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The Game

NJ Saggy Pants Ban


6/14/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0613-the-game-gettyA new law banning saggy pants on the Jersey Shore has pissed off a bunch of famous rappers -- including The Game, who tells TMZ, the anti-sag movement is racist ... and tantamount to SLAVERY.

In case you didn't know, the city of Wildwood, NJ just passed a law that prohibits anyone on its boardwalk from wearing pants that sag 3 inches below the hips, exposing skin or underwear. First time offenders are subject to fines ranging from $25-$100 ... and after that, the fines go up to $200.

40 hours of community service is also a possible punishment.

Now, several rappers are speaking out against the law -- Game tells us, "N***** should sag down to their socks out there. They trying to get people to not sag, please. Can’t tell people how to wear their f***ing clothes. What time are we in? This ain't the f***ing slave days. F*** that."

He adds, "I am with the sagging movement. First five people to get fines, I will pay their tickets ... I will go there and sag cause I am a sagging Sagittarius."

Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony tells us, "Are they talking about black people? How can they do that? This is racist and ridiculous."

And for the white guy's perspective ... Mac Miller says, "I just think that's ridiculous because no one has time to do that much community service. I sag and will sag anywhere I go."

The law's scheduled to go into effect next month. You're welcome, Larry Platt.


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New Jersey is a sh*thole anyway.

459 days ago


Keep the saggy pants...outlaw the rappers and their retarded pseudonyms. Nothing but poop stains on society.

459 days ago


Jango is necessary for them to go ..

458 days ago

He's Right    

He's right!! Most of you guys will try to act dumb (as usual) but I'll explain why he's right.

Firstly, racial prejudice and racial stereotypes have been so ingrained into our psyche that although the rule does not explicitly say "this rule only applies to blacks" the police will more than likely target blacks when enforcing this rule.

Let's be honest; when you think of a someone sagging what do they look like? More than likely you think of a young black dude or "thug" sagging his pants looking for mischief. Sadly, police have these same prejudices and will most likely over target blacks when enforcing this new law.

There have been numerous studies done that prove this phenomenon of police prejudice. One study involved showing officers one of several pictures; an unarmed black man, an unarmed white man, an armed black man and an armed white man. Police were shown the picture for an instant and were required to either draw their gun or leave it holstered depending on if the suspect was armed or not. Not surprisingly, researchers found that the unarmed black subject was multiple times more likely to have a gun pulled on him than the ARMED white suspect.

Is it really smart to have laws like this when are police force have been shown to have such prejudices?

Secondly, the hypocrisy of the law is insulting. You're telling me it's okay for a 6'4" 250 pound cross dressing man to walk around wearing a skin tight dress but it's illegal for someone to sag their pants? It's ok for rockers to wear nut hugging pants with no underwear and clearly visible pubic hair sticking up from the crotch of their jeans, but it's illegal for someone to sag? It's ok for obese men and women to wear tight shirts with fat midriffs showing but it's illegal for someone to sag? I could go on and on...

Instead of casting him off as just "playing the race card" why don't you actually research his stance before coming to such unthoughtful conclusions.

458 days ago


It is ridiculous to call this racist. I live near this town and they aren't targeting black people. They don't want anyone with their pants sagging. I hate how everything turns into racism. When I first heard of this ban, I never thought anyone would say it was racist. Disagree, yes. Racist, no.

457 days ago


Suit Up, don't sag down.

457 days ago


that's crazy...!! grow men complaining about sagging...GROW UP DUDES!!!! IF U R GONNA B A ROLE MODEL 4 KIDS

457 days ago


I have never understood why someone would want to walk around looking like a baby with a full diaper! It is not attractive and in fact, looks stupid. If you want to show off your underwear, then leave the pants at home and just do it. It appears to be a trend among the undereducated and ignorant folk out there.

456 days ago


Ban it everywhere! I prefer not to look at a Man's nasty underwear ~

454 days ago


Thank god someone had the balls to pass this ban it's about time. I'm so sick of seeing the sagging pants just wish other states would do the same.

454 days ago

Zach Swan    

I think we should just declare open season on saggy pants wearin' mofos. If you see one, you should be allowed to beat them senseless with impunity and take their saggy drawers as a trophy. Heck the NJ government should pay a bounty for every pair of saggy drawers removed from a perp and turned in.

454 days ago


To ne if you where you pants like that, and you know it come from prisoners who want men to have sex with them then you are gay, and want the same.

453 days ago


Martin Luther king Jr. , Rosa Parks, as well as other black leaders had legitimate Movements. please sit down somewhere.

453 days ago



453 days ago

caz laud    

Not for nothing but sagging pants is not a black thing its a "I wanna look like a stupid jail bird thug"thing. The sagging pants started by inmates not having a belt and their pants not fitting correctly so the pants began to sag. Personally when my son came down stairs with his jeans sagging he was sent up to 1. change them or 2. put on a belt, the reason why I do not want my son to think its ok to want to emblem a jail house thug. I want better for him and I want him to achieve and be someone to look up to and a role model. As for Games statement it goes to show how little respect he has for hi race referring to the young black men as the N word and even less respect for his own mother with the use of language and encouragement of breaking the law. I have taught my son to not embarrasses me using language in public he would not use speaking to me or his grandmother and that if he wants true success in life he should strive to be one level up from where ever he is, and I am proud to say he earns close to 200k a year works 3 days a week from home 2 days in his office and graduated with top honors from his college. He is 28 and everyone who has ever meet me including his boss at a party has stated what a pleasure he is. And his girfriend of the past 10 years has said thank you to me so many times for raising a true man and not a wanna-be. He is in no shape way or form a weak man, a nerd or mommas boy. He stands over 6 ft tall is muscular, into sports, fast cars, and enjoys life to its fullest. I was a single mom at a young age raised him on my own, spent my time on welfare and living in the projects but never did I accept nothing but best from him. He has an 8th degree black belt in ti kwon do and has been training for freestyle fighting for 6 yrs now and trust me I have seen during matches just what that boy can do but I also know he stays on the right side of the law and would never do anything to cause me shame. Seriously Game grow up educate yourself and learn this one important lesson in life if you want to continue to separate races then it is you who causes racism for if we all learn to join the human race instead of being black, white , Latino, Asian etc etc then we are all on the same level once you separate according to race someone somewhere with say this one is better than that one.

452 days ago
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