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Flavor Flav's Chicken Joint

We Could've Been Poisoned

6/15/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people behind Flavor Flav's Michigan chicken joint claim their landlords DON'T DESERVE RENT ... because the guys who own the building exposed them to POISON GAS!!!

We broke the story ... Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs was hit with eviction papers last month because the landlords claim the restaurant hasn't paid a penny in rent since the place opened back in December.

But Flav's people claim they have a damn good reason to stiff the landlords -- the place had a faulty heater that was leaking carbon monoxide into the restaurant ... endangering everyone inside the building.

Flav's partners filed a lawsuit against the landlord ... claiming they had a duty to fix the problem, but failed to do so ... causing FFC&R to temporarily close its doors.

The chicken joint has since re-opened ... and we're guessing the problem has been remedied because no one has since died (... to the best of our knowledge).

A lawyer for Flav's biz partners tells TMZ, the rent on the property IS currently being paid ... but into a court escrow account, where it will stay until all these messy legal matters are settled.

Team Flav is suing for more than $25k in lost business and other damages.


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Flavs People are blaming everyone except for flav the man the made the bad recipe of chicken. Why did all his other stores Close? BAD FOOD!!!!!!!!!

440 days ago



440 days ago


Should have fixed the problem on their own and deducted from the rent.
Putting workers and customer at risk is foolish

440 days ago


If the food isn't good...then it should close. I wouldn't eat there because Flav looks kinds nasty.

440 days ago


But it was alright to knowingly put patrons at risk and charge them for the meal? Hope people saved their receipts if they ate there so they can sue Flav, but then again, I bet the real story is that he is broke and has no money anyway.

439 days ago


Ignorant deadbeat...go fry chicken at home.

439 days ago


This is Kayne in 20 yr's.

439 days ago


It's a rarity that a water will emit enough carbon monoxide to harm anybody, especially with the air hoods above the fryers and the opening and closing of doors. Not to mention the fresh air vents located near the water heater.

These guys are just dead-beat tenants.

439 days ago


What a joke. TMZ fell sucker to a claim by the owners and attorney to smoke screen it. There is NOTHING filed w the city of Sterling Heights even close to their carbon monoxide claim.

In truth - the owners, Geno and Salvino - use money from the sales in the store - to party, hit the clubs etc. They opened the place on a loan from their Grandma (reverse mortgage). It is all truly a crap show. Thankfully - their employees spill the beans to the public of the reality - and not some typical attorney and his bs.

Flav (who really cares) is really only attached in name only.

439 days ago


a restaurant is a great venture for flav, he can find a use for all of the grease on his face in frying chicken

439 days ago

Go Calvin    

Thank you Calvin. The actual story is that they have occupied the building for an entire year before opening customizing it to FFC&R and no heater problems then. A month before opening they begged the owners to give them a 60 day break in rent because they were BROKE. In Decemeber they were supposed to pay up all the back rent and nothing. They actually owe over $40,000 in rent but St heights, MI district court has a $25,000 limit. In Jan their insurance agent called & stated they had NO insurance. Putting everyone in danger, the property owner had no choice but to move forward with eviction. The property owner got his own insurance and sued them. All of the sudden there is a bad heater in Feb. Owners went to Sterling hts building authority & no permits were filed for any heater repairs or replacements. The heater was just to buy time. According to their lease (can be verified in court do***ents) they are responsible for ALL repairs to the building. They have occupied the building since 2011. Once court started they plead with the court that they were getting a huge REALITY SHOW deal & they would pay all back rent within 30 days. They had a REALITY SHOW casting at the location 2 days before court. Court granted them another 10 days to pay but required they pay rent in escrow in the mean time. They paid $5,000 into escrow of the $40,000 owed. in the mean time SAL & GINO did not pay their Exhaust System contractor who has now liened the building for $28,000 (verifiable by court do***ents). They have owed him for over a year. According to their lease they must satisfy all contractors & not have any liens placed on the property. Property owner sent Heating/Cooling contractor to inspect furnace & found bad thermostat which costs $300 to repair. When brought to courts attention FFC&R replaced entire furnace which costs $9,000.
So even it the owner paid $9,000 for new furnace what about the remainder $31,000 in RENT? BTW furnace was installed WITHOUT a permit with the city. Owners brought this to courts attention & at that point FFC&R filed for a furnace permit.
Mind you none of this furance crap was brought up until owner filed for eviction. EVICTION PAPERS SIGNED BY JUDGE 6/10/13, so why if they paid all rent to escrow. Judge kept giving them time (Jan - June) to pay & make things. No reality show contract i guess. HA LOSERS. THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE ENTIRE STORY.

439 days ago


The poison gas came about after eating the Mac n' Cheese......

439 days ago


well theres always a watermelon stand

439 days ago


That's my neighborhood - I would NEVER eat there.

Wrong demographic entirely, FF

439 days ago


Maybe he is Kim Kardashian;s Baby Daddy....

439 days ago
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