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Kim Kardashian

Bruce Is Losing It

He's Met Kanye A BUNCH

6/3/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner
's memory is disappearing faster than Kim's figure ... because the Kardashian patriarch has met Kanye West SEVERAL times, despite claiming he's only met the rapper once -- and Kim is pissed at her stepdad for saying it.

We've done our research -- and came up with at least FOUR different occasions where Bruce and Kanye were both present ... Kourtney's baby shower in May 2012, a taping of "X Factor" in November 2012, a Clippers game in December 2012, and the Kardashian family Christmas party.

The photographic evidence contradicts what Bruce told Extra this weekend ... that he only met Kanye once in his entire life, saying, "[Kanye is] not around."

We're told Kim's upset with her 63-year-old stepdad ... because Bruce makes it sound like Kanye doesn't care about the family.

And here's a clue that maybe Bruce isn't so into Kanye -- back in April, 2012, he said he was "not that excited" when Kim started dating the rapper ... because he felt Kim was rushing into a new relationship too quickly after leaving Kris Humphries.

Bad memory or bad feelings?  We report ... you decide.


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Smfh ok so are we all going to we already didnt know this was going to happen??? One minute ya'll hate kim and say she deserves whats happening to her the next minute you feel bad for her. POINT BLANK PERIOD kim knew what she was getting into when she got with him. And there is PROOF he's been around more then once maybe kris needs to stop frying his brain with bull**** and he'll remember the pictures of them together. Anyone who is a Kanye fan knows he hates paparazzi thats why he always looks so pissed. Tmz the only place you can come to and never actually find celebrity news worth writting home about.

451 days ago

R. Hall    

I love Bruce ! He's honest and caring. He took on 4 kids who weren't his, and raised them. He put's up with Kris. He stated on Oprah that Kim's wedding was too over the top, and was the only one who said anything about it. Kim is waaay too self absorbed to be a Mom. She' still wants her fairy tale what ever, but she jumps around like a flea trying to find it. First, she sneaks off to Vegas and gets married. Then she makes a sex tape. Hooks up with Reggie,but he wises up and gets out. Marrys again for 72 days, but decides it wasn't the fairy tale she wanted. Hooks up with Kanye, gets pregnant while still married to Kris. This woman will never be happy. Never.

451 days ago


Bill you stupid **** face! Stop with plastic surgery already bruce you look ****ing scary!!

451 days ago


Watching spoiled, rich people, indulge their every whim, in their opulent surroundings. BORING! Take these obnoxious people off of public television!
They are long past their expiration date-

451 days ago

jen're a bunch of worthless idiots! Bruce is the only one in the family that has the balls to tell the truth. So what if he's photographed with KENYA! The point is...KENYA is NOT around! KENYA does what all black men do...they beat it and don't raise their kids! Get ready KIM! hehe

451 days ago


This woman is so sickening and the entire family is full of S H & T. The most sickening shIIheads are kim and kourtney and the mother kris comes in very close behind. There is something absolutely wrong with each and every one of these characters. A psych was trying to explain what it took to be a celebrity. Basically you are pathological and have very loose, if no morals at all to get to where you want to be. I pity this camera-obsessed family. something sick about each of them.

451 days ago


Is Kanye related to Victoria Beckham? Because they BOTH have that pouty, angry frown.

451 days ago


Bruce does seem a lot happier, now that his two unemployed, adult, sons will also be raking in the EASY MONEY. Biggest con artists of this century-

451 days ago


maybe being forced to sit a row behind doesn't count as spending time with Kanye. Only Kris and Kim get to do that.

451 days ago


Bruce seems to be the only grounded person in this appalling family. Who in their right mind would even acknowledge that Kanye is dating their step daughter in the first place? I am pretty sure the idea behind Bruce's facelift was Kris's idea, too. They need to learn from the Osbourne's and just quit the crap of being in reality TV. Adios.

451 days ago


Meeting Kanye four times last year really is just the same as only meeting him once anyway, as far as a father would be concerned. Put yourself in his shoes. His daughter is pregnant by this stranger who doesn't spend much time with her and when he does he cant even open a door for her. Bruce can see the writing on the wall. Kanye's bad behaviour and mental breakdowns should be huge red flags for Kim, and her family should chime in on this. If Kim was smart she would put on her Nikes and run like hell. I am totally surprised Khloe hasn't rung in on this yet. Kim is going to lose big time. Kayne wants the same thing for Kim as Kris H did. Get out of the public eye and raise a family. If she stays with Kanye, everyone will just forget about her rather quickly. And Kim won't see it coming. She should dump the guy before she has too much invested. Babygirl will survive. Is having a celeb in the family as important as Kim's mental health. They should have seen the writing on the wall when Kanye emptied Kim's closet. Come on Kardashians...wake up. It's time to stick your nose in again. Instead of being pissed at Bruce, open your eyes.

451 days ago


Oh and...
MET? according the the good ol dictionary :
Met: Met PAST part of MEET
To come upon FIND I think they are confusing MEAT with MEET maybe???

451 days ago


They is all Nuts if N U ask me..
rich and very ..nuts..
mansions and fancy cars..
and no brains..maybe the youngins have brains?

451 days ago


Kanye is soo freaking ugly 🙉

451 days ago


Bruce is enjoying all the fame & fortune,just as much as the rest of the self entitled ,smug family. He did one outstanding thing,like 35 years ago. He sure gets a lot of mileage out of that!

451 days ago
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