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Michael Jackson Death Trial

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6/14/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's pretty shocking ... but Katherine Jackson may have taken a giant step today toward convincing a jury AEG Live was negligent in protecting Michael Jackson just days before his death.

AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips had trouble explaining to Katherine's lawyer why he thought MJ "looked really good" in a meeting 5 days before his death when a photograph taken a day before the meeting clearly showed otherwise.

The photo shows a smiling Jackson but someone who looked gaunt and pale.  On top of that, there is testimony that producer/director Kenny Ortega and others were alarmed over Jackson's health.

In the days preceding his death, Jackson had missed rehearsals and was sweating profusely.  He also seemed out of it. 

As for how Phillips reconciled his statement with other evidence, he said, "I was confused as anybody."

Here's the deal ... This case was AEG's to lose.  AEG could have made it simple and just said they assumed MJ was being properly cared for by the doctor MJ handpicked.  But AEG has gotten a little too cute, painting a picture that the jury may not be buying.

Short story ... Propofol aside, if the jury believes AEG unreasonably pushed MJ like a circus animal, they could be in beaucoup trouble.



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OLiarbama Argo-Urself    

Elvis-Elle Jackson is my twin sister, I am Elvis Jackson. Our "natural parents" aborted us, and we went straight to Heaven on All Saints Day 1995. Our "new parents" are Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. God answered the prayers of millions, who wanted Mom and Dad to have kids. So, God made them our "new parents." If you say God can't do this, bring ice. There's no ice water where nonbelievers choose to go. We are sorry Grandma Jackson is suing and Grandpa Jackson is a wimp. Dad apologizes to Dr Murray. We have all Eternity to make it right.

503 days ago


I wished TMZ would read the lawsuits prior to writing their articles. Originally Katherine was suing AEG Live for 1. negligent infliction of emotional distress, 2. fraud, 3. civil conspiracy, 4. breach of contract, 5. hired and/or supervised Conrad Murray. On Feb. 2, 2011, the judge threw out all the claims because Katherine had NO concrete evidence. The only claim the judge accepted was AEG hired and/or supervised Murray. That is the only claim that is going on in this trial and Katherine's attorneys haven't provided any evidence to date. AEG, as MJ's partner had no responsibility whatsoever to protect MJ. The judge said a third party cannot be reponsible for someone's actions i.e., Murray.

503 days ago


"AEG Live honcho Randy Phillips had trouble explaining to Katherine's lawyer why he thought MJ "looked really good" in a meeting 5 days before his death when a photograph taken a day before the meeting clearly showed otherwise."

Well, remember, it's all relative. He was talking about Michael Jackson after all. What was "pretty good" for him was pretty bad for a normal and healthy person.

503 days ago


If AEG were criminals, they wouldn't delayed the concerts and they would've signed a contract with Murray immediately after the fake passed physical exam for MJ.

Everyone knows MJ avoided Propofol abuse until he took the drug test & physical exam in March 2009.
He obviously had no problem sleeping in 2008.

He was desperate to do the concerts because he was cried in the shower and was drunk in the hotel before announcing the concert.

He wanted to build a children's hospital and take the kids to a mansion with a horse stable in England after the concerts' completion.
He said he planned on performing in more concerts than Prince.

503 days ago


Michael Jackson's death was his own fault and that of his family of greedy enablers, including Katherine Jackson.

503 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Kenny Ortega? Wasn't he on Larry King days after MJ died LYING through his teeth saying he was in perfect health? Hmmm in court his story seems to change. People in the entertainment business are demonic, anything for the almighty DOLLAR!

503 days ago

hillbilly girl    

MJ knew exactly what way the risk were so he's just as much to blame as the Dr.

503 days ago


Yeah, he knew nothing about the deadliness of Propofol but he refused to stop injecting it when his nurse friend told him it was not a sleep inducing drug and that it would kill him....

HUMBLE MJ fanatics are

503 days ago


If found liable:
AEG Live will appeal.
Appellate Courts don't have juries, only judges.
If appeal lost:
AEG Live will file bankruptcy.

503 days ago


Are you kidding me?
He chose to pick his friends, to the point where
he pretended that Murray was a "Propofol injection" doctor and close friend to the kids.
MJ was seriously out of control & no way was he able to do the concerts with or without Propofol.
He constantly had Restylane injections in his face, was dazed from Demerol abuse, lost a bunch of weight, and was unable to eat & lost his 5'11" height..
You're joking if you think he could get on stage many times.

He had no trouble sleeping from 2006-February 2009.

No one gave him Propofol before March 2009.
If he had taken Propofol for a year, he would've died because no one could know the risk to his life. This was no mild prescription. It's a coma-type anesthetic for a rare surgery. Not a weekly drug for clueless people who don't care what anyone tells them about it.

He chose to inject it and he looked for disturbed doctors to give Propofol.
Then after the physical exam pass, he started drinking liquor & abused Propofol.

No one forced MJ to do concerts.
He changed his mind in 2008 when he talked about
doing a tour. He felt anxiety that no one would enjoy his concerts. He said he had "nothing more to give".

Don't give me nonsense about him not being able
to get sleep clinic treatment.
He used Propofol numerous times in the 1990s,
and his doctor refused to speak about MJ's concerts & drug use in a hotel where the doctor was paid to give him drugs.
If he had no drug abuse, why was this doctor so scared of a doctor interviewing him on CNN?

503 days ago


There's no mystery. When you take as much opioids as Jackson did (and he was a "sanctioned" junkie meaning they, the doctors, just gave it to him and he essentially mainlined it in addition to pills, ) you put yourself into a perpetual state of withdrawal. One day he likely couldn't get it, or enough of it, (maybe the benzos and propofol left him too drowsy and he slept in one day and couldn't get to his "dermatologist" before practice) and the next he got his morphine.

Here's the rub, and why even rehabs can't treat opioid addiction right because they don't acknowledge the real reason take them. People don't take it to feel or get "high" - the average person that is, they take it because it gives them that false sense of euphoria making them believe they are just at their "normal" level. Essentially they use it for stress and depression - but it has tons and tons of baggage and it makes life worse eventually. Michael used pain as the means to get it, but he didn't take it for pain. He took it for pain back in the day, but realized it perked him up and put him in a happy mood. But the baggage, well.....he's now dead because of it.

I am sure little Paris is headed right there. Someone is putting her on SSRI's like effexor or prozac right now, they won't work (they never do) and shell discover through an injury or experimenting that vicodin or oxycodone makes her feel like she thinks she should be (Happy! And Content!) and she'll get hooked and we'll say it's hereditary and I'll say it's just the nature of the beast. What she'll inherent isn't from dad, but from doctors who can't treat her right, just like pops. It can't help either when you feel like you're a product at walmart and daddy just "bought" you.

503 days ago


Paleness, sweating and weight loss are classic signs of chronic insomnia. All MJ needed was proper nutrition and vitamin/mineral supplements but all his quacks did was pump him full of toxic drugs to help him sleep forever. And considering who controls his estate, now we can all see why.

503 days ago


Why would Katherine sue people for money when she's the one who took his money to pay her "daughter in-law Alejandra"? She taught her son to sacrifice his body for concerts and then she claimed that dozens of people are guilty for what MJ & Murray agreed to do?

Why didn't she tell him, since she was the most
important adult in his life, that he looked so sick and needed hospitalization instead of concerts?

Was fame more important than her sons & his kids?

503 days ago


He was pale? The man wore so much makeup how could anyone tell if he was pale????????

502 days ago
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