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Michael Lohan


She's Hiding Something

6/1/2013 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

060113_michael_lohan_launchWhyyyyy wouldn't Dina Lohan take a lie detector test on national television? Because she's a liar who has something to hide ... so says Michael Lohan.

Our photog spotted Lindsay Lohan's dad at LAX on Friday and asked him all about the nuclear fight he had with Dina ... after their appearance on talk show called "The Test" turned into an all-out bash fest.

As TMZ previously reported ... Michael and Dina went on the show -- which utilizes lie detectors and DNA tests to help guests resolve conflicts -- to hash out their past. Michael submitted to two polygraphs, while Dina submitted to zero. Each side left the show pissed off and accusing the other of lying.

From the video it's pretty clear -- Michael's blood is still boiling.


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He's at the airport yesterday during the day, so he KNEW he wasn't going to FAMILY FIST Day as of when? Maybe seeing that SLAG last week one time was ENOUGH . . .

506 days ago


TMZ, stop feeding the bear.

506 days ago


Desperate. Need money. Never any go's on Los Angeles talk shows.

Right off the bat....This show in the making IS NOT NATIONAL TELEVISION.

That alone sums it all up. Lindsay, Dina and Michael already burned the 'national' talk shows.

Doesn't matter if ROL or TMZ, it's the same old Lindsay, Dina and Michael Lohans bullshyt scam.

506 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I think we're being punkd, people. All promotion for the show.

506 days ago


News Alert! No one cares! Keep your crap to yourselves.

506 days ago


self absorbed cretens..

506 days ago


he spoke to lindsay did he? that would be hard to do if he left friday and she can only make calls on the weekend and it's only outgoing calls, not incoming calls.

506 days ago


Michael's admission that he ran it buy Lindsay and the other kids to get their response is deplorable. They went on a show for money, exploiting Lindsay's rehab stint, then dragged Lindsay into the result of said talk show when she's trying to get better from issues they in part caused.(allegedly) . Michael still has the nerve to say in previous statements that Lindsay was doing well at Betty Ford, but would be better at a facility he's fincially involved with, exploiting his daughter's problems further. Both of these parents are pukes and I only read these articles in hopes one day karma kicks their ass.

506 days ago


This whole family should just die.

506 days ago



he didn't run it by anyone. both lindsay and ali have tweeted about seeing him abuse dina and mike jr retweeted ali's tweet. ali once said that people had no idea what dina went throught. the kids know about the abuse that they would not find it ridiculous or be shocked.

506 days ago

hank hill    

Does TMZ give them cash on the spot or do the make the Lohans go through the trouble of cashing a check?

506 days ago


Another chance meeting with Michael Lohan at the airport. Does TMZ have someone stationed at the airport 24 hours a day for these things ? No, it's just that Michael alerted TMZ he would be going through and this gave him a opportunity to spout off on camera. Somehow TMZ always manages to catch Lohan as he is going through the airport.

506 days ago


well although i think they ALL lie, i do have respect now for Michael, who did take the lie detector test and the drug tests, he is right dina is on drugs and hiding it, or else she would have taken the tests.

506 days ago


crotch tap at the end... priceless

506 days ago


This guy is the fcuking limit. For years he and Dina haven't gotten along and he's been saying for YEARS he and Dina should be "on the same page" he gets the chance to do that but then what does he do? he fcuks off back to Florida.

This has all been a publicity money making exercise for Michael Lohan. He took a camera crew with him and was filmed outside Betty Ford last week, He sold the video and story to TMZ and anyone else who would buy it. He sold the story about him and Dina at the restaurant, he sold the story about him and Dina on that show and he's done numerous radio shows whilst in LA. He even sold that ridiculous story about the anchors.This trip to LA has been very profitable for Michael Lohan, he doesn't care a shyt about Lindsay or rehab, as long as he makes his money. He will be back soon enough with another crop of bullshyt to earn some more cash.

He took two lie detector tests, he failed to answer all the questions honestly, he took a urine test, did he pass that? maybe but all he had to do was NOT drink alcohol for 5 days. The BEST test of all for Michael Lohan AND Dina is to take a hair follicle test, I don't think he would be so eager then

506 days ago
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