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Justin Bieber

Goes Off on ANOTHER Pap

I'm Taking Your Memory Card Bitch!!!

6/6/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber was the ringleader in a SECOND pap altercation in Miami Wednesday -- ordering his goons to steal a photog's camera ... all while the man pled desperately for mercy -- and the entire exchange was caught on tape.

The incident occurred outside The Hit Factory recording studio at around 4 AM ... just hours before Bieber's security guards allegedly choked another photographer, and tried to jack his camera equipment as well.

On the tape, you hear Justin scream to his bodyguards, "Grab that camera!!! Get that f***ing camera out of here!!!" (time code: 1:08)

 You can hear the photog plead with Justin, who responds like a benevolent prince, "Alright, alright. I'm gonna give you your camera back. I'm gonna take your SIM card though."

The photog begs and pleads to let him keep his memory card -- even offering to delete the photos he took -- but Bieber is unmoved.

Authorities are currently investigating the altercation that took place later in the day -- but law enforcement tells us, police have no record of the earlier incident because it wasn't reported.

We reached out to Justin's people ... so far, no comment.

All told, Bieber's had three run-ins with photogs while in Miami this week -- the first incident occurred Monday night at the American Airlines Arena following the Heat game. Someone snapped this pic of Bieber on his cell phone and the singer reportedly flipped out.



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Justine, I can't wait for someone to put your b1tch a$$ in your rightful place, Your BGs can't protect you forever. You're just another over privileged punk a$$ kid, nothing special about that.

470 days ago


Umm, yeah. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Strong-arm Robbery? Bieber and his thugs should be charged with a felony (a la OJ Simpson in the hotel room). Taking a picture of someone is perfectly legal. You can't just take someone's stuff by force and intimidation. He may be a little girl, but he's a legal adult. He's committing big boy crimes here. That's felony robbery, what they did. Look it up.

470 days ago


Ass whippings are in order.

470 days ago


Miley. is that you?

470 days ago

Siena Saba    

its about time the Paps get a taste of their own medicine. they need to **** off and give him a break. If I was there I'd probably break the ****ing camera. he is a human and needs privacy sometimes. if he asks to stop the photos they should stop and not be so ignorant. TMZ tries to hard to make him look bad and its about time he stands up for himself,

470 days ago


Justin is a bitch, without his goons, dude would get a serious ass whoopin. Would pay to see it too.

470 days ago


With out paps you wouldnt have celebs

470 days ago


You know what, I'm sick and tired of TMZ posting crap like this and the people who post on here saying "This kid is wacko" "This kid is a punk" "This is why Justin Bieber is a douchebag". Pause and think about this. Half of the human population hates it when people even try to take candid photos of them let alone anyone following them around. To be honest, if I was in Justin I would have done the same. In fact, I would have confiscated the camera or maybe even smashed it to the ground and stomped on it. People act like Justin Bieber acts out of the norm when he flips off the paps or gets in their face. I promise that most people would do the same. First, he's at a BASKETBALL GAME trying to watch the damn thing and photographers are in his face. People say he's an *******. For what? Trying to watch a game. He went to watch not get photographed. The media and everyone needs to stop acting like Justin Bieber is acting out of the norm and that he's some menace just because he's Justin Bieber. If it were Drake or something like that TMZ and the rest of the media would either praise him or not even say anything. People just need to stop picking on the kid because half the people that talk crap about him do worse things. I would love it if TMZ posted things like the charity work Bieber does. How he personally took the time to spend time with Avalanna Routh even though he knew that she would die from her rare cancer. I'm sick of TMZ. I'm sick of the media. And I'm sick of the people that comment on here acting like they're high and mighty and wouldn't have done the same. Honestly, the pap deserved it. Give the kid space and there will be no problems.

470 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

If someone is handing out whoop asses to this twerp and his friends let it be the great Reginald "Chuck" Norris

470 days ago


Namaste everyone, I'm a peaceful Buddhist monk and I do not condone any violence against any of earth's creatures AT ALL... BUT... DAMN this kid surely needs a severe beating.

470 days ago


I hate this kid. He thinks he's the shyt. What a dirt bag.

470 days ago


This little punk does anything for attention. His audiences at concerts are diminishing . He has a minimum number of appearances in the future. And his music has diminished to nothing. In 2 years it will be JUSTIN WHO?????

470 days ago


In my younger years my gf's and I called it little man syndrome. The guy acts like a bad ass, acts like he's God's gift to women and they are lucky to have him, and if in a position of authority treats those who work for him like garbage. Little man syndrome had nothing to do with height. Justin Bieber suffers from little man syndrome.

470 days ago

Moises Cordero    

This kid is such a dick its good to have money and have paid goons fight this little imature boy's battles if it not for that he would be hiding in a closet somewhere!

470 days ago


video just said that IN FLORIDA THEY HAVE PRESSED CHARGES for the first incident.but i think against his charges on the second yet....PUT HIM IN JAIL! What he did IS robbery.

470 days ago
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