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Prince Jackson

Life Goes On

6/12/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Prince Jackson clearly knows how to compartmentalize his life ... because he hit the town Tuesday night in low fashion, attending the premiere of True Blood, Season 6.

The 16-year-old and his GF, Remi Alfalah, were flanked by 3 bodyguards as they left the ArcLight in Hollywood. 

People inside the screening tell us ... they were "touchy-feely" and seemed happy.   Almost everyone was dressed up -- except Prince, which either makes him a slouch or a baller.

Prince seemed annoyed when photogs asked him about his sister, Paris ... specifically how he felt about the possibility that Debbie Rowe could become her guardian.


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mj fan forever    

SURELY he's worried about his sister and they have always been united. The only thing on which they disagreed was the relationship with Debbie Rowe, which Prince didn't approve and didn't want. This was another thing that weighed on Paris just because they were united since they were born. I truly hope they can be again, Michael Jackson taught his children to love each other and would never have wanted them to get away from each other. It's just not right, they all love each other and need to stay united!!

506 days ago


These kids wanted attention & now they have it. Be careful what you wish for.

506 days ago


"seemed annoyed" REALLY!??? stupid TMZ writer

506 days ago


He doesn't look annoyed. He looks like he doesn't even see you there, like you don't exist. LOL.

506 days ago


How did TMZ create a story about Prince when he completely ignored the photog's not saying a word? So what does TMZ do? They write negatives about a 16 year old. Disgusting.

506 days ago


Prince learned from the best!!!! His dad showed him how to walk with your head up and DO NOT respond to the media!!!!Great job Prince he is the smart , calm level headed child

505 days ago


I'd like to apologize for my ridiculous and brainless comments. It's just that I have nothing better to do. Please forgive me, I have no life. I think I am better then others but really I am a self loathing drug addicted loser. I am upset that I've made nothing of my life and never will. That's why I sit in this forum insulting others because it builds my ego. I am currently seeking help for my problems. I'm such a loser.

505 days ago


You see folks, I sit here all day and post stupid comments because I have no life. The question mark on my face tells you I have no brains and am clueless to anything that goes on in the real world, and I have to bash teenagers to build my ego. I just wait all day to post ridiculous crap.

505 days ago


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505 days ago


<---biggest ahole in the world.

505 days ago


<---loves to bully people.

505 days ago


GOOD MOVE, Prince:

Prince Jackson handled the situation like someone raised with standards and class. Children of celebrities and public figures do not give up their privacy simply by being born.

Asking TMZ to LEAVE MJ's CHILDREN ALONE, as most posts on the site are requesting, is like telling them to quit begging and eating pork rinds.
TMZ staffers have no marketable skills that any other employer would want; so they stalk children. What else could TMZ employees do to pay their rent?

505 days ago


Please, don't anyone listen to anything I say because I just can't stop talking out of my ass. It's what I am good at.

505 days ago


." LIFE GOES ON " that it does with or without you ! So much better to be with LIFE , to make good of it all ! Hello , PrinceJackson . is7is

505 days ago

I Was About To Say    

LOL. Hmmmm I broke down "I WAS ABOUT TO SAY" earlier by touching on her "daddy issues" from when her mother left and her daddy started climbing in bed with her and the repressed memories snapped back so hard that it knocked her all the way back to 2009 when cloning was in style LMAO! Now when you clone there are 3 things that have to be true:

1)You gotta be sure that the person you are cloning cares. Some do, some don't. This situation is definitely a "don't". I only wish you were a little more clever when you clone than regurgitating the same old, same old. Meh...

2)You have to play to an audience that is too stupid to realize that you just created that profile. To make that simple, I was about to say, the audience has to be as dumb as you appear to be. Tall order.

And finally
3)You have to come up with new things to say. The "drug addict with no job" thing is old and holds no weight in an anonymous forum because no one knows each other here with very very rare exceptions that some people are friends in real life. Plus using the cloning to make someone else look like they have no life because they post here loses a lot when you actually went to all the trouble of creating another profile to post here. Doesn't work!

I'd say to keep trying cause we have faith in you, but in reality we didn't have any faith in you when you were posting under your OWN nic. Sorry! LMAO

505 days ago
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