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Paris Jackson

Transferred to the Same

Hospital Where MJ Died

6/9/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

060813_paris_jackson_launchParis Jackson was transfered to UCLA Medical Center this evening, effectively ending her 72-hour psychiatric hold, and TMZ has the exclusive video of her being wheeled into the hospital. 

As TMZ first reported, Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after Jackson allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver. Jackson was taken to a local hospital and placed under  a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

Our photog spotted Jackson and a slew of bodyguards outside UCLA Medical Center as Jackson was being wheeled in this afternoon. Our photog tried to get an update on Paris' condition from one of the bodyguards. He was mum, but his mood suggested Jackson was doing better.

The Jackson family is no stranger to UCLA Medical Center -- Michael was taken there when he went into cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. That's where he would later pass away.


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Can we please leave this child alone? I get it. This is an entertainment site. We read the stories. She tried to commit suicide (or, as the *******s state, tried to get attention). She's on the mend, now let it go.

464 days ago


Harvey Levin, may you get what you so rightly deserve. Amen.

464 days ago


Tmz sent their stalkerazzi to take a video/ snap pics of a CHILD being transferred to a hospital?? It's one thing with the constant "reporting" but to capture her on video . Like a school on weekends, no class. Leave this child alone so she can recuperate like she has the right to for goodness sake. I need to stop coming to this site. You guys are a slimy bunch of low lifes

464 days ago


If she doesn't stop the spoiled brat crap, she will meet her fake dad (MJ) sooner than she thinks.

464 days ago


Prayers, hugs and much love for Paris and the Jackson family. Being a teenager is a difficult job. Dealing with mean-spirited haters is tiresome. Even the most experienced professionals don't always remember to ignore these losers. Believe in your inner strength Paris.

464 days ago


This is the same hospital where her father was pronounce dead. What a way to make her situation worse...

464 days ago


I feel so sorry for this girl. She didn´t choose this kind of life, which is as bizarre and "impossible" as it can get. For people around her, she is just dollarsigns. For others, she is just MJ:s daughter. Where does she find love and care without hidden agendas?

464 days ago


ughhh come on TMZ not a kid

464 days ago

Suzy Q     

Since she doesn't need hospitalization for physical reasons, she must be in the psychiatric wing for a diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

At 15, she doesn't need to be labeled with an adult mental illness.

464 days ago


Keep it up TMZ, you'll push this child over the edge. There should have never been any media coverage of this. It doesn't benefit anyone and only hurts a confused teenager. I get that this is a website for celeb gossip but this kid isn't a celeb, her father was. Leave it ALONE.

464 days ago


Not true. Michael was already dead when he arrived at the hospital. In other news, we don't need to know every detail about where this poor girl is. Feel better soon, Paris.

464 days ago

mj fan forever    

I really hope this time the judge will decide in her and her brothers best interest, not to save the appearances, i.e. the Jacksons' leeches parasites money-hingry asses.

464 days ago


You do realize that TMZ is just adding to the pain and suffering of the healing process, Paris needs some privacy, and by taunting the public with the idea that its the same hospital as+++++++++++++ i wont even repeat it because i have some feelings and class, but really TMZ why do you think its normal or even ok to add to her pain this way. Harvey you are an attorney, surely you know that defamation is still illegal, You do not hold a special license to defame or make up stories about people. Do you realize that what you print is seen by all including the family. Really are you that sensitive of a douche that you get off on making a 15 year old suffer by the crap you print. Further more talking about sources from her school, that is private information, i hope you all get sued, I am totally frustrated and upset with how you obtain your gossip and how you will bypass any feelings or consequences for your actions. Do you take pride in bragging about being the first to report such distasteful news. As you can see a lot of people are upset that you are bragging about getting the scoop on Paris first. Keep it to your self. Do us all a favor and show some respect and if you do not have a heart or a conscious then at least pretend you have one when it comes to a 15 year old feelings and her health especially at this time.

464 days ago

Double Bubble    

This is the exact reason MJ didnt want anyone to know who his kids were.Nice going TMZ, way to exploit a child and her problems.. A lot of kids go through this type of situation and I highly doubt making a little girls issues public, is going to do her any good. She obviously has enough problems without EVERYONE knowing about it and ridiculing her more. Her dad was famous...not her..So why even bother writing about her? This is pretty pathetic.

464 days ago

Serpent of Sandoz    

Wait. MJ died at home of o propofol overdose, not in a hospital. Right? Isn't that why Murray's in jail, because he should have called 911 and didn't?

464 days ago
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