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Tyler, the Creator

I Was Driving

Justin Bieber's Ferrari

6/3/2013 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tyler, the Creator says Keyshawn Johnson is DEAD WRONG -- claiming HE was driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari during the infamous chase through Calabasas.

Tyler tweeted the admission this weekend ... writing, "That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle."

He added, "Don't Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That It Was Who It Wasnt."

Bieber tweeted a response -- "All good buddy. i deal with this everyday. thanks though. the baby aint mine either."

Tyler's message was clearly intended for Johnson -- who told TMZ he personally witnessed Justin in the driver's seat after the car dangerously sped through their gated community.  We're told at least 3 other people also saw Justin behind the wheel.

Either way, the residents of Justin's neighborhood are PISSED -- and are threatening to withhold their HOA dues until the community takes action against Bieber.



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Instead of making a public apology and acknowledging how UNCOOL it is to drive reclessly, he goes off on trying to save JB. JB returns w/ an "All good buddy".... JB needs a reality check on himself and the company he keeps, JB is a punk. The only thing that comes between him and a beat down is he personal security.

416 days ago


Tyler lost his cool card, he hangs with bieber?

416 days ago


Tyler deposits a 50g check within 2 days signed off on by JB ....... LoL Would you?

416 days ago


Man, those are some big ass lips!

416 days ago


I think they need some speed bumps in that neighborhood.

And don't tell JB or his little friends they've been installed.

416 days ago


I bet Bieber patted Tyler on the head after taking the blame and said "that's a good boy".

415 days ago


He is having free ride from the little punk. I guess this is his They all can GTH!

415 days ago


Little punk can't man up...wonder how much he paid the guy to take the blame, he lies constantly and his career is going down the toilet fast...just go away already no one cares what you do, go back to Canada! BOOOOO

415 days ago


The HOA should just make Justin's life a living hell until he takes his goons and moves out of the community... I would laugh myself sick if that little bastard got thrown in jail.... He should just take his sorry ass back to Canada where he belongs

415 days ago


I'm slightly miffed that my non-offensive comment on Keyshawn's video was mysteriously deleted. So I will reiterate: Justin Bieber stated in an interview that most of his "haters" are "40 year old people in their basement with nothing better to do." Au contraire, Biebs. What about the successful, educated 20-somethings sitting in their high rise condos? Hardly a basement. The reason adults with any semblance of intelligence do not like JB is because they see through the act. He is a sociopath and a hustler. Rest assured, Justin Bieber, your haters are diverse. And attractive like you. And wealthy like you. But sadly, most of them are smarter than you.

415 days ago


Anyone remember the scene in the movie "Spartacus?"
"I am Spartacus." I am Spartacus." I am Spartacus."
It might be interesting to see how many more come forward as the driver.
What a farce.

415 days ago


I'm slightly miffed that my non-offensive comment on Keyshawn's video mysteriously vanished. I will reiterate: Justin Bieber stated in an interview that most of his "haters" are "40 year olds in their basements with nothing better to do." Au contraire, Biebs. What about 20 something's in their high rises? Hardly a basement. The reason adults dislike JB is because they see the sociopathic hustler he really is. Many of his "haters" are attractive, successful and have much more important things to do than give him any attention; be it positive or negative. Truly "good" people don't have to state over and over " I'm a good person" like he does. It's obvious through their actions and treatment of others.

415 days ago


Liar, liar, pants on fire...

415 days ago


Man up Bieber. Why is it so hard for you to say "I was wrong"? It is a minor infraction and you can be a tween leader in admitting your mistakes and learning from them. We all make mistakes and the most important lesson is correcting them.

415 days ago

LindSay LoHan    

That one picture of him makes me question if he got famous for sucking d***.

415 days ago
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