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Michael Jackson Death Trial

AEG Live

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6/14/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's pretty shocking ... but Katherine Jackson may have taken a giant step today toward convincing a jury AEG Live was negligent in protecting Michael Jackson just days before his death.

AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips had trouble explaining to Katherine's lawyer why he thought MJ "looked really good" in a meeting 5 days before his death when a photograph taken a day before the meeting clearly showed otherwise.

The photo shows a smiling Jackson but someone who looked gaunt and pale.  On top of that, there is testimony that producer/director Kenny Ortega and others were alarmed over Jackson's health.

In the days preceding his death, Jackson had missed rehearsals and was sweating profusely.  He also seemed out of it. 

As for how Phillips reconciled his statement with other evidence, he said, "I was confused as anybody."

Here's the deal ... This case was AEG's to lose.  AEG could have made it simple and just said they assumed MJ was being properly cared for by the doctor MJ handpicked.  But AEG has gotten a little too cute, painting a picture that the jury may not be buying.

Short story ... Propofol aside, if the jury believes AEG unreasonably pushed MJ like a circus animal, they could be in beaucoup trouble.



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So, if Michael Jackson wasn't a drug addict would that change anything? What if he would have died the very first time he was given propofol? Would that change anything? Would people be more sympathetic because he wasn't addicted? Addicted or not, Murray was a doctor and knew what he was doing. Just because MJ was a grown man doesn't mean he was a Propofol expert. All he knew was that it worked, and licensed professionals were willing to give him it for years.

442 days ago


Why the hell is this company even in court over this? What is the point? Is Katherine demanding even MORE money in the name of her now dead son? Wow. When will they ever quit? Those SCREWED up parents of theirs are the SOLE reason that ALL of the Jacksons are completely messed up on every level. How is it this company's fault that he was unhealthy and out it? How is it this company's fault that he died? He was a long time drug user - he admitted it himself in the 90's - and was old and hadn't toured in years. HE was the one who WANTED to do a MAJOR tour. They obliged his request seeing as how it's MJ and there was global money to be made. Regardless of his state of mind and health they - and any company - would have gone for it. If company's refused tours because of an artist's drug abuse - there'd be very few tours LOL! Almost ALL artists have a drug or alcohol problem on the road at some point. I don't find it hard to believe at all that an executive would show up to his house and attempt to slap some sense into him. He had already agreed to tour at that point - they all had a lot riding on it. I'd bet anything it's not the first time, nor the last time a music industry executive handles a drugged up/drunk artist who won't perform as scheduled. Now that I think about it, Rihanna's handlers are dropping the ball with her. Thinking it's okay to stroll to your own show HOURS late, pfff - give that chick a reality well-deserved reality check like MJ got!

442 days ago


If everyone in the world thought you were a pedophile, you'd probably be addicted to drugs too.

442 days ago


EMILY, please get over it.

Michael Jackson was no innocent child, he was a grown man. You are so clearly unfamiliar with addiction, insomnia and the APPROPRIATE medical treatment for both of those things.

The trial should have educated you on the CORRECT and INCORRECT use of propofol.

Michael was probably first exposed to this during his numerous surgeries, ie nose jobs. Then he liked the fact that he could sleep.

Granted, he was a genius whose mind was very active. However NEVER is propofol used for the treatment of insomnia.


But MJ did not accept NO for an answer so he found seedy morally corrupt people who would do it for the right price.

The blame lies in BOTH sides but mostly MJ because he was manipulative and had the loot to pay the piper.

So please do not misrepresent how it happened. He was not an innocent victim of Dr malpractice, rewatch the trial and get educated, thanks.

442 days ago


Paris Jackson hopes to trade Hollywood highlife for summer solace on mom's ranch

Her face breaking into a wide smile, the pretty teenage girl in the cowboy boots watches gleefully as a pair of foals chase each other around the paddock at the ramshackle old horse ranch.

Her days will be filled with riding practice, low-key lunches at one of the five local malls and visits to the increasing circle of friends she has made in the area.

The extended vacation has been sanctioned by Katherine Jackson, mother of Paris’ late father and her co-legal guardian alongside cousin TJ Jackson. Katherine now believes the troubled schoolgirl should have a relationship with her biological mother, especially after a judge ordered a probe into her welfare. The court will likely have to approve Paris’ visit to the 2-acre ranch.

“It will be a shock to [Paris’s] system because it’s a dirt-like existence in Palmdale, and she’ll be really screwed for other things to do there,” says Rebecca White, a former Rowe confidante and sometime guest at the ranch. Plus, Debbie seems to prefer animals to people. The mat outside her front door says: Pets welcome. Children must be on a leash.

“But it seems Paris has real talent with horses so it will be something she and Debbie can bond over,” White adds.

“Horses are Debbie’s life — she calls them her ‘babies’ — and if Paris shares even a tiny bit of her enthusiasm, they’ll get along fine.”

Paris Jackson
Photos: Paris' home on the range
Debbie’s friends are confident it will be mutually beneficial for the pair to spend a few consecutive months together. Just weeks before the suicide crisis, Paris gushed about her blooming friendship with Rowe, writing on her Web site: “So glad I bonded with my mother. It’s like we have this really strong relationship.”

