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Debbie Rowe

Won't Seek Guardianship

Of Paris ... For Now

6/14/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe
is NOT at odds with Paris Jackson's guardians, Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson -- and she will not try to wrestle guardianship away unless the situation changes drastically ... because she does not want to split up Michael Jackson's 3 kids.

Sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ ... Debbie has spent a significant amount of time at Katherine's house and "likes and respects" Katherine.  We're told Debbie loves TJ, and worries he's taken on so much -- not only is he guardian to MJ's 3 kids, he has a family of his own to care for.

As for Debbie's relationship with Paris, we're told it's "intense."  Paris calls Debbie "Mom" and the two interact as mother and daughter, with Debbie often correcting Paris and "laying down the law."

We're told as much as Debbie loves Paris and wants to be with her, she does not want to yank Paris out of the family house and away from her brothers, Prince and Blanket.  We're told Debbie is especially worried about Blanket, who is vulnerable and feels abandoned after Michael's death. 

Now here's the problem -- We're told Michael's brothers and sisters -- with the exception of Janet -- have been on a campaign against Debbie being part of Paris' life. 

Not a big shock, right?



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Don't forget that she did SELL her kids to MJ that she so called loved and care about!

497 days ago


I'm glad Debbie and Katherine have a good relationship--the children need that. It's always Michael's brothers and sisters that are the ones disrupting everything--as in, kidnapping their own mother last year, and refusing to let the children speak with her. And for the siblings, the motive always seems to be money. I'm glad Katherine, Debbie and T.J. are in the children's lives. It would be great it Michael's siblings weren't.

497 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Yeah right! Debbie is plotting, she needs to get her hands on that money somehow. You watch

497 days ago


"Now here's the problem -- We're told Michael's brothers and sisters -- with the exception of Janet -- have been on a campaign against Debbie being part of Paris' life."
MJ did everything possible to keep his "sisters and brothers" OUT of his life. They are the money-grubbing vultures who drove Paris to near suicide.
They don't even have grounds to sue, nor any right to make any decisions whatsoever about what MJ's kids do, or don't do.
And by the way, who the fcuk was it that told Paris she couldn't go to a concert? Castrate that mo-fo!

497 days ago


Are they really gonna call him Blanket for the rest of his life?

497 days ago


Get Well Paris!

When will the Jackson family just let it die and let MJ rest in peace. No matter what happened, there is no need to rehash all of this gargage.

NOONE is responsible for picking someone's DR except that person himself! Everyone knows how much of a control freak perfectionist MJ was. Much of that led to his success. But this also led to his own demise, it was his Achilles Heel.

MJ picked Murray for the propofol and it is a KNOWN fact that he was trying to get other Dr's to follow him on other earlier tours for this purpose, to give him his Milk.

Not everything can be fixed. Everyone has to die. MJ picked his way out by his own Achilles Heel, his own demise.

Let it rest already! What he left behind is the world's gain in terms of music. So enjoy. Many many exceptional artists are tortured souls and not everything gets a compensation package.

Michael Jackson and his entire family are living well above normal standards, larger than life due to MJackson's success. Now ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Dead, his music has reaped colossal profits. Let it rest already!

How DARE KATHERINE TORTURE THESE KIDS by DRAGGING this lawsuit on! Not one more cent is owed these leeches!

The family ( not the kids) all live well above their means. Broke arse Jermaine is covered from greasy head to toe in Louis Vuitton and drives Bentleys or Rolls Royces, PATHETIC! HE'S BROKE! What a vulture!

Not one more penny is owed to this famlly, not one dime!

Let this tortured, complex artist rest in peace and leave his kids alone! That goes for all the Jacksons, Katherine et al, leave these poor kids alone!

They did nothing to deserve this and they need a better home. Leaving them alone and being kidnapped then claiming that you Katherine needed rest and it was all ok was NOT OK! YOU FOOL YOU DESERVE TO LOSE THE KIDS STAT!!

Idiot Jacksons! Give Paris and poor Blanket and Prince a chance, they all look tortured, poor souls.

497 days ago


Of course the family doesn't want Paris spending time with her mom. They know where Paris goes the money will follow....

497 days ago


At least it sounds like there is one sane person in the kids lives.. imagine thinking about them all and what repercussions could come about if Paris left the family. I feel bad for those poor kids... figures MJ's brothers and sisters are scrambling... they've been sucking off MJ's teat since he was a child himself. Shame on them all.

497 days ago


What is Debbie's angle?

497 days ago


I am very, very happy to hear that Debbie is showing so much common sense, about all three children, and I really, really hope it's true. If it is, Paris made a great move by starting to bond with her. Debbie being friends with the guardians and slowly scoming into the children's lives, without forcing anything, might just be the best thing that can happen. Blanket really, really needs both his siblings and, if she is as sensible as this sounds, Debbie.

You hope these four will one day be a family, without cutting ties with the Jacksons, who should come to their senses and make things easier for their dead brother's children.

All we need now is a great artistic school for Paris.

497 days ago


the only person involved in this saga with good intentions is Debbie Rowe...the rest of the family are just leeches.....lowest form of leeches!

497 days ago


Didn't you guys have Jermaine on camera (not very long ago) saying that he thinks it's a good thing that Debbie is in Paris's life? If so, Janet isn't the only MJ sibling who's OK with it.

497 days ago


One of the Jackson brothers applied for a secondary auto finance loan with very bad credit- seeking high finance rate just to get it done w/ minimal down payment. He was denied. The siblings are not all doing well financially. As we've seen them ban together to do appearances as Jackson reunion capitalizing on Michael's image and music...nothing wrong with that. But they are not in great finances and are greedy and possibly a danger to Michael's kids. The one who has "money", Janet, fears she will have to take care of hungry, coveting siblings so she's fine w/ compromising the lives of Michael's kids to make sure their inheritances stays in Katherine Jackson's guardian paycheck. The home where those vulnerable children live must be a house of horrors.

497 days ago


CLEARLY the money grubbing, GREEDY and sick in the head Jackson clan have THREATENED Debbie. She probably fears for her life if she tried to seek guardianship. The Judge should LOOK closely a the lot Katherine Jackson raised & recognize that is not a good environment for those kids. Paris should be with her real MOTHER who actually cares about Paris and not Paris' money. It is so sad Paris will be compromised her whole life because of her inheritance. Dare speculate her life is in danger being around the Jackson family licking their chops at her inheritance. She has to sleep with one eye open in their home, no doubt. Scary.

497 days ago


All of those kids would be better off away from that loony family. Wacko should never have been allowed to buy kids.

497 days ago
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