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Justin Bieber


6/13/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for Justin Bieber ... he was NOT driving his Ferrari the day Keyshawn Johnson confronted him for reckless driving -- and there's video that proves it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies went to Justin's Calabasas home to check out security video from Memorial Day -- that's when Keyshawn and other neighbors claimed Justin was driving at breakneck speeds through their neighborhood, endangering adults, children and pets.

Tyler, the Creator told TMZ last night ... HE was driving the Ferrari ... not Justin.  We've learned the video shows just that.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 5-minute video shows the Ferrari pulling into Justin's driveway with Tyler behind the wheel.  Justin follows closely behind on his motorcycle.

Keyshawn shows up 30 seconds later, as Tyler gets out of the car and Justin gets in so he can make the tight maneuver into the garage.

Here's the conundrum ... at least one witness insists Justin was driving the car, but the video doesn't show it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Sheriff's Dept. will send the case over to the L.A. County D.A. for review, but one source says it's "highly unlikely" the D.A. will file criminal charges against anyone.


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Regardless of the driver, when you are owner you are liable

433 days ago


Ha in your face tmz. You were the main Justin haters all this time about this dumb story

433 days ago


Why is a lily white kid from Canada trying to be such a ghetto gansta? Keep hanging around the wrong people Justin, your sure to have more encounters with the law for sure! Hollywood is a weird place, you had Michael Jackson wanting to be white and Bieber who apparent.y wants to be black., be yourself.

433 days ago


If I had a video showing I wasn't driving I would have released it immediately, I guess editing takes 2 1/2 weeks. I agree w Tryst, doesn't really matter who was driving it's your car, your house. It's goona be great when this rich A hole gets his A sued off, hopefully the victims won't be hurt too bad.

433 days ago

Danny Dog    

Wow, TMZ has caught 3 black men lying just this week. Glad there are video cameras everywhere now to make these people look like fools!

Adam "Pacman" Jones claims he got arrested for "protecting" himself after a women threw a bottle at him. Once the video surfaced, it clearly showed that no bottle was thrown at him. At the very worst, a drink was pointed at him or was poured on him and he immediately punches the woman. Sorry buddy, that's not protecting yourself.

2 Chainz refutes TMZ's report that he was robbed at gunpoint. Later in the week TMZ obtains video showing that 2 Chainz did in fact get robbed at gunpoint after trying to run away. Sorry 2 Chainz, you were clearly jacked!

Lastly, a few weeks back Keyshawn Johnson went on a tirade against Justin Bieber accusing him of speeding and driving recklessly in the neighborhood. Justin claimed from the beginning that he was NOT driving the car at the time. Video that the police have viewed proves Justin was telling the truth and was only in the car to pull it into the garage. I believe Keyshawn jumped to conclusions after arriving to Justin's house 30 seconds too late. Keyshawn didn't actually see the driver of the car. He assumed it to be Justin. Blame it on the white boy!

Moral of the story ... Never trust a black man!

433 days ago


Guess what.You let an idiot,drive your car.While you play backup idiot on a bike.You are responsible for any outcome.

433 days ago


I have friends in that community and they say.they want him out.

433 days ago


so simple to switch seats before they drove up......easy for guys that age....grow up ppl QUIT believing all the B.S.

433 days ago


So they can make a video anytime and edit the date

433 days ago


"I didn't drive recklessly"... drives of like a maniac.

433 days ago


I could edit a video to show me arriving, followed closely by me, with me in hot pursuit. Anybody with a half-a$$ computer can do that sort of thing, much less a multi-millionaire with access to top of the line video editing gear and professional editors.

433 days ago

Deborah Ffrench    

I didn't like this site and thought it represented everything that was awful about the U.S.

But I want to thank you for telling the truth. I now have some respect for this site.

433 days ago

Deborah Ffrench    

Thank you TMZ for telling the truth. Many appreciate it and it actually makes me respect this site more.

Thank you again.

433 days ago


this is BS, they could have taken that video at anytime. It appears that jb and his goons are excellent liars.

433 days ago


So why did it take so long to turn over this tape? I say have an expert examine it to determine if it was edited, come on, anyone with computer experience can fake that geez.....if they just accept it they are idiots!

433 days ago
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