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Paris Jackson


6/15/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614-paris-bieber-gettyParis Jackson DETESTS Justin Bieber, largely and ironically because he wouldn't speak up about teenage girls cutting themselves ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ ... Paris -- who is currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a knife and downing 20 Motrin -- thinks Justin is a terrible role model for young girls.  She was enraged after some of Justin's female fans started tweeting about cutting themselves as an expression of love for the singer and he went radio silent, rather than talking the girls out of it.

We're told Paris got very angry after seeing the pics TMZ posted of Justin smoking weed in a hotel room in early January.  She thinks he owes his fans more as a role model.

Paris -- who lives in Justin's Calabasas gated community -- thinks Justin's various missteps in the hood are "a disgrace."

The word "hate" was used very clearly to describe Paris' feelings toward JB.


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Mary P    

So yet another person is selling her out... well, I should say another Jackson sold her out. We all know this obviously didn't come from her since she's still hospitalized. And people wonder why Debbie Rowe would be a better option? Because like I said - without Debbie she's go NO ONE to confide in because that family would sell her out for $4.42 and a gelatto.

465 days ago


Chicks that cut their selves for attention should be ignored. Rewarding them for cutting themselves perpetuates the practice.

This is probably the only time I can say that little queer Justin did the right thing.

465 days ago


First and foremost, Bieber needs a serious ass kicking. With that being said, Paris needs to STFU and take responsibility for herself before telling others what they should or should not be doing. Bieber is a douchebag but it is not his responsibility to babysit his idiotic fans. If he should do anything at all it's go and smack the parents for raising stupid kids. OK, well he should send his bodyguards since any parent over 5ft tall and 80 lbs. would just end up whipping his scrawny ass.

465 days ago


I agree with her, at least someone has some sense.

465 days ago


Weezy wannabe Beibs too busy smokin pple with lil skidmark

465 days ago

Wah wah    

Two dumb kids with too much fame and money! They need to STFU, neither of them shud be giving any kind of advice!

465 days ago


I mean, is it at all strange shes having breakdowns? This girl thinks the world should revolve around her opinions. I think Justin is a bit of a douche but does she really expect he is going to just anwser and take on every cause and notice every twitter msg. He most likely doesnt even write most of his twitter. And he is busy while she has all the time in the world, which is usually when people become bitter and criticize. Sour little girl. Debbie should really take her trekking somewhere for a year to get a grip she is not the center of the universe.

465 days ago


I knew I liked this girl ... she has the guts and backbone to take a stand against popular trends and mainstream beliefs. She had the guts last summer to go to the media to confront the rest of the Jackson thugs who had deceitfully manipulated Katherine into going to an out of state spa and isolating her - while intentionally keeping MJ's kids in the dark for days after their only guardian disappeared, never dreaming little Paris would wage public war against these kidnappers with social media. And it worked.
Way to go Paris ... sometimes it is tough being smarter and more ethical than those around you. In just a few more years, you will no longer be forced to be surrounded by people you cannot trust.

465 days ago


Wow you guys are s***.

465 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

Obviously, this lil Bitch is in needof serious attention! END OF ****ING STORY!!

465 days ago


If I hadn't read that Paris is only 15 years I wouldn't believe it. She looks older. I remember being a 15 year old boy, attending school with several girls 15 years of age. They just looked like they were 15 years old. Damn, I've seen pictures of missing 13 year old girls, who looked like they are at least 19 to 23 years. What happened to all those fresh-faced girls?
And as for Bieber, I think he wants to be respected. That's okay with me. However, my parents often told me that respect must be earned! The way he behaves isn't going to earn him (any) respect, certainly not from me.

465 days ago


She's dumb then. Justin isn't these girls parents. And it was proven noone was cutting themselves that was done by troll accounts thinking it was funny to photoshop cuts . The media confirmed it and the people behind it admitted to it Paris should know her facts first. If people wanna cut they're gonna do it regardless she don't need to blame Justin for HER problems

465 days ago


I feel the same way Paris :-)

465 days ago


This whole thing is stupid. Paris needs to worry about getting herself together. If someone tweeted me they cut themselves because they love me, I wouldn't say anything either because i wouldn't know what tonsay. You can't blame JB for her angst. She's in the hospital , not him

465 days ago


To say, I meant stupid auto correct!

465 days ago
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