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Marilyn Manson to Paris Jackson

You're ALWAYS Welcome At My Shows

6/6/2013 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson won't ever have to worry about missing another Marilyn Manson concert -- 'cause the goth rocker tells TMZ she'll get the VIP treatment whenever she wants to come to a show.

We broke the story ... Paris "threw a fit" hours before her suicide attempt when she was told she wasn't allowed to attend an MM show. We're told she ran into her room screaming and slammed the door.

After learning about the incident, Marilyn says he has a message for Paris -- "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."

Paris is currently being hospitalized after she took a meat cleaver to her arm and swallowed a bunch of pills early Wednesday morning.



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I am not a Marilyn Manson fan (he is just a Jr. Alice Cooper) but it's very nice of him to say that.

505 days ago


According to the Jackson Family, taking a meat cleaver to one's arm -

Eating two dozen pills.

Doesn't constitute "a serious suicide attempt."

Merely some kid's play kinda drama.

"From the family drama queen."

Gets weirder all the time.

505 days ago


Interesting to me.

The spin being put on Paris, either by the Jackson Family or whoever.

An attempt to discredit Paris through the media.

"She's into the drama."

Or maybe the entire Jackson Family is seriously mentally ill - as my own natural/extended family once was and is.

Paris might well be the voice of reason - the truth.

505 days ago


A statement prepared and read by the spokespeople for Katherine Jackson?

Exonerated the Jackson Family/Compound.

"She's just a normal teen dealing with the loss of her father."

Or else maybe kids need to be removed from the compound - therapists need to move in/dig in on this one.

Everyone has a horse in the race over there -

Thus the ninth suicide attempt by one of kids?

Is downplayed as typical kid angst.

That's ill in and of itself - proof of illness.

505 days ago


Paris = Whistle-Blower.

505 days ago


Joe Jackson's legacy continues to live on.

505 days ago


This story is absolutely useless.

505 days ago


Satan will help you into bed now Paris.

505 days ago


The Jackson family and attorney's all denied Paris threw a fit by not going to the MM concert. TMZ needs to stop making up lies and commentators have caught on and getting sick of it.

505 days ago


The Jackson's see Paris as a big inconvenience.

Media drag queen.

Embarrassing them -

During this, a big potential family score.

They're all smacking Paris around - and behind the scenes.

Dysfunction at its' worst.

A psyche Ward where the staff, in terror, has fled.

505 days ago


The UCLA Medical People will NOT allow Paris to be released back into the "custody" of the family/compound.

This is just the beginning.

The other children will be interviewed.

Separately, and to dissuade "coaching."

I was "coached" once - know all about "coaching."

505 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

great she throws a fit and hurts herself for being told NO so reward her
yeah that will teach her

505 days ago



? Who's the Jackson-spokesperson or media rep(s) telling Harvey Levin:

"This so-called suicide attempt more of an attention-getting device, as were the sixteen others - just kid's play and kid-drama, no big deal."

-Why isn't Harvey QUESTIONING that?

I mean, discrediting a kid - kid's don't lie - kids don't make things up.

Paris only ISN'T dead because she came to her senses at the last moment.

Realize it just isn't worth it.

Been there.

505 days ago


Look at the celebrity fawning over the celebrity. Seriously, Manson, you are 44 years old, and you should know better than to baby Paris for her spoiled, selfishness. I realize you think you're all that because a spoiled celebrity brat said your name, but a truly intelligent and responsible adult would condemn what she did, not reward her for it. She likes the benefits of fame, but she doesn't want the responsibility that comes with being a role model to other young people. Grow up, Paris. A young woman should not be fitting out like a spoiled tween. And by the way, Marilyn Manson sucks. Admit it. It wasn't about the artist, it was about strutting you selfishness in a large arena.

505 days ago


@ One source connected with the (Paris Jackson suicide attempts/cutting) case tells us, "She's into the drama."


Who IS this idiot - this anonymous source "connected to the case."

505 days ago
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