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Justin Bieber's Neighbors

Planning Revolt

Over Singer's Antics

6/3/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602_biebr_tmz_compsiteJustin Bieber's neighbors are fed up with him and are banding together to force the homeowners association in their gated community to do something about the singer's reckless behavior ... by hitting them in the wallet ... TMZ has learned.

Neighborhood sources tell TMZ ... several of the residents of Bieber's Calabasas neighborhood are tired of waiting for their HOA to take action against Bieber ... so they are planning to withhold their monthly dues until something is done.

We're told about 500 residents pay $1,000/month, so it's a huge chunk o' change that could be withheld.

The goal, according to our sources, is to force the HOA to give Justin a stern reminder about the neighborhood rules he's allegedly broken repeatedly -- such as noise during parties (some while Justin was out of town), Justin's friends parking on the street overnight ... and, of course, the speeding.

Any HOA action would be a far cry from Bieber getting arrested or charged by the D.A. -- but we're told the protesting residents will take what they can get at this point.

We called ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson to see if he's joined the cause -- since he actually confronted Bieber last week about the speeding -- but haven't heard back yet.



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Bieber's Neighbors Planning a Revolt Over Singer's Antics....................My brother and my father want to take turns getting Bieber PregNant But i just want to take turns getting Selena Gomez and Pattie Mallette PregNant.

510 days ago


Hey whatever works. Why can't he just admit to his & his friends wrong doings, apologize and smarten up and stop with the crap? ....oh that's right everyone keeps covering for him and lying..."it's not you's everybody else". FFS he has enough money that he could rent out a race track for a few hours and go nuts with his sports cars. ALSO here's an idea..IF you're going to get drunk and listen to loud music on a weekday....have it in your home theater room's probably sound proof.....OR spend your $$$ to sound proof a big room in your house a mini club...DUH

510 days ago


Call immigration and see if he can be deported Britain would already had his a$$ back in Canada

510 days ago


Lol this is sooooo faaake ! You people belive anything. I live in this neighborhood. Everybody is just chilling only people freaking out about this is of course The Johnson's and like 4 others household. 50? That's a MASSIVE stretch. Anything for a story I guess

510 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

Why is Bieber living with a bunch of boys after breaking up with Selena?

Is he gay???

Boys at his age are walking around with a constant hard on. So what's the deal?

510 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

No, I don't think anyone is going to rally a thousand residents... or twenty for that matter. Nearby Neighbours should set up speakers and play Barry Manilow music at Bieber's house at volumes equalling the volume he plays music or higher. Play Barry until the little sh*it wakes up to himself.

510 days ago


flush that turd back to canada

510 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    


510 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Lottsa douche spam on the douches article, can you do something about that TMZ?

510 days ago


big deal my hairdresser pays $730 HOA and he's in a mobile home park

510 days ago


sorry I hit post without actually finishing. what I mean is $1000 a month for that place sounds very cheap are you sure that is correct?

510 days ago


The HOA will do nothing other than fine Ms. Beiber for her antics, and she will pay the fine and continue to do whatever she wants. As for the homeowners withholding their monthly dues, the association will not do anything for 3 months, and then they will file a notice of default, lien the property, and foreclose on the lean to get their money. Translation=no one will withhold their dues, no one will be in default, and Justine Beiber will go about her merry way until she kills someone, at which point she'll flee to some country with whom the US has no extradition treaty. She'll get her's, not if, but when.

510 days ago


Why dont they just beat the crap out f the little eunuch. It thinks it's a tough guy after all so show it what it would be like if it had real manly parts.

509 days ago


I'm surprised to see Lil Biebs has "friends" with cars.

509 days ago


I think most of his problems are from raging hormones. He needs a gangsta rapper name, so how about Lil' Stiffy -- since I doubt there's been a drop of blood flowing to his brain for a couple of years now. And the "Lil" is probably pretty accurate...

509 days ago
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