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Paris Jackson

In 'Meltdown Mode'

For a Year

6/7/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson
has been in meltdown mode for nearly a year ... this according to sources connected to her exclusive private school.

Our sources from the exclusive Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley tell TMZ ... school officials were aware Paris was dealing with a "major family trauma" when the school year began last September.  Based on the timeline, it appears the issue involved Katherine Jackson's mysterious "disappearance" last July. 

There were reports Michael Jackson's siblings were holding Katherine as part of a money grab -- something they deny.  Paris confronted several of the siblings in a heated argument outside the family's Calabasas home.

Sources connected with Buckley tell TMZ ... when Paris came back to school in September, her grades started dropping and, as one source said, "she stopped caring."

A school official told one of our sources ... what really sent Paris over the edge was when she got an offer to do a movie but certain family members went on an all-out campaign to block it.  The source says a school official said, at that point "Paris broke down."

There have been reports Paris was bullied at Buckley and that's what caused her downward spiral.  We're told a top school official is adamant ... Paris was NOT bullied and she made the claims to get attention.



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I follow her on Twitter, I didn't actually think she was serious about being depressed. How can you be depressed if you're a rich white Jackson? Damn girl. Date or something.

504 days ago


More like "Boo Hoo I'm so rich and I need more attention mode".

Girlfriend, get your shiznit together... you don't share a thread of DNA with your child-molesting "father".

504 days ago


She is well positioned for major attention whore dividends.

504 days ago


I feel sorry for that girl. Her biological parents, sperm donor and surrogate, basically sold her to a pedophile. They gave a baby to a monster. Then she lived in a circus environment until her insane father died. Now she lives with a bunch of leeches that are doing everything they can to milk her adopted fathers fortune. She's a bargaining chip to them. How can you be a normal, well adjusted, stable person in that environment? It's sad.

504 days ago


Great. A whole new generation of Jackson drama.

Friggin' fantastic.

504 days ago


Janet has been jealous of Paris ever since she drew attention at the funeral. Janet had everything handed to her at a young age but can't afford Paris the same opportunity because they don't share any DNA and - well lets face it - Paris is much prettier than Janet was back in the day. She obviously didn't manage her money properly or else she wouldn't be a spokesperson for a diet company. Lol. She's probably the force behind their latest lawsuit.

504 days ago

King of TMZ    

If Will Smith's kid can act and does Why shouldn't Michael Jacksok's. I think the family should let her do What she loves or she ll rebel. As for Hollywood Paris should learn from how they treated her father the talent of "Laugh the hate to the bank". Its not Just fans out there especially in this cyber-cruel age. Don't kill yourself. Whatever is agitating you is temporary.

504 days ago


Did she just find out her dad liked them little white boys

504 days ago


how the jackson kids were able to kidnap their mother and try to strong arm her into signing over money to them and not get charged is beyond me.not to mention she wants to get into acting.but of course the other jacksons cant have that.god forbid she gets a good gig and ends up more talented than them.not to mention the fact her getting a pay day and they not lol good luck with that one.she needs to stick with debbie the jacksons are nothing but money grubbing s*** and will do nothing but run her down.

504 days ago

Mary P    

I feel sorry for the kid. Hell, probably half the reason she sought out her mom was to find some normal. I can't imagine being shoved on stage for spectacle at MJ's funeral then going into the care of people you never saw or knew because they were scavengers. She's probably being pulled in every direction as each Jackson looks to capitalize on her and her brothers.

People keep knocking her for attention whoring but damn, think about what she's gone through. The most high profile celebrity in the WORLD dies, they are in the middle of the trial in which she has sat for depositions, her crazy ass aunts and uncles are leechers and lifesuckers, her "guardian" has one foot in the grave in the first place, she's shuffled to another family member who won't let her do anything at ALL - which means they are only trotting her out when they get cash for it and forbidding her from doing anything for herself. Come on, how many shots have you seen of her at Disney? Or a restaurant? Movie theater? Concerts? Nothing. She never gets to leave unless one of the leeches is sucking money off her.

504 days ago


Gee how nice of this "source" which is allegedly connected to this private school for discussing the private and confidential details of this girl's life with a gossip site. Nobody is a professional these days. Nurses post details of patients on social media sites, mailmen can't put the correct mail in the correct box, fast food is pre-licked and spit upon by the workers and private schools release confidential information about minors to the media. God should just reboot this entire planet.

504 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

She should get emancipated so she can get out of Miss Katherine's house and stop adding stress to her life in her senior years. I'm tired of this spoiled girl who throw extreme tantrums when she doesn't get her way.

504 days ago


And nobody but the school noticed? All those Jacksons? I guess they are so wrapped up in there own messes they couldn't be bothered with this child.
Wait, doesn't this fancy school have parent/guardian meetings with the teachers? Don't they send notes home anymore? Maybe a text/e-mail?

504 days ago

nice booty 69    

This is so sad that a so called good private school would put her business on blast..if i was Paris i would sue there ass for it..people are trying to sue her deceased father..go for it...what it's this society is coming too?? This is a little one should put a kids problems or there like that...the child is the way she is because her family is screwed up..I'm glad she is talking to her mother..that is probably the only normal adult she can talk to..because her aunts and uncles are screwed up

504 days ago


Ok so the school says her cries of bullying a plea for attention. But blab her family life and her academic life as well. What kind of school is this? For all the money people pay to them you would think they would be better suited to handle the information of students better. I've never heard of someone pretending to be bullied and lets be honest her life puts her directly in the path of bullying. Just look at how her style has changed and you could see she was depressed. I say all this to say its obvious she was depressed why would she compound ur with lies about bullying when that would lead to people actually bullying her if they weren't and to be looked down on by adults.

504 days ago
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