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Keyshawn Johnson UNLOADS

Bieber Is a Trickster Coward

5/31/2013 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

053113_keyshawn_johnson_wm_launchKeyshawn Johnson tells TMZ ... Justin Bieber isn't just a coward -- he's a TRICKSTER ... who switched seats with his Ferrari passenger at the end of his wild ride through Calabasas so he could beat the rap for his reckless driving. 

Keyshawn has finally broken his silence about the incident -- and it's clear ... the former NFL star is still extremely PISSED at Bieber.

"You got a 19-year-old kid ... feeling entitled ... speeding up and down the highway ... that's why all the neighbors is mad," Key says ... "You can't do that."

Johnson says he personally witnessed Bieber behind the wheel as he blazed through their private, gated Calabasas community earlier his week ... but says when he confronted the Ferrari at Bieber's home, Justin SWITCHED SEATS with his African-American passenger -- who he says was Lil Twist -- as they pulled into the garage.

"Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car ... I got biracial kids."

Keyshawn says Bieber's people are goons who are defending the indefensible -- watch the video ... it's intense.

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One, I hope he kicks the crap out of him, the spoiled little brat needs an ass whipping. Second, I never knew you needed to have biracial kids to know the difference between a white kid and black kid. I always thought it was kind of obvious.

474 days ago


That little ass boy. You really calling him a coward seeing that your 10x bigger than him. I would beat Keyshawn ass he needs to chill out

474 days ago


It certainly is probable that Bieber and Tyler {or Twist} switched seats allowing Bieber to park who was seen at the driver's seat at that time. I have personally seen this in cars without leaving the car. Rather then forming a conclusion based on a very angry guys testimony here, we should wait for the final rasults before jumping to conclusions. Bieber's story is still credible.

474 days ago


At the end of the day he slams the door shut.

474 days ago


Anybody defending ms bieber is obviously a 15 yr old or younger. Ms. Bieber is a little turd and is a no talent piece of Canadian trash! Those of you who worship him really dont know true talent. Jus cause somebody sells alot of albums in pop dosnt mean they r truly talented, just says alot about the mindless fans that who buy her crap

474 days ago


Glad Mr. Johnson is speaking up. It's about time someone did. Send the punk back to Canada. Why does he want to live in a family community in the first place? He should get a place in Venice.

474 days ago


Justin Bieber has become a straight up entitled punk!

474 days ago


I like how the words "trickster" and "coward" never came out of his mouth. TMZ always trying to instigate.

474 days ago


well if he's telling the truth than lil twist is stupid for hanging with Beiber cause he's eventually going to jail and if he's wrong than bieber is stupid for letting lil twist drive his ferrari. eventually lil twist will go to jail and bieber will lose his toy. oh kids and money. I think the best solution is to give me the ferrari. lose the temptation to drive it. I'll take care of it for you.

474 days ago


Death to all bieliebers!! Tards!!

474 days ago

Az Heat    

Throw a moltov at the car while he is speeding that will make him slow down! Or just put some sugar in his gas tank!

474 days ago


I'm sorry there was a disconnect:
What does having biracial kids have to do with deciphering a black kid from a white kid? If anything a biracial kid could considered white---because s/he is white--if race is just about colour.

Don't blame Justin, blame the LAPD for kowtowing to him because the media big-wigs have obviously given them a edict to now harass, or even give him any of their thug, "big shot" with a badge attitude.

474 days ago


Why do TMZ put false saying like Keyshawn call Bieber a coward or a trickster when he never use those word when he talking about Bieber.

474 days ago


my question is why do either of them still have their license . beiber or the rapper that was going over 100mph. why didn't the judge order a governor put on their cars so they can't go over the speed limit no matter how hard they stomp the gas pedal. or send them back to take a special drivers education class for people who don't follow the laws of the state ........sort of like homer simpson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TTKXRvhAvM

474 days ago

lameck alfred    

Bieber and lil twist = gay couple

474 days ago
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