She was thrilled to observe that, despite their obviously different body shapes, many features, such as a pixie chin and slightly slanting eyes, are the same. “Did I mention, I kind of look like her?” Paris noted excitedly in an April tweet. “It was so amazing to see my mom after all these years. Love her.”

In an interview earlier this year the UK magazine “Event,” she explained that she enjoys their meetings because it’s often just the two of them. “When I’m with my mom, we don’t really have security with us,” she said. “Which is really nice.”

For Paris, who isfollowed around by bodyguards 24/7, that means a lot. Even a visit to the hair salon ends with minders sweeping up her hair trimmings in case any one steals them for a paternity test.

Buckley, her $33,400-a-year private high school in Sherman Oaks doesn’t give the teenager much room to breathe either. It lacks the all-important “in loco parentis” approach, where teachers act like guardians offering moral and ethical support. A source tells The Post that Paris regards herself as a misfit among the other kids at the school, mostly from WASP families, who include the children of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.

442 days ago


Oh... those greedy Jacksons! NO ONE forced MJ to take drugs. He was in control of his situation. He chose a doctor - in essence he BOUGHT a doctor - who would give him the drugs of his choice.

No one is responsible for another person's actions. This trial should never have seen the light of day.

442 days ago


There are drug experts here, we can witness them talking about MJ not being a Propofol expert.
Talking out of their ass & pretending they love him by saying only positive things about him & voting HATE.
WTF cares? We can't always be "productive" people as MJ protectors.

No one's going to inject Propofol & have their mentally ill doctors locked in prison, so too bad for them.

Do you need to be an expert to know that Propofol is not a sleep inducing drug?

Let's face it. Katherine & her children wanted MJ concerts & family reunion concet in September 2009.
Katherine & Joe were with him at AEG meetings.
Obviously, they weren't interested in knowing what caused his weight loss even though THEY ADMITTED he wasted away.
The MJ kids weren't allowed to say anything negative to the Jacksons. Nothing new here.

If Murray refused to inject Propofol, MJ would have done something else to get Propofol in his home.
He already sent a bag of drugs & needles to Karen Faye, so he knew how to obtain drugs.

If he had abused it more, he would've been dead at a young age... That's why no ONE handled Propofol for sleep except MJ & his doctors.

There are do***ented stories of a few nurses who had mental problems. These are the only people who were killed by self-abusive injections.

You don't get addicted to Propofol sedative that you rarely abuse.
He had Propofol during plastic surgeries in
1984, 1990 before Black or White, & 2000.
You can see the after surgery photos in a press conference and photos with daughter Paris in 2001.

The internet also gave him info about Propofol in the 1990s.

He clearly wasn't using it a lot, but he wanted doctors to inject him before doing some concerts.

442 days ago


"Gaunt and pale?" His mother knows about the skin bleaching, right ?

442 days ago


He was a tortured man. It is done and over with. Let the man rest in peace. Nothing can change what happened. A very sad story,indeed.

442 days ago


Wow. so if my son is a drug addict, I can sue his employer for trying to employ him? These Jacksons (and NO, I do NOT mean MJ's children) are about as low as you can go....Instead of getting a job, these lowlifes will sue anyone they can to try and live a life of luxury. YOU MAKE ME SICK, KATHERINE, (JOE ESPECIALLY) AND THE REST OF should be are all as bad as Ike Turner

442 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

So AEG was hired as MJ's personal savior?
It was their duty to forcibly keep him from the drugs he couldn't resist?
AEG was to forget about everything MJ signed up to do, toss aside millions of dollars already spent, and pay MJ (and now his estate) for all potential earnings for the tour and everything else he may have ever possibly earned?

The only way AEG would be liable is if MJ's contract was to do drugs and not be onstage.

I can't wait to see the evidence that MJ was refusing Murray's treatments and was being drugged against his will.

442 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I also love how MJ himself is supposed to have absolutely no responsibility for his own well being.

442 days ago


So sick of hearing about the Jacksons!!

442 days ago


I forgot that so many drug injecting entertainers die then their families sue the concert promoters for every cent they have.
A heroine, this Katherine.
Who cares that her granddaughter is hurting herself despite her father's fame & money?

Was AEG supposed to reward LOTTO winnings to Katherine & Joe for being such excellent
pathetic manipulative, greedy, arrogant, negligent and stupid lowlifes. Egomaniacs taught MJ to
sacrifice himself and hope 1 crime wouldn't destroy anyone Sorry to disappoint Katherine, but there are families of concert entertainers who need to pay bills & feed their kids. Dancers & behind the scenes people gave their time & energy, only to be bamboozled out of the tour due to a "minor Jackson error".

The faketurds visit tabloid sites to protect MJ's legacy by voting HATE. They got to do something to deal with the void of losing a self-destructive man. Why not try out
mock outrage.

MJ Humblefangirls
are more "hurt" by knowledgeable people and REAL news reporters than by a fantastically delusional Jackson soap opera.

Aww, poor babies....

I hope their kids don't get hurt by their "mistakes". If one person "STALKS" these poor people who stumbled upon TMZ, hope that person won't teach them a lesson on "fame", "victimization", "fake sycophant friends", "parenting", "abuse" & "playing judge & jury".

442 days ago
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