Lola and Bella, and 2-year-old son Matteo Joel … including a Christmas homestand, when Nash wanted his girlfriend to escort the kids on a flight to L.A.

“She had none of that,” Nash said.

Nash said he can totally afford child support ... he just doesn't want it to ruin his kids: “I don’t want my high-privileged lifestyle ... to be an artificial environment.”

Steve Nash
-- who plays for the LOS ANGELES Lakers -- just trashed L.A. in open court ... claiming the City of Angels is NO PLACE to raise a family.

Nash slammed L.A. on the stand in his legal war with ex-wife Alejandra ... saying point blank, "I don't want my kids to grow up in L.A."

Nash said he would consider raising his kids in San Diego ... but only because "it's a different lifestyle."

Of course, Alejandra doesn't believe that -- she thinks Steve's trying to block her from moving the kids to L.A. because the Arizona courts aren't making him pay a penny in child support and he's afraid a California judge would nail him.

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I spent half my childhood in LA until my parents finally realized it wasn't a suitable place to raise children almost 20 years ago. I am so thankful, especially when I look at how my friends turned out there...selfish, whores, money hungry, drama, drug addicts, baby daddies, and mean. Oh, it was also pretty evenly split with half going to public schools and half going to pricey private schools. They all also had wonderful parents. These girls just grew up in a psychotic environment and culture there in LA and I am so happy my parents realized this before it was too late for my siblings and me.

519 days ago

Lynn M    

Please let me understand this...Arizona doesn't require child support? Is there no custody agreement?

519 days ago


Ok Ladies, FYI Steve Nash Paid her $5 mil in the div orce, He pays 90% of School costs, Extra Carricular Activities, pays for a Nanny has Trust Funds set up for the Children pays all Insurance premiums and bills.What more can he do as a father ? Pay everything and buy a house for her ? and let her spend the $5 mil on herself ? GET A LIFE he spends enough on them

519 days ago


Oh By the way.... She also gets 75,000 A MONTH from Business Dealings

519 days ago


Yawn. Another NBA gold digger looking for more NBA money to spend on her next man. she already was awarded 5 million, home, nanny, kids' expenses paid ETC. And AZ isn't even that far. She just wants to get more $ and anger him. He won't be in LA for too long anyway. She just wants to go shopping in Beverly Hills. Typical goal-less, jobless wh$re. Dumb peeps say "well he shouldn't have got her pregnant." But NBA wh$res ALWAYS find a way to get preggers. The wh$ore just wants to cause trouble bcuz she's bitter. Why doesn't she just get on one of these NBA Wives themed reality shows, and make her own money, like the rest of the used up NBA whores? Lazy and greedy. She should be getting a AZ degree w/that 5 mil. Wh$re.

519 days ago


Is anyone offended because Steve Nash spoke the truth or are you upset about the truth. Crime, apathy, indifference, filth, dirty streets, crowded streets and freeways, polluted air, city services closed or run down for their fleecing the public, dirty politicians, deterioration. sniff, sniff, I smell.... odors of Detroit.

Ok I'll stop, but there's hundreds more and they outweigh the good. Come to think of it, other than nice weather when smog and congestion doesn't interfere, what else is there?

Yeah yea yeah, you can tell me about all the great places to see and things to do. Now look around and see how disheveled our city has become. Hey just look at the rooftops from an airplane- Yuck! Then go to your neighbors of ten years and say hello, assuming you know their name

Steve Nash, thanks for being honest.
From a native Angeleno- embarrassed Angelino but Angelino none the less..

519 days ago


All these middle America low lifes watching TMZ on syndication every day and pretending to "know" how terrible LA is when in fact none of you have even come within two hours of the state of CA... Get outta here. If you really despised this city that much you wouldn't be watching/reading TMZ to begin with, considering 90% of the stories it reports take place in/have to do with Hollywood or the LA area

519 days ago

Voice of Reason 416    

I tried to post this before, but forgetting about money for a second, what kind of man tries to keep his children from moving closer to him? Most dads fight to PREVENT their children from moving away. Not the best message for his kids.

519 days ago



519 days ago


Arizona is the worst place to raise your kids. There is meth everywhere! I had to move to get away from all the tweekers there.

518 days ago


Trade his ass

518 days ago


ever heard of Hollywood wives? he knows her better than we do, and ? what is in her scheming mind.you can see the gears grinding behind her eyes. : ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_Wives_(miniseries)

518 days ago
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