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Paris Jackson

Transferred to the Same

Hospital Where MJ Died

6/9/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

060813_paris_jackson_launchParis Jackson was transfered to UCLA Medical Center this evening, effectively ending her 72-hour psychiatric hold, and TMZ has the exclusive video of her being wheeled into the hospital. 

As TMZ first reported, Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after Jackson allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver. Jackson was taken to a local hospital and placed under  a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

Our photog spotted Jackson and a slew of bodyguards outside UCLA Medical Center as Jackson was being wheeled in this afternoon. Our photog tried to get an update on Paris' condition from one of the bodyguards. He was mum, but his mood suggested Jackson was doing better.

The Jackson family is no stranger to UCLA Medical Center -- Michael was taken there when he went into cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. That's where he would later pass away.


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She is followed around, but she's a strong girl.
This is a special case because it's her life at stake.
She's not a brat from Spears, Hiltons, Kardashians & Lohans.

What Michael Jackson did caused him to die long before we was discovered by the ambulance workers. She knows she scared herself with this cry for help after years of keeping her anger bottled up
for the extended family & MJ. The least abnormal person is actually Paris, ironically.
The arrogant abnormal people are her granny, grandpa & co-guardian TJ. They were supposed to
hear her out. No one has the right to protect her father's fame over her own well-being.

The other Jacksons would've preferred to forget what the media & MJ fans said about her because they didn't do anything for MJ's drug problems & self-mutilation; her uncles shared the same ex-wife and her cousins are her uncles.

418 days ago


TMZ,, allow her to heal, we don't need you putting people in the hospital or reporting updates as to what she is doing there. She is in the best hospital for her to help her.

418 days ago


The key-word here is meat cleaver. Get it MEAT cleaver. They are all just a bunch of animal killers, wielding Braveheart like instruments, hacking animals to pieces and then themselves. Am I the only one that gets it here?

418 days ago


Paris and her handlers put her in the public eye,,no one else did it,,they did it....this comes with the territory when someone is in the public..
UCLA seems to have good programs for people w Paris's problems. Really hope she isn't sent home to be by herself again as she seemingly was up until now.

418 days ago


The key word here is meat cleaver, yes I said MEAT cleaver. They are all just a bunch of stinking animal killers wielding Braveheart like instruments slashing the life out of poor innocent animals and then eventually themselves. Am I the only one that gets it here? Who are THEY you say?? Yeah right.

418 days ago


WRONG. Jacko died at his home. Didn't you watch the trial? He was pronounced dead at UCLA but he was already dead when he was put in the ambulance. Duh.

418 days ago


Last time I checked he died at home. And geez how many hospitals is this girl being transferred to?.

418 days ago


Her family puts up links to Tmz and the fans act like they're have no idea what the media said.

Her grandma & brother speak to Entertainment Tonight, a tabloid show. Her brother works for Entertainment Tonight. Don't try to mask over what the Jacksons are all about.
If they wanted her protected, the guardians would've gotten rid of twitter and used a very private messaging service. Apparently, the fanatics think her reading death threats on twitter is ok as long as she lives with the court-assigned guardian. She had suicide bid because she was bullied from twitter and at school. Get real.

418 days ago


The Grandma is too OLD to take care of MJ;s kids.
Its like they are raisng themselves.
Paris needs a strong mentor in her life that isnt
obssed with MJ. she seems like a realy nice smart girl.
I hope she find a passion in life.she needs some real friends.

418 days ago


Shame on you for being there!! Let her heal for goodness sake! Go harass Biber or something!

418 days ago

BB not bb    

That is creepy. if the hold is over, why is she still being hospitalized? Maybe the hospital is what killed MJ and not Conrad Murray after all. Maybe the hospital is being paid to off people.

Why is it so top secret that she is being moved over there?

418 days ago


Debbie's trying to get forgiveness from Paris because she thought her daughter could just worship MJ and live without her.
How many people without parents can be emotionless about their past and pretend a group of dishonest relatives care for her health?
As long as she's with Katherine, she has to keep talking about MJ & feeling different positive & negative emotions that she cannot tell strangers about either.

418 days ago


"TMZ has the exclusive video of her being wheeled into the hospital."

Classy move tmz. Always amazed at how you find new ways to come off like total trash.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

Michael Jackson might be rolling over in his grave over how is family is taking care of those kids. Just lock them up, don't bother to raise them and listen to them. Her guardian just moved two hours away and old grandma has basically no say.

This is what happens when you throw the real mothers out of the picture. Most kids not raised by their biological parents end up being wards of the state in either mental hospitals or prisons. This whole society is rigged towards child abuse.

She is not crazy or depressed, she is a frustrated teen. I think MJ was hiding those kids cause he was afraid that his family would be jealous and try to hurt them. All this coming from a family that says they believe in God besides. GIVE ME A BREAK.

418 days ago

mj fan forever    

I hope the judge will act in her best interest but so far no one did something in her and her brothers best interest. They have been pushed in the spotlights and were told they had to start to work and so pushed into showbiz. All that Michael did NOT want, but now that unfortunately he is not here to love and protect them they are sadly alone, among a bunch of money grubbers who don't wait else that appropriate of their legacy. I wish the judge to take serious measures against those who were supposed to take care for them and did not, but only asked for money and not against the child herself pretending that everything is in wonder, when the problem is always the same, the Jackson family willing to do anything to pursue their money grubbing. Hope this new report won't be unsuccessful and useless like the previous, good only to save the leeches asses and let them get more money.

418 days ago
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