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Brandi Glanville

Assistant FIRED

After Dognapping

6/11/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandi Glanville
is blaming the whole stolen dog thing on her assistant -- TMZ has learned, the "Real Housewives" star has FIRED her right-hand woman for not taking better care of the pooch.

The 23-year-old ex-assistant -- who didn't want to be named -- tells TMZ, "I no longer work for Brandi. She texted me [Saturday] saying that I didn’t do my job by losing the dog."

As we reported, Brandi's Encino home was burglarized last Wednesday while she was in Palm Springs -- or so the assistant claims -- and someone made off with her beloved Chihuahua Chica.

After the alleged burglary, Brandi said she did NOT want to blame her assistant -- the last person to be with the dog before it vanished -- but something must have changed ... because the asst. tells us, that's exactly what Brandi did by giving her the chop.

Now the assistant's upset -- telling us she did everything in her power to make sure Chica was safe (double checking the doors, closing all windows, locking everything) and firing her just isn't fair.

Oh yeah, she also says Brandi still owes her for two weeks' work ... more than $1,000.  Chica's still missing.

But Brandi's unmoved -- she believes the assistant made up the burglary story to cover the fact that she lost the dog. Brandi tells us, "I did what I had to do. If I can't trust her with my dogs, how can I trust her with my kids?" As for the unpaid wages ... Brandi says the check's in the mail.


No Avatar

Palm Beach, FL    

Has anybody checked with Giggy?. That little pervert
knows were the little rat is!!!

469 days ago


You have no evidence that she was responsible for your dog going missing.. I heard you say a screen was cut. How is that her fault? Someone broke in, but she didn't, she had a key. I hope the assistant sues for libel, defamation whatever is appropriate. You publically accused her, without proof. Now publically apologize.

469 days ago


raise your own dog and children. why do you want to be a parent then pay someone to do your job?

469 days ago


Great work tmz way to get these important stories out here

469 days ago


Here's a thought. Watch your own dog you useless b.i.t.c.h....

469 days ago


Brandi is a liar and a cheat! Plain and simple. I'm sure she made the whole story up to get publicity. She can't do anything and has not talen, similar to the "Kardashians". Didn't wait long to replace the dog, did she! No grieving there! Shame on you!

469 days ago


I think the winner in this whole thing is the dog where ever it might be.

469 days ago


I'd fire her too. She clearly didn't perform her duties sufficiently. Besides, someone broke in and JUST took the dog? And hasn't accepted the reward? PLEASE. Unless it was LeAnn Rimes, that is NOT what happened.

469 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Her "assistant" she is so important and powerful she needs an assistant. Get over yourself you wanna be WAG.

469 days ago


i dont blame brandi, if her assistant cant watch her dog, hell no i would not let her watch my kids!

469 days ago


PUBLICITY STUNT! Assistant going along with it.

469 days ago


If this ex assistant is smart she'll get as much money owed to her as possible. In CA when an employer terminates you, the employer must provide you with a check for all unpaid wages at the time of termination. If not, the ex employee is entitled to wages for every day he / she does not receive final payment. If the employee quits, they must be provided with final check within 72 hours.

469 days ago


I think Brandi Glanville is firing her assistant unfairly. It's really not her assistants job to watch after her dog, it's Brandi's I'm sure she could of taken it with her on vacation. Just sounds like she's looking for an easy blame. Burglaries happen and things are stolen, you can't point fingers of another person when clearly it wasn't the assistants fault. Sounds like Ms. Glanville needs to grow the f*ck up.

469 days ago


Brandi did the smart thing by canning the assistant. Yes, good for her! I would have recommended that's what she do.

469 days ago


Brandi, just give your kids and your dogs to Eddie and Leanne, that way you know they'll be taken care of well. That way you can live your empty life running around being a c#nt.

469 days ago
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