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2 Chainz' Bodyguard


And We Were Set Up

6/14/2013 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


2 Chainz'
personal bodyguard says his posse was NOT running from duty when gunmen jumped them last weekend ... they were just following the fleeing rapper's lead ... and what's more -- they think the whole thing was a setup.

Harold "Hammer Strength" Folsom
spoke with Power 107.5 in Columbus, OH this morning ... telling the radio station they had just flown into San Fran and were making a downtown pit stop when 3 dudes pulled out HUUUUGE .357 Magnums.

"(2 Chainz) took off running first. When he took off running ... then WE took off running," Folsom said.

Folsom says he heard the gunman yell at the rapper, "2 Chainz ... give it up."

The bodyguard says the whole situation was bizarre ... because the bad guys took 2 Chainz' wallet and cell phone ... but didn't touch his jewelry.

He also doesn't believe the robbers intended to hurt anyone ... because if they wanted to shoot 2 Chainz, they definitely had the opportunity ... but didn't. 

Folsom says he's convinced it was a setup ... but he doesn't explain WHY he believes the rapper was targeted or what the real motivation could have been.



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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

How did they get his stuff if he ran away?

497 days ago


Wait.... I thought this kind of thing rappers lived for. It gives them badges of honor to fight, shoot, and kill. Oh. Ok.. The tough dude crap is all a gimmick to sell the Black Bad Man Thug image. Oh. Ok. Thought so.

497 days ago


setup how? one of the posse set him up?

497 days ago


While we as civilians and Rappers alike are allowed to soil our britches when some one pulls a gun Body guards are trained to step up and step in .,That is if they were trained Bodyguards Because it sure looks like they were high stepping out of there. ....

497 days ago


Same old story, people have alor of heart and talk a good game untill **** gets real.

497 days ago


Wut a bitch fool ran like chump he didn't even try to fight bak wut a ***** ...mother****er ain't real he's a bitch-made *****

497 days ago


I thought 2 ****s said he wasn't robbed. And your boss still ran like a bitch and the sumbass tripped.

497 days ago


For all of you IDIOTS who are talking mess about him running, I would love to see how you'd react with a gun pointed your way. 2 Chainz did exactly what he was supposed to do! Id rather be alive and be labeled a "punk ass bitch" then be dead and have people say "at least he went out like man!" Smh

497 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Erhhm, what language is that?

497 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

This kind of stuff has never happened to Steven Seagal. He just would have roundhouse kicked the wuss took his gun and his wallet.

497 days ago


I bet you a billion dollars is happened down by 2th or market and their stop was a pot shop. He was bragging about our pot here. Was probably showing off in the store buying a large amount and show boating and got cased by true thugs which took him down out side. Wonder why they didn't want the police and his "chains" were left? His chains are crap and the thugs got his newly bought pot stash along with his remaining cash. They got exactly what they wanted off him.

497 days ago


I thought Obama was gonna rescue these people and bring "Change." Same ole same ole

497 days ago


Not cowards. But run like bitches.

497 days ago


if you knew what a 357 would do to you and you were un armed fight or flight kicks in and im not gonna go to a gun fight with just my boxing skills it will be over very quick so try not to talk too much **** super man in clown shoes

497 days ago


yea they were not cowards. but they sure as hell looked like LITTLE BITCHES!!!!

497 days ago
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