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Chad Johnson

FL Attorney General Rips Judge

You Overreacted!

6/11/2013 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson did NOT deserve 30 days in jail after slapping his lawyer's butt ... so says the Attorney General of Florida who tells TMZ ... Chad's punishment doesn't fit the crime.

We asked FL Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi how she felt about Judge Kathleen McHugh throwing the book at Chad after he tapped his lawyer's butt in court yesterday ... and here's the answer we got:

"Although we never condone domestic violence, this event seems to question judicial temperament, not the subject matter before the court."

So, what does it all mean? Here's Harvey to break it down ...


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No Avatar


Mr. Johnson made a spectacle of himself and does not respect the authority of the female judge. She did not overreact, as there has to be a modi*** of respect for the proceedings. Let me ask you... would he have done the backside slap in front of a male judge? No way!

409 days ago


The guy is an ass but the judge made a stupid call . In doing so she looks like a fool!!

409 days ago


Yeah he did. I would have given him 60 days. Athletes respect no one.

409 days ago


Maybe 30 days will give Chad time to learn appropriate behavior OFF the field.

409 days ago


I hope some of yall are never in front of a judge and you even high five b/c you got to go free and see it just taken away from you for a gesture that was not a middle finger to the judge. She told him to thank his lawyer, he did not and then she told him again and well he did what they do in football. They pat the butt. And he goes to jail for that. Damn, that's frightening to think how your freedom can be taken away from you like that.
I guess some of you are just writing for fun and jokes, w/o any thought as to what you're writing. Let you get into a situation where you overreact and get slammed for it.
I wouldn't want to win the lottery around her.

409 days ago


Stupid Judge doesn't realize that's an "Attaboy" thing. She was too harsh or just "Plain Dumb". She should not take offense, its a man thing. Now if he would have kissed his attorney .... well different story. She has to rescind that.... I mean the gesture is a man thing "JUDGE". She wouldn't understand.

409 days ago


I thought it was a little extreme when this first happened. I'm no big Chad Johnson fan, but that was a little much.

409 days ago


@Beezy. What is wrong w/ you people. I can't believe you think it's fine for someone ,anyone to go to jail for that.
It's jail. There's so many people that are doing awful things in this country and there walking free as a bird.

409 days ago


No respect--big smart ass bully of a football player so it's ok to smack someone on the ass. Judge is right - thers is a time for play and a time for respect. He was in court not on the playing field.

409 days ago


What I saw was the judge not reacting to the butt slap, but rather to the laughter. She even kept repeating herself: "the whole court was laughing." Slow on the uptake, then got caught in her own reaction (didn't know how to back down). She was wrong. Yes, Johnson should have showed more restraint, but what he did was not a crime or even disrespectful. Now what?

409 days ago


Judge will sign off on an order releasing him from jail, said order also including the previous parole terms to follow. And I think that'll be the end of that. Just because the Atty General uttered 'judicial temperament,' doesn't mean the judge is in trouble.

409 days ago

Master P    

That's what happens when you make a woman judge. Everybody knows that all that women do in business is to fight, bitch, and overreact.

409 days ago


I think the judge's actions were justified. Obviously Mr. Johnson was not taking things seriously. It was inappropriate and a slap in the face to the court. His was of saying "good job attorney, we beat that one huh?" Nope. Not appropriate, very disrespectful and someone needs to draw the line. He is being made an example and hopefully all the other Chads, Lindseys, etc are now paying attention.

409 days ago


I don't like Chad. No one does. But even when you don't like someone, you must stand for justice. Otherwise, good luck when it is your turn and the government decides to put the screws on you for whatever. She over reacted. Pure and simple. The judge's hissy fit is worse than his slapping his lawyer on the butt. Had no cameras been in the court room and Joe Blow was defendant doing as Chad did, this would not have happened.

409 days ago


While I'm not a fan Ocho's by any means, the judge's demeanor stole the show. Instead of underscoring the problem of domestic abuse, the judge's apparent lack of...... judicial temperament ( in this case being a jerk judge) becomes the focus.

409 days ago
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