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'Bachelorette' Contestant

Sucker-Punch Apology

Is Hilariously BAD [VIDEO]

6/4/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kasey Kahl finally got a chance to put his TV skills from "The Bachelorette" to use again -- in a taped apology to the man and woman he decked outside a nightclub -- and his delivery is hysterical.

TMZ obtained a copy of the videotaped mea culpa Kahl agreed to make as part of a settlement in his civil lawsuit with the two people.

You gotta see Kasey's emotional (we're kidding) description of the attack, saying ... "He called me a douchebag, and I became upset. I sucker-punched (him)."

Honestly, we've seen porn stars deliver better lines.

As TMZ previously reported, Kahl also made a deal in the criminal complaint for the fight outside a Fresno club in January 2012 ... getting off with 3 years probation.


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'Bachelorette' Contestant
Sucker-Punch Apology
Is Hilariously BAD.................I HEAR HIS FEET STINK

504 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I have no idea who this douchebag is but I'm always surprised they still have those Bachelor/ette programs on television. So some guy calls him a douchebag and he commences to injure him so severely that he needs facial reconstruction AND the woman he's with somehow ends up being punched too? I take it he wasn't the winner of the contest. I think instead of being a douche bag he would be what is expelled after the bag is empty.

504 days ago


Check out Kristen Cavallari's ass to the right of the comment box... wowzers!

504 days ago


That must have been his first look, at what "he wrote." Sad delivery, dude.

504 days ago


Kermit just wanted to protect her heart.

504 days ago


Fresno says it all......

504 days ago


Another reality show coughcough scuzzbag. What else is new. This is what happens when you take ordinary people and fill their heads with how they are now a "STAH" because they were on some show. Pffftttt.

503 days ago

Wow ...    

He attacked them because they said he was a d-bag? If the shoe fits... because only d-bags physically assault other people like a toddler having a tantrum - for being called a name.

Use your words. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Just like they taught ya in preschool. Oh yes, don't forget...inside voices.

503 days ago


TMZ, again, you are telling the truth. You neglected to include the disclaimer at the start of this video. This statement was written by Richard Chaney and Kasey was forced to do this as part of the plea agreement they made out of court, in order for Kasey to move on with his life. Kasey is my son and the truth must be told. both Chaney and Renee refused medical care after the incident, it is do***ented in the police report. Why did Chaney need reconstructive surgery if he didn't even require medical treatment after this bar brawl?

503 days ago


Richard Chaney has taken absolutely NO responsibility for his part in this alcohol fueled bar fight. He provoke Kasey and their are witnesses who have made statements in the investigation that saw Richard Chaney hit Kasey first. both Chaney and Renee refused medical care after the incident, it is do***ented in the police report. So why Chaney had to get "reconstructive" surgery later, but didn't require medical attention after the fight is something he hasn't fessed up to.

503 days ago


The truth must be told here. Kasey is my first born son and it has been extremely stressful to see how this alcohol fueled bar fight got to this point. Both parties are to blame here, not just Kasey. Kasey was forced to read this statement that was written specifically by Richard Chaney, not Kasey, as part of the plea deal that Kasey made with Chaney. These are not Kasey's words, which TMZ neglected to show this in it's entirety with the disclaimer. Kasey agreed to do this, and has paid Richard Chaney thousands of dollars towards his medical bills in order to move on with his life.

503 days ago


Holy shiiet, he's a douche!

503 days ago


He takes the blame so I guess that's all you can ask, but why did he approach them and why was he called a douchebag?

503 days ago

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