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Farrah Abraham


6/13/2013 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Abraham has back-door'd her way into the 7-figure range ... 'cause the former MTV star tells TMZ she's a bona fide millionaire.

The 22-year-old just called in to "TMZ Live" to discuss her crush on Charlie Sheen ... when we asked her straight up if her foray into the world of adult entertainment has turned her into a millionaire.

But Farrah's swollen bank account isn't just from the sex tape -- we broke the story, she scored in the high 6-figures when she sold her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. But she's also locking down endorsement deals ... and collecting checks for public appearances.

Bottom line ... the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Playbook sure as hell worked for Farrah.


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Is there a difference between porn and prostitution? I don't understand how porn is legal and prostitution isn't.

ANYWAYS... will someone throw her in a dumpster already!

441 days ago


What's sad is that she doesn't even realize just how pathetic and desperate she looks. I pity her daughter. I feel sad for her parents. Her 15 are pretty much up, ride the wave skank, it won't be around much longer (aside from the video and negative feedback on your actions which your daughter will read some day and will be picked on by other kids and she'll end up a stripper living on the streets because mom ruined her life...)....sorry was that out loud? : )

441 days ago


If you got a million, you paid taxes on that, got a boob job, buying **** like crazy. No, your not a millionaire, your a whore.

441 days ago


I seriously doubt that she got paid anywhere near $1 million dollars. Vivid made a press release and got valuable free press and part of the deal was that she would go along with it. You would have to have a serious mental problem to pay this slutty, horse-faced woman $1 million dollars for anything.

441 days ago

nice booty 69    

This bitch is thirsty for attention...instead of calling in to tmz she should be spending time with her child..this girl is sad..

441 days ago


Charlie Sheen is waaaaay too classy for this btch, lol!

441 days ago


dessy for fame, started off looking like a "good mother" on MtV, to looking dessy making a sex tape...not cool

441 days ago


Occupy Hollywood ! ! !

441 days ago


Man she is such a douche.

440 days ago


I would have did it to if I had the opp. Sorry but money makes the world go round.

440 days ago


Our society values looks and money and then we want to bash someone who goes after those things. Unfortunately, the media purports images of skinny women with big breasts, p0rn, rappers making it rain at the club, nice cars and homes on shows like Cribs and we want to blame a teenager (well she's 22 yrs old now) for going after those things? It's not surprising that is what this young woman values. MTV started this 16 & Pregnant show paying girls thousands per season. Then they took it up a notch to Teen Mom continuing to follow these girls. They are now used to fame, money and notoriety. As a society we have the ability to turn off our tvs and not support this, but we continue to watch.

440 days ago


I don't like her that much but for a million dollars I'd have no problems making a sex tape lol. Shoot I've web cammed myself for free! America and their puritanical values leave her alone.

440 days ago


Give me a break. Go to school and get an education and take care of your daughter. What in the heck is wrong with people? The sad thing is her daughter may grow up to be like her. Farrah you should be setting a good example for your daughter. Teach her, her ABC's, colors, shapes, how to read and sing. You are setting a bad example of how you behave.

440 days ago


Worst mother ever!! Money hungry hoe.

438 days ago


farrah ilove you. i love the rich there's way too many haters,poor,99%er's, that need to sit ,and shut for **** up. you are beautiful,baby,hit me up ,call me 32360...83209

435 days ago
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