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Kanye West

Maddest Man

On The Planet

6/11/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West's latest outburst at a photog -- for no reason -- is a sign he might have some serious anger issues.

Maybe that sign he ran into was right all along.



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That sign whooped his ass. He needs to press charges.

462 days ago


This is what happens when you think you're the **** and everyone is beneath you. So the douche thinks....

462 days ago


Kanye you are an IDIOT !

462 days ago


what a ***** Kanye West is

462 days ago


P U S S Y that is

462 days ago


End of video, "angry little bitch" got that right brother. They come in all sizes, colors, net worth's and from all countries...nothing funnier than an angry little bitch.

462 days ago


Somebody pooed on his face and he licked his lips

462 days ago

Kev the Realist    

That this ugly, stupid, angry gay man has ANGER ISSUES, is the most obviousl statement made on TMZ. But it hardly qualifies as news. He is a pathetic, self absorbed, self entitled douch$bag, who is dating a fat, ugly, equally self absorbed media and real life adulteress whore who is a member of the gypsy KRAPTRASHIAN family. He is finally realizing that life with the KRAPTRASHIANs is the worst nightmare of his life and he is stuck. Oh Well A44hole, you got exactly what you deserve, besides having the crap beaten out of you by a real man, someone who knows that your insecure little rants are all smoke and no substance. Krapye is just another Degenerate LOSER.

462 days ago


How you people talk ****. You're no better than what you think of him for the effed up things some of you say. These are still human beings regardless what you think. If ANYONE deserves this **** it's Amanda for being such an antagonistic B on Twitter. I'm liking him alot mmore than some of you.

462 days ago


i hear he likes kim's farts.....

462 days ago

R. Hall    

Two people who made very bad choices. Kanye was never hounded like this until he hooked up with Kim. Don't blame her, he probably went into it thinking he could change it. Come on, dude. She has a reality show. As for Kim, as usual, she doesn't know the guy she has become involved with. But, this time, she will be tied to him for life! Unlike the others, she will have part of his DNA around forever! The worst thing she could do now is to believe in that fairy tale. Kris Himphries was spot on when he made a remark to Kim. She told him that she had been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. Kris shot back with something like Yeah. Just insert any guy to be the groom.

462 days ago


Kanye is the ''Look what you made me do'' moron who just thinks it is always the sign's fault.

462 days ago

BB not bb    

For all of his anger, he still seems to be able to get along with Kim. I think he is just sick of being stalked by paps. He has a kind of thug mentality, so when he sees them, he just gets rough.

He is really not obligated to answer anyone's questions. Maybe he is trying to keep it real instead of just kissing up and then ducking into a car like most of them do.

He is kind of funny, especially when he went on a rampage after walking into the sign.

462 days ago


Poor Kanye......he lost his balls in the Kartrashian clan! This is why he's grumpy. Ha....couldn't happen to anyone that I know that is more deserving. Try to get out of it Mr. Kim and see how much you are left with.

462 days ago


Maddest Man on the Planet? Anger is a sign of impotence, as well as gay supression. K.W. is just a mixed up fool. Even President Obama called him, "A Jackass." How's that for recognition? He said President Bush, "Doesn't care about black people." Here's news to you K.W. , President Bush has saved more blacks from AIDS in Africa than you have stupid cells in your entire body. Mad at what? That you're rich? That you knocked up some famous TV-Whore? Go away mad little man. Go away to your mad little house in your mad liitle new slave world. You're a disgrace to the brave slaves that helped build this nation. Ignorant fool.

461 days ago
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