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Michael Jackson

Every Shocking Death Scene Photo

6/15/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_michael_jackson_evidence_photos_launch_v2Here it is ... the Michael Jackson death scene ... every single shocking photo taken, from the doll he slept with, Propofol bottles, Dr. Murray's mysterious medical bag, portentous writing on the wall, old costumes ... everything.

The photos were taken by LAPD investigators on June 25th, 2009, the day Michael died. A few of these photos trickled out during Dr. Murray's criminal trial, but now they're all here in one gallery ... ALL 155.

The gallery is a fascinating window into how Michael lived ... and how he died.


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Michael needed help with drug abuse that is for sure.. But he had how many people working for him.. Cooks housekeepers and so on.... His life might have been a mess but he had enough staff that should have kept that all cleaned up...

462 days ago

Master Po    

And this is what happens when you can not sleep due to touching children.

462 days ago


The baby pics are weird. I think we can all agree with that but the bathroom pic: A toilet seat for an adult AND a child. I believe that by the time they moved into that house, the kids were grown. Was he preparing to have another baby? DID he already have a rent a baby that stayed in his room (the pics again). This pics show a very disturbing way he lived his life.

462 days ago


So Michael's daughter is in UCLA med center for cutting herself and depression then you post photos or her fathers death scene photos? Nice well wishes you are sending her way! Pretty lame!

462 days ago

Master Po    

the pedos plunge into depression.

Dont take my word for it take the guy who CONDUCTED the nude examination of the pedo.

462 days ago


Very creepy to see that many meds n all.... manybe he wanted to die & this doc was assisting in sucide... How come NONE of his family, friends, staff, or even the kids ever came forward... His family/friends/staff HAD to know something was going on... All the medical supplies!!! & as 4 the Doctor, he KNEW he was wrong giving him this... But again who's to say MJ just wanted to die, could he of had a terminal disease & never said, even after his death?? I feel sorry 4 the kids, they have to deal with all MJ's past problems then with his death. R.I.P.

462 days ago


Man Jackson was a total mess. Holy s**t.....

462 days ago


Some of those pics are disturbing. The little toilet by the big one, the dolls, and those baby pics on the dresser. Weird ass dude.

462 days ago


Considering his daughter just tried to kill herself, I think this is in extremely bad taste to post these right now, a fragile young girl doesn't need to see things like this as she's trying to recover and grieve the death of her father.. Normally I support TMZ but shame on you this time!

462 days ago


Love the fan bullcrap about 'oh we was evening out his skin with the bleachers'. Your old story was he didn't bleach AT ALL. Now that it's undeniable, you change your story. Hydroquinone is a skin bleacher. If he was 'evening out', he would of stopped already. He was even. He was evenly WHITE. But he was so messed up mentally with his body dismorphia disorder (and other things) that he continued to bleach his skin until the day he died. Because he was never white enough by his own standards.

462 days ago


Omg... enough with MJ Stories!! The guy is dead!!!

462 days ago


I think its important to remember that this was days before they were leaving to do the show. When a person is going on a trip they

1. Stock up on things
2. Pack and have luggage and boxes everywhere
3. Get a little lax on their cleaning until everything is packed up
4. the papers on the walls all had to do with stuff he would need and the show

not to mention guys don't forget the man had kids he was taking with him as well so boxes from toys and such would be normal for someone with kids!

462 days ago


The small toilet is a bidet, people. Look it up.

462 days ago


why am i looking at this why am i looking at this why am i looking at this why am i looking at this

462 days ago


I'm surprised Michael lived as long as he did with all of that drugs in the house. Why is a grown man sleeping with dolls? Such a shame that he was never able to grow up.

462 days ago
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