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Rapper M.I.A.

New York Is Holding My Kid


6/10/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

M.I.A. says New York courts have committed a human rights violation -- against her and her baby.

Filthy rich baby daddy Ben Bronfman -- son of Seagram's billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr. -- got a restraining order in March ... blocking M.I.A. from taking her son to her homeland -- England.

M.I.A. is now challenging the order, claiming it amounts to international child abduction.  She's filed legal docs in New York federal court, citing The Hague Convention as proof the NY state judge had no authority to block her move to England.

Baby daddy Bronfman isn't going down without a fight ... we've learned he's filed legal docs of his own making a case that moving his flesh and blood over the pond would be a travesty.

Bronfman and M.I.A. -- who both still live in Brooklyn -- were never married and split up last year.

Unclear if the baby will ever see a virgin ... 747.



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Bring out the chains.

502 days ago


Some times it is wiser to not tell the baby daddy that your leaving the country with his child.

502 days ago


What a strange looking pair.

502 days ago


@ least the kid has $ forever

502 days ago


Human rights... right .. sounds like MIA is one who is abusing the "human rights" thing since there are actual people in the world other than USA who are actually abused by their government. Use some other reason don't be an ******* using that as a reason.

502 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

There's really nothing she can do. He is the father and is exercising his rights to see his child. Afraid your stuck, Girl.

502 days ago


He is more than wealthy enough to fly to England to see his kid as often as he wants. That being said; he shouldn't have to. She should be able to go back and visit her homeland with the child. Why is that such a difficult concept?

502 days ago


Your closing line is classless TMZ!

502 days ago


The kid was born in the U.S., she lives in the U.S., and now she has sour grapes so she wants to take the kid away from his father. TYPICAL, EVIL FEMALE. I just imagine how you females would respond if it was the opposite, and the father was trying to flee the country without the all would want him to be castrated. TYPICAL, EVIL FEMALES.

502 days ago

all about the money    

NY Judge is not blocking her move to England...just blocking her taking her kid to England without the permission of the kids father. Assuming they have joint custody she must get his permission to take the kid out of the states. Law is in place to prevent one parent running off with the child and preventing the other parent from seeing or visiting the child. Came about in part back when you had arab men taking their children to Saudi where the Mother could never see her child again. Sounds like a bitter split up and she is trying to use their kid as ammunition to get even with her ex. She can go to England...just not with the kid at least not without his permission to take their child international.

502 days ago


I don't get the closing line. I'm guessing that was supposed to be a joke, but are you making a jab at the child's parents for not being virgins?

502 days ago


Got news for all u bitter angry men; were not all evil. What a joke & huge misconception for u to all assume. And you wonder why we think your all *******s. Lol Imagine carrying a child all that time then someone comin along & telling u what u can & can't do. I'd be pissed too. Here's a new concept for u, maybe she wants to show her child where she came from! You know, educate him or her? Yeah u know, that thing some of u need? If I could I'd take my kids to England! It's so rich in history. Maybe he's the one being a bitter bitch because he has money? Maybe he's the one blocking her from going because she dumped him? YOU don't know. Stop assuming ****.

502 days ago


You left Diplo for a jew guy with dough and this happened. Every time this happens, yet some of you vaginas still don't see this. You had so much creativity that now you're a joke.

502 days ago


M.I.A doesn't seem to understand what the term "JOINT CUSTODY" means. When you "SHARE CUSTODY" the wishes of the other parent must be considered. I can understand her desire to return to England and there's nothing stopping her from doing so -- "BY HERSELF"!!! As her son grows up, there will be plenty of opportunities to travel with him abroad; however, mending fences with her son's father will only make the process much easier. More "TRUST" has to be established between the parents. Motherhood doesn't give a woman "CARTE BLANCHE" to do as she pleases!!!

501 days ago


She should be able to take her child out of the country as she pleases. Most men run away from their children and not pay child support anyway.

501 days ago

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