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Paris Jackson

Transferred to the Same

Hospital Where MJ Died

6/9/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

060813_paris_jackson_launchParis Jackson was transfered to UCLA Medical Center this evening, effectively ending her 72-hour psychiatric hold, and TMZ has the exclusive video of her being wheeled into the hospital. 

As TMZ first reported, Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after Jackson allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver. Jackson was taken to a local hospital and placed under  a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

Our photog spotted Jackson and a slew of bodyguards outside UCLA Medical Center as Jackson was being wheeled in this afternoon. Our photog tried to get an update on Paris' condition from one of the bodyguards. He was mum, but his mood suggested Jackson was doing better.

The Jackson family is no stranger to UCLA Medical Center -- Michael was taken there when he went into cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. That's where he would later pass away.


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Cardiac arrest? Michael Jackson died of respitory arrest. TMZ! C'mon. Murray said that he died of cardiac arrest and is still saying that because Murray is a cardiologist and that was the first sign he looked for. That is exactly why cardiologists are not supposed to administer propofol. They are not trained to. That drug affects your breathing not your heart. If Murray knew that he would have tried to save MJ the correct way. Anyway, at the trial a 'a real doctor' said MJ died of respitory arrest. And I believe him.

501 days ago


This is despicable Harvey, this child, and she is a child, needs to be left alone and given a chance to heal.

501 days ago


TMZ...I am done with you. You pretend to care about this kid with the "get well soon" and then you stalk her outside her hospital. I guess MJ was right. His kids needed to be protected and hidden....from bottom feeders like TMZ. She is a kid, leave her ALONE.

501 days ago


1. That was a stupid video
2. Where was Katherine or any of the Jackson clan? Did they let her be transfered alone? WTF

501 days ago


why does anybody give a crap about any of this

501 days ago


Rabid fans are demanding Harvey's head (Oh, I don't mean it that way!) - rolling and TMZ (media) to stop reporting about her!!!!

Wrong, if you know anything about the Jacksons and so about Paris, you know that they and she are possibly enjoying all the press attention.

Didn't you rabids say that KJ was pushing her to entertainment business against her will. Making her walking up the stage, shoving the mike before her face??? Now we all know that she demands it, to the extent to show some blood for it.

Rabids still don't know they are feeding her fantasy of super stardom that millions would be sending her praises like they did it to her father. What is happening, is just a little Diva in training. Now I really wish she can climb up high, as high as Marilyn Monroe, and then a diabolical fall due to drugs and addiction or losing her looks as soon as she loses her chin like DR, because life is too empty without substance!

501 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Oh who cares if he actually died at that hospital or not?? The important thing is that he's dead and that's a good thing!

501 days ago


Anony Mouse

To all the people that are saying TMZ should stop reporting on Paris Jackson, and the Jacksons period I say stop coming here and commenting on it and they will? Why would they stop reporting on something that gets hundreds maybe thousands of hits? Some people complain about it but the only reason they come to TMZ is for Jackson news. For example click on MiMi's profile and notice how there are hundreds of pages of comments and just about every single one of them is about the Jackson's. And that's only NE of her profiles! yet she cries about the coverage on TMZ. I come here a lot too but I don't whine about TMZ. Just sayin'. Stop being Hypocrites.

And MiMi's unhinged response in 3...2...1...
4 hours ago


Well here is my very hinged response to your moronic babble.

To clarify matters, I ONLY have one nic and I ONLY post on MJ related stories. I am not ashamed whatsoever of my fandom.

You however are a completely different story. You post mainly on MJ boards but also ocassionaly on others. Not that you have anything of importance to add but mainly just to harass other posters. You live hear 24/7 except for the few hours of sleep, which is probably alcohol or drug induced.

And TMZ should back off of their coverage of Paris. I know of no other celebrity child they have given this much coverage too.

Maybe TMZ is Jackson obsessed. Everyone knows they troll all the Jackson's twitter and Facebook accounts just itching for some tidbit of drama to publish.

501 days ago


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Now, Paris, how are you going to keep up with the Katrashians???

Do you see any difference in the Hollywood teenagers???

What fills their teenage brains, clothes, makeup, cars, jewelry, mansions, boy friends, and adulation.

Everybody wants to be a Britney, and if things go wrong, 5051 hold!!!

501 days ago


Yes, you should be ashamed. Otherwise, Jules would talk again, and Mimijane would show her camel toes again!

Fandom are characteristic of people who don't have a free will but falling into fanatic bandwagon, and people will a little bit of self-respect would know how one should deny it, like Brigha!!! Because the last thing they want to admit is that they need to get a life!!!

Someone said last night, you and Pigass are the same person, now that makes sense, who else would be copy and paste anything about MJ day and night - someone who has no life except to search the internet for MJ tid bits, regardless if the news are like 30 years old!!! You, Phantom, PigAss are all one and the same!!!

501 days ago


The hospital in our town holds tragic and beautiful memories. Stop with all this media on a child in need. Leave her alone and let her heal.

501 days ago

I Was About To Say    

LOL!! In true mimi fashion she had to repost the entire original comment instead of just hitting the comment button because she feels what she has to say should be seen by everyone in her grandiose dementia. We all know that you have at least 1 other nic which is the SaraJane nic which you break out to defend your original nic because most of the other people who were your friends realized that you are a lunatic and deserted you or they simply went on with their lives. Either way it wouldn't matter except that you have a fondness of accusing people of having other nics when nobody cares.

Secondly there is a difference between fandom and being an unhinged fanatic. You have been on this site every single day since the day MJ died without fail. You sit at home and sift through every piece of MJ related minutia in order to feed your MJ addiction. You like to claim other people are here 24/7 but you never leave. That's your call, it's your life but once again it wouldn't be a big deal if you didn't accuse other people of it.

Lastly (for now) you keep calling everyone that has a differing opinion a moron, idiot or ignorant and you don't take a second to realize you are trying to claim intellectual superiority ON A CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE! Really, get a grip.

501 days ago


HI Siggi

Nice to see you. And yes, it is me.....

501 days ago


I agree that this should not have been filmed, but I think it's interesting she wasn't sent home after her 5150 was up. I hope the investigation ordered by the judge will get to the bottom of what's really going on at home.

It's obvious that the Jackson have TMZ in their pocket. The source that is minimizing this as a spoiled teenager acting out is indicative of an abusive situation. Abusers often minimize what's really going on.

TMZ being quick to correct any reference to Katherine's kidnapping as a kidnapping smacks of threat of lawsuit by the Jacksons.

501 days ago

I Was About To Say    

MiMi "And TMZ should back off of their coverage of Paris. I know of no other celebrity child they have given this much coverage too."

If you were to ever read anything that didn't have the word Jackson in it you would have heard of a guy called Justin Beiber who got more coverage than this before he hit 18. You also would have seen Ariel Winter (she is on a show called Modern Family because I know the only thing you watch on tv is This Is It and your old vcr recording of Motown25) getting a blizzard of coverage when she tried to leave her mom because of abuse. Did you comment on that to tell TMZ to back off? Of course not. Would you have if it was Paris Jackson? Of course you would.

Once again you are a hypocrite.

501 days ago
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