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Michael Jackson

Every Shocking Death Scene Photo

6/15/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_michael_jackson_evidence_photos_launch_v2Here it is ... the Michael Jackson death scene ... every single shocking photo taken, from the doll he slept with, Propofol bottles, Dr. Murray's mysterious medical bag, portentous writing on the wall, old costumes ... everything.

The photos were taken by LAPD investigators on June 25th, 2009, the day Michael died. A few of these photos trickled out during Dr. Murray's criminal trial, but now they're all here in one gallery ... ALL 155.

The gallery is a fascinating window into how Michael lived ... and how he died.


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Michael Jacksons ghost told Lionel Richie’s ex wife yesterday that he inadvertently killed himself.

Case Closed.

460 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Holy Hell!!!! and they sad Sid ad Nancy lived in a crack house. Conrad Murray should be in jail for life, and what is most disturbing are the picture of babies all over along with a doll in his bed. No wonder Paris is in the state she is in. And, how many more people need proof he was a pedophile?

460 days ago


I wonder how this evidence make Michael Jackson's children feel. Michael was the only role model they had to build their identity and their self esteem. No wonder Paris turned to Deborah Rowe! I only this new relationship is not another disappointment in the making for Paris.

460 days ago


Katherine Jackson it theres a Devil and H3ll you are going there.. you POS.. look at the lives you have ruined including your own son MJ. look what you have done to Paris.. all for $$$$$$$$$$ burn you ole hag....

460 days ago


Creepy. Outright creepy. Now when I recall Paris' eulogy, 'best father in the world', I think she ought to see this snaps for herself so she can reconcile her thoughts with reality.

460 days ago


30 tubes of hydroquinone? Vitiligo my ass what a liar he was...and sleeping with dolls and masks in your bureau?

460 days ago


Very odd but we know this already. What's done is done. Still love my MJ since I was a kid. *Moonwalker* :o)

460 days ago


And these photos only show that AEG treated Michael negligently. Someone under so many '"medications" and propofol every night can't possibly be present in a dynamic, grueling schedule like that. And all the alleged illnesses and behaviors his workmates reported to their bosses. They failed to protect him and to give him time to get his act straight or else! Had they done that, I'm sure Michael would have sought help. But instead they pushed and made him feel he was into an obligation with no way out. And the way they treated him didn't help his sf esteem, either.

460 days ago


He probably spent so much time in the plastic surgery hospitals & staring at photos of very white people that
he forgot what he felt & LOOKED like
in the first 20 years of his life.

460 days ago


Looking at these pictures, brings up some many questions and comments:

1. After his death, the staff said that they were not allowed on the floor in which Michael lived. So, I guess that's why is floor was a total mess (Obviously, he wasn't into cleaning.) Some may say that he should've hired a maid but he would've had to hide some of the odd items away before doing so and he probably didn't want to chance not finding/hiding everything.

But, I think that Dr. Murray had access and he could've at least picked up a few items to help out.

And, WHY did not say/do anything after seeing how he lived? If I had witnessed it, I would've expressed in some way that he needed help (which probably would get me fired and if it didn't, I would've quit). But no one did anything -- that is those that did see it (the kids?). The guilty adults remained silent. Why? Money. The kids remained silent. Why? Maybe they thought it was normal.

All in all -- it is sad.

460 days ago


Don't think that reasonable people needed photographic evidence that he was a talented, caring and critically disturbed human being. I personally don't believe that the dolls, masks etc. indicate pedophilia, but more that they indicate his intrinsic need to reinvent his own childhood. Just my non-doctor, non-psychological opinion. It doesn't change. nor will it change my love of his talent and his music.

460 days ago

Daniella Bella     

- well I can't seem to get by the first three pictures without getting bumped off ... I wanna see those!, Sometimes this website sucks so bad.

460 days ago


I think the purpose of the skin lightener was to even out the white spots that he was getting on his dark skin. If you have ever seen it on a darker skinned person, it can be very unsettling.

He did have vitiligo, and was lightening his skin to even it out because you cannot darken the white spots, they have lost their melanin.

But clearly the man had serious issues. Very serious issues.

I don't believe that you can fully blame his Mommy or his father either. They were HIS narcissistic issues. Without his parents discipline, he would have never achieved success- look at his bros.

The man was a lot of things. A brilliant musician, but a messed up narcissistic soul.

If you're going to be a pig, why do you need a $96 million home? Narcissism. Look at those pictures of kids that is CREEPY!

Stop blaming " I didn't have a childhood" boohooohoooo! Billions of kids don't have so called fantasy childhoods, tons of kids working in Chinese factories, Haitian house slaves, Cuban sugar cane pickers, GET OVER IT! Stop blaming everything for Michael Jackson's downfall on everyone and everything but MICHAEL!

Michael Jackson was the CAUSE OF HIS OWN DOWNFALL.

Pride cometh before the fall.

460 days ago


This is so sad! I feel for Michael, because this is what drugs do to people. It takes away the control of their lives and twist their priorities. And I don't blame Katherine his family or anyone. Michael was probably embarrassed about it, and every time his mother came to see him he looked clean and normal. I've seen it happen so many times with acquaintances and coworkers! You wouldn't even guess they shot heroin in the morning before heading to work or that they went to get their methadone or to AA meeting before going to work.

460 days ago


What was so "shocking"?

460 days ago
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