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Kim Kardashian's BFF

I Hope Her Baby Has a

Big Head ... Like Kanye

6/16/2013 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's new baby girl is gonna have a HUGE HEAD ... just like her superstar dad Kanye West ... so says Kim K's BFF Jonathan Cheban.

Jonathan -- who pops in and out of various Kardashian reality shows -- was out in LA last night just hours after Kim K gave birth and our photog asked the question on everyone's mind ... will baby Kimye end up with a giant Kanye-sized melon?

For anyone who knows who Kanye West is ... that question has two possible meanings (think about it). Got it. Good.

The crazy part is ... Jonathan actually answered the question -- and it's pretty great.

Now, here's Kanye's head in action ...


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Seems like EVERYBODY hates these people, who watch's those stupid shows giving them all that E money. Now the mother's gonna have a talk show on Fox 11, same ch as TMZ, I might have to delete 11 from my favs.

503 days ago


So who is this Kim Kardashian person-thing? And who is this very gay "BFF" girl? Inquiring minds need to know.

503 days ago


So lets see a pic of this baby in the ncubator. this lil five week premature baby. most people take a pic of a baby and post it on twitter or instagram like kim does of own self.. why