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Michael Jackson

Every Shocking Death Scene Photo

6/15/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_michael_jackson_evidence_photos_launch_v2Here it is ... the Michael Jackson death scene ... every single shocking photo taken, from the doll he slept with, Propofol bottles, Dr. Murray's mysterious medical bag, portentous writing on the wall, old costumes ... everything.

The photos were taken by LAPD investigators on June 25th, 2009, the day Michael died. A few of these photos trickled out during Dr. Murray's criminal trial, but now they're all here in one gallery ... ALL 155.

The gallery is a fascinating window into how Michael lived ... and how he died.


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Without proper context these photos are deceiving. First of all, Michael received tons of gifts from his fans. Instead of passing judgement, why not understand that he kept the gifts. Michael also had no home after the malicious trial in 2006 and so he no doubt traveled with most of his important stuff. The masks belonged to his kids and why would one not assume that the doll belonged to Paris. Might she not have given her dad a doll to keep him company? Yes, he sure did not seem to clean up after himself but he had people doing it for him for years. Maybe he was just a normal slob. I shutter to think of what my son's room would look like if I did not clean it up every now and then. TMZ, what is your purpose with displaying these photos? We know Michael had insomnia and a crooked doctor.

463 days ago


Those children lived in that filthy house? I can just imagine the smell O_o

463 days ago


Michael Jackson was about to expose AEG and the powers that be of their lies. These photos very well could be LIES! All a set up by the same people who killed MJ!

463 days ago


I would have fired that housekeeper. And why didnt anyone call child protective services<? The guy was obviously sick and a junkie. If I was a doctor and walked into these living conditions I would have called someone. Dr Murray is right where he belongs, and no wonder he died. Anyone who had been to this house, shouldnt be shocked at the news that he died.

463 days ago


I love Friday nights, but not since the gold panties party gone busted.

I love Saturdays and Sundays since Mimi's blow buddy seems to be off from TMZ office and we got to see the wonderful posts made by OhWell.

iPad 3 D

463 days ago


Remember when he was on TV acting like holding his baby tightly was safe over a balcony, as if someone forced him to hold up the uncomfortable baby?
He was "shocked" that anyone like Gloria Allred wanted a child safety investigation?
He had trouble lifting the agitated baby Blanket around the balcony in 2002. That was after he put a scarf over Paris & Prince & showed them off above the balcony.

In 1997, MJ lifted his oldest son up over the tall building window for the fangirls while Debbie encouraged him to show off the baby?
He should never have had any child because he had a bunch pills & Propofol.
He was slurring his speech and obsessing about other people's children. He was recorded with slurred speech in 1997.
He couldn't make millions from movies because he destroyed his nose & play any character except an alien or a child's movie character.
The unravelling came when he was afraid of
taking pictures without hiding his nose and looked nervous while singing at the 2006 World Music Awards & couldn't stop abusing drugs in 2009. Of course, he couldn't fake an innocent high pitch voice the last 4 years of his life
because he wasn't getting filmed at Neverland anymore.

463 days ago


He was a great man and a wonderful entertainer! He devoted his life to making children happy. I do agree a grown man should not be living in these conditions.. But I truly believe he wanted to help children. After all he did donate 350 million of HIS MONEY to help others!!!

463 days ago


All that money and he couldn't afford a maid to clean up his crap ??? And what's with the dolls and masks....... gives me the creeps!!

463 days ago


It's obvious the maid was not allowed in MJ's to clean!

463 days ago

I Was About To Say    

In lieu of the gold panties party lets remember the dumb things Michael Jackson did. Does anyone remember when he told a reporter (I think Oprah) that Brooke Shields was his girlfriend and she had no clue wtf he was talking about?? Hahahahahaha

463 days ago


Anyone seen The Man of Steel?

463 days ago


Oooooh I hope Priscilla Presley talks...not Priscilla, the daughter who married him. What's her name? Well anyway, I hope someone talks. No way did they have sex.

463 days ago


Those masks and dolla gave me more of the heebie jeebies than the drugs, bleach cream and total lack of maid service. Yikes.

463 days ago


Creepiest house ever. No bed frame, floor fan, dated tv, crap furniture...not how one would expect a mega mansion to be furnished. Then the dolls and masks...3-1 odds says it becomes a haunted house attraction one day

463 days ago


Strange. But it is m.j.'s room.

463 days ago
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