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Lady Gaga


Bikini Shape

6/6/2013 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a year after gaining 30 pounds, Lady Gaga is back down to her fighting weight -- surfacing south of the border in Mexico this week with some friends ... in a sexy floral bikini.

You'll recall, Gaga struggled with her weight last year, telling Stylist Magazine, "I don't really care if [people] think I'm fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds."

Gaga also underwent serious hip surgery a few months ago ... so that probably helped with the weight loss too.

Too bad she had to give up that golden wheelchair.


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I thought her candle was snuffed. In any case her 15 minutes are def. used up.

506 days ago


Lady Gaga has Lupus. Many of the meds used to control Lupus (to keep it from killing you!) have the side effect of weight gain. I'm not surprised she gained weight and I hope she didn't sacrifice her health in order to lose it. She may look great but Lupus is a silent can look great on the outside and have your systems failing.

506 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

doesnt really matter if she's fat or skinny. she's ugly as balls either way

506 days ago


She blew up like a balloon.

506 days ago


Wow, some of these commebts are awful...I hope none of you have kids and if you do, I hope you don't speak this way in fron of them about people.

506 days ago

tex tex    

Wow kim kardashian a mother I bet her child will have same values as her a whore who likes to fck to get famous

506 days ago

tex tex    

And man I saw her face without makeup she is butt ugly hey kim try to wear make up everytime or you let your butt save your face

506 days ago


Most of the people posting negative comments probably aren't that good looking. She's the one who has a great career, fans, family, and a handsome boyfriend.

506 days ago


Who cares her music is what we like.(sexy costumes are just a plus)

A little tummy or love handels is normal for any mortal.

506 days ago


Human blood does a body good.

506 days ago

Queen Sleeper    

Lady Gaga "The Queen of Pop" I am so glad to see her enjoying herself a rest that is well deserved she gave her all to the BTWB tour I was at the L.A. Staples Center and Lady Gaga is the BEST LIVE PERFORMER EVER (I have been to many concerts Pink Floyd Who Rolling Stones U2 AC/DC to name a few) she gives so much energy and is such a crowd pleaser, The Staples Center was packed to the rim and the restricted seating no empty seat anywhere, the crowd LOVED Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is like and never will be any other celebrity she loves her fans she is constantly thinking of her fans, she fights for the rights of her LGBT fans (and why does she, she doesn't have too) she hears the stories of her fans being different and being bullied so what does she do, The Born This Way Foundation. As a Little Monster (for me) it's not what she can do for me it's what I can do for her, I Love her music it is the best music I have heard in a very long time, the Pop world is in limbo right now without Lady Gaga the awards shows are not the same without her ingenious creation's the entertainment world is missing without her fashion design! "Face The Facts" the entertainment world is lost without Gaga (but don't listen to me we are talking about a ARTIST who has been out of the spotlight for nearly 6 month's now and has a 100 comments on your site, good or bad publicity it's still publicity) ARTPOP WILL ROCK

506 days ago


Whats sad is the bottom picture is photoshopped, and that so many people call Lady Gaga ugly, the woman who donates her heart and more to everyone and thing she can is called every negative word you can think of. But no one can take away over 300 Awards, Sold Out Tours, 100 million records, and the biggest fan base in music history. Maybe if this disgusting excuse for a country (USA) would stop being such a mean bully of a place then maybe the world would be better but NO we hate the people who are different and speak out saying and reinforcing positive and good message and cheer on the useless losers who promote negativity.
Give the woman some credit

505 days ago


Struggled with her weight? Um ...kinda hard to exercise with a bum hip. Guess her hip surgery was a success! YAY

505 days ago


...look! I can see his penis poking thru his bikini bottom....

504 days ago


she is ugly anyways hehe

503 days ago
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