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Justin Bieber


6/13/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score one for Justin Bieber ... he was NOT driving his Ferrari the day Keyshawn Johnson confronted him for reckless driving -- and there's video that proves it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies went to Justin's Calabasas home to check out security video from Memorial Day -- that's when Keyshawn and other neighbors claimed Justin was driving at breakneck speeds through their neighborhood, endangering adults, children and pets.

Tyler, the Creator told TMZ last night ... HE was driving the Ferrari ... not Justin.  We've learned the video shows just that.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 5-minute video shows the Ferrari pulling into Justin's driveway with Tyler behind the wheel.  Justin follows closely behind on his motorcycle.

Keyshawn shows up 30 seconds later, as Tyler gets out of the car and Justin gets in so he can make the tight maneuver into the garage.

Here's the conundrum ... at least one witness insists Justin was driving the car, but the video doesn't show it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Sheriff's Dept. will send the case over to the L.A. County D.A. for review, but one source says it's "highly unlikely" the D.A. will file criminal charges against anyone.


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key should have B-slapped both of them!

498 days ago


that's the price you pay for hanging with the in crowd dum dum !

498 days ago

Peter Sc    

Maybe it was Tyler, the Creator who should have been sent to the Samoa boot camp his friend was abandoned to.

As some know Earl Sweatshirt lost his ability to create lyrics because his mother sent his to Samoa where he had to satisfy some rather sick ideas by male guards at the boot camp. He has returned by his lyrics are only shadows of the talent he showed before he went there.

Despite his careers gone Earl Sweatshirt learned manners. Something Tyler, the Creator lacks when he drives that fast through a residential neighborhood.

498 days ago


Wonder who'll be driving when one of these tools wraps Dwieb's toy around a pole?? Lil this or Lil that or Lil pr*ck himself. Keep the pressure up neighbors!

498 days ago


they are all lesbiansssssssssssssssssssss

498 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

The video time or date was changed because not one of the reports claim that a motorcycle was speeding behind the vehicle! He is responsible no matter the driver because he owns the vehicle!

498 days ago


Sooo...he was telling the truth! I bet some of you morons will still believe he's lying….I’m no Bieber fan, but stop judging and leave the kid alone! You people are nothing but a bunch of judgmental hypocrites! Pathetic!

498 days ago


One thing out of many he wasn't actually doing. Big deal. Still a punk.

498 days ago


There's also security footage of lil Twist, Bieber and Tyler the creator recklessly running a train on each other. Bieber started out in the middle but traded positions in the front with Tyler when he discovered his penis was too short to reach The creators bung hole.

498 days ago


Regardless who was behind the wheel, he is responsible for his guests, who he allows to use his property and what those people do. Kinda suspicious that he pulls up right behind him. How do we know they didn't switch while Keyshawn was grabbing his car, not that its likely but it is a possibility and given his recent behavior, I wouldn't put anything past him. In my opinion, him giving his keys to someone he KNOWS drives recklessly is just as bad as if he done it himself.

498 days ago


Punish them all and be done already.

497 days ago


It took a while to stage it and set the clock back to the right time and date.

497 days ago


IT'S NOT EDITED IN ANY WAY. I SAW THEM LOOKING AT IT. BEFORE I LEFT FOR MY HOME STATE IN IOWA. THE COPS SEEM A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED THOSE. I KNOW FOR SURE HE WOULD LAST A SECOND IN THEIR WITH OUT PROTECTION BUT IF HE DID SHOW UP I WOULD OF PROTECTION FOR FREE. THEIR WAS THIS ONE GUY IN THEIR TOLD ME IF JUSTIN EVER CAME IN HIS CELL THE SECOND HE WAS IN HE WOULD MAKE HIM HIS BITCH. HERE WHAT HE SAID, "Hey, Dude you want know something." I said, "Yes, what.?" He then said, "You know the justin bieber kid right he the singer, If he every would to step in jail and in my Cell I would make sweet man love to him and make him suck my dick all night long." He then ask me and I just said maybe. that was a lie I really do not know what would I do if Justin was my cell mate. If he was lonely I most likely would of **** him if he wanted it or if I was horney.

497 days ago


the guy added He would make Justin sing Baby to him as he sing If I was you boyfriend to Justin. I told him he was a sick punk He was Justin ages goes. trust me. He would love Justin sweet a** to **** but he gave up.

497 days ago


It's all a game. Justin let's his goones drive his rarri because he knows they will speed and annoy his neighbors, ie: neighbors who are already pissed of about the situation. If Tyler was driving then , why speed? The issue is that they were speeding and this still makes JUSTIN BIEBER LOOK REALLY BAD!......Justin's car, his insurance...his responsibility!

497 days ago
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