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Debbie Rowe

Won't Seek Guardianship

Of Paris ... For Now

6/14/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe
is NOT at odds with Paris Jackson's guardians, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson -- and she will not try to wrestle guardianship away unless the situation changes drastically ... because she does not want to split up Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ ... Debbie has spent a significant amount of time at Katherine's house and "likes and respects" Katherine.  We're told Debbie loves TJ, and worries he's taken on so much -- not only is he guardian to MJ's 3 kids, he has a family of his own to care for.

As for Debbie's relationship with Paris, we're told it's "intense."  Paris calls Debbie "Mom" and the two interact as mother and daughter, with Debbie often correcting Paris and "laying down the law."

We're told as much as Debbie loves Paris and wants to be with her, she does not want to yank Paris out of the family house and away from her brothers, Prince and Blanket.  We're told Debbie is especially worried about Blanket, who is vulnerable and feels abandoned after Michael's death. 

Now here's the problem -- We're told Michael's brothers and sisters -- with the exception of Janet -- have been on a campaign against Debbie being part of Paris' life. 

Not a big shock, right?



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Debbie is her mother. Why do Gary people think they can disrespect what God does? She was fine to shed blood for your children to be born. Maybe the problem is the dysfunction in the family she is with. Only snap into reality much?

474 days ago


That pigilow Rowe just needs to go away. She has been using those kids as a gravy train before and after they were born, with Jackson paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars just because she had the kids and she wasn't doing a damn thing for them - Let's not forget, the JACKSONS are the famous family - It is through THEM that Paris is at the stature that she is - she pull out of that family she might get sucked down a hole of trailer trash with Debbie Rowe and she might lose her fame as well. BEING WiTH the JACKSONS keeps her tie to Michael Jackson of interest to the public as time is passing.

474 days ago


If the Jackson's past performance is any indication they are on a campaign to prevent any money leaving their home. They could care less about the caucasian kids.

474 days ago


Wonder how much the estate paid Rowe this time around

474 days ago


Janet could use some voice lessons with her billionaire man's money, but no one really cares.
Her tolerance of verbal abuse & disgusting
physical confrontation against Paris proved that she cared more about Joe & Katherine Jackson than MJ kids.
She claimed whipping a child with a belt was discipline.
Too bad her talent couldn't be beaten into her by Joe.
Darling Janet also supported using other people's money to pay criminal children & attending court with MJ instead of helping him live a peaceful life from 2000 to 2004.
if she had trouble talking to Katherine for 2 years, how did she expect to speak to MJ kids since 1998-2002? Since there was real family bonding with MJ kids, the only times the kids, brothers & Janet met were during the trial & vacations.
She said there were no calls to MJ from 1995-1997.

At least there are normal arguments with Paris & Debbie now. There's no fear of violence from Joe & Janet or MJ's quiet grudges against Debbie.

474 days ago


She was payed off to carry Michael's offspring and signed off her rights like it is the case for all surrogates out there. She may have no intention to ask for custody at all. Let's face it, if she would of wanted custody she probably would have done something about it a very long time ago.

I'm all for them having a normal life, being raised by your 83 years old grand-mother and being smack in the middle of the most f***ed family on the planet isn't healthy for anyone.

474 days ago


Wackadoodles raising wackadoodles with a lot of money to screw up with... losers all. Wouldn't trade my simple life, wonderful wife and son for all they have.

474 days ago


Debbie had her own wealth before she met MJ and she's not married to Janet's billionaire husband.
She actually wants her daughter back instead of endorsing abuse from Janet's mommy & daddy.
Too bad for the Katherine fans.

Not everyone's as cute & nasty as Janet & Katherine.

474 days ago

Pompano Ann    

I am very Debbie the biological mother or the surrogate? Has it ever been confirmed who the fathers are of these kids? Are these kids at a point where they know the truth? They need consistancy in their lives, a stable home with rules any teenager would have and the three need each other. If Paris wants Debbie in her life it should be allowed. Wishing them all well!

474 days ago


It really confuses me that people conveniently forget that this woman SOLD Paris -TWICE! That alone makes her unfit and who knows what else Debbie has done or said that was never leaked to the media to protect Paris in the past. Paris may want to know her, which is normal, but at her age she DOES NOT know what is best for her. What do you think fame and money hungry Debbie will do if she gets her hands on Paris' money???Maybe, just maybe Paris is having problems because oh I dunno, her dad just DIED a tragic death and NOT because all of the Jacksons are in some great conspiracy to eat her brain and steal her money! Dang people, think!

474 days ago


Respect to Debbi Row she definitely knows whats best for this girl.

474 days ago


Gotta love the Jacksons. Rather than look out for Paris, all they can see is the meal ticket being wrested away...and THEN where would these no-talents be? I mean, really, how many times can Trump call LaToya 'amazing' while calling Trace Adkins or Penn Jillette 'amazing?' Go arm wrestle for Michael's money, and let Paris get some GENUINE help!

474 days ago


oh yeah, she's already sold paris to mj for a tidy sum back then so all she can do is shut the hell up....

474 days ago


If Paris wants to spend time with or even live with Debbie, she should be allowed to. Debbie is her blood and if Paris is willing to move on from the past, let her! I normally criticize Katherine, but MJ shouldn't have made her guardian because she didn't do a very good job of protecting him when he was growing up. I don't believe she will be able to protect Paris, Prince and Blanket.

474 days ago


Of course she won't see guardianship. She never wanted her in the first place, she was sold to the highest bidder.

474 days ago
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