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Paris Jackson

Cops Say She DIDN'T Want to Die

6/6/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops officially classified the Paris Jackson incident as a "suicide attempt," but they do NOT believe her intent was to kill herself.

Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... based on the information the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has gathered ... "She wanted attention."  One source involved in the case tells us ... her call to a suicide hotline is compelling evidence "she wanted to be saved."  The source added, "It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house."

TMZ broke the story ... Paris used a meat cleaver to cut her arm and took a bunch of Motrin, and our sources say as a result they must classify it as a "suicide attempt."  But, as one source put it, "Who takes Motrin to kill themselves?  She called the suicide hotline because she wanted the attention and wanted to make sure EMTs got there in time."

We're also told Paris was conscious when EMTs arrived and did not argue or put up a struggle when she was placed on a stretcher.

One source connected with the case tells us, "She's into the drama."



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469 days ago


What the hell kind of comment is "she is into the drama"?! That is so hateful, she is a little girl whom is in pain! Let it go and let this child get the help she needs and heal.

469 days ago


50% of these commenters need to be banned from TMZ for spewing hateful vitriol; especially about this story in particular. She is somebody's daughter who was the same victim of horrendous libel as well in the press and if he were alive today, he would shut this all down with his attorneys.

469 days ago


That's kind o a tacky thing to print: "She's into the attention." I wonder which one of her nasty, money hungery, deadbeat aunt or uncle said that to the press.

469 days ago


Shame on you TMZ! Why would you feel the need to marginalize a young teen who is in distress? Suicide attempts should be taken seriously and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Help lines are there for the purpose of helping. It is inappropriate and unacceptable to discount them. Would you prefer folks not to use them? Reporting celebrity news in one thing...this is just being mean. I think you owe Paris and all Americans who have faced such challenges an apology for minimizing the significance of their struggles.. Shame on you!

469 days ago


TMZ - you're comments from police that someone who calls a suicide hotline doesn't want to die and seeks attention may be accurate but you're doing a disservice by reporting this as there are suicidal people who may now not call the hotline based on your reporting. Suicide hotlines are there to be called - regardless for the reason and you should not be reporting or suggesting anything else. I believe this is also the general POV of mainstream media.

Also - while i'm a very loyal reader I think you should leave kids off your reporting. She's 15 - you should leave her alone. I'm sure after she turns 18 there will be lots of things to talk about

469 days ago


So cops are psychologists now? Many people who actually commit suicide do this type of thing multiple times.

469 days ago


Of course she didn't want to die or she would have succeeded with her try. She's just a spoiled BRAT that craves attention 24/7.

469 days ago


Geez TMZ, what a nasty tone you picked for this update . . . my guess is someone in the family who feeds you stories wants this to be the narrative.

Anyone who cuts their arm with a meat cleaver and downs a bottle of pills has genuinely serious issues.

Your article does a disservice to those with suicidal tendencies by dismissing an unsuccessful attempt as attention getting. Doesn't Harvey proofread this stuff before you post it?!

469 days ago


What 15 year old hormonal girl hasn't wanted attention or created drama or even had the thought "I wish I was dead" ... not saying acted on it, just saying most adolescent females have had that thought. Add to it the fact that she had a very odd childhood and a family that is still not quite normal. She seems like a kid trying to fit in, doing things that are normal for her lifestyle. I really can't comment on her grandmother or uncle's guiding hand but I really hope she's not cutting or having mental illness issues. I want to see that child succeed in living a happy life.

469 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh goody-goody.

Another deluded narcissistic teen / 20-something LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME - to set yet another horrible example for the young ladies of the world.

The stupid fool has EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE - but guess what folks???


What a surprise.

469 days ago

Good riddance!    

I'd take this stuff completely seriously! Whoever the a-hole was who said that 'drama' stuff needs to be fired, like yesterday! When I was an EMT we had to break into a well barricade garage where a guy was in his car with the motor running. He was really out of it, but still conscious, and came around a bit more with O2. He kept saying how he'd do it anyway and there was nothing that would stop him. Maybe about a month later someone else in our squad responded to a body retrieval at the same address.

469 days ago


I hate to be blunt, but, she doesn't belong in that Jackson clan. They clearly drove Michael crazy, as a child. It's well known, that he was their gravy train. And, I suspect she's now hearing all the rumors @ her father, now, with the court hearings. Even though her mother isn't the best role model, I think she would be better off with her.

469 days ago


again what a surprise, a spoiled kid looking for attention because she couldnt go to a concert, boo hoo, get over it and shut up.

469 days ago


Attention whorẹ!

469 days ago
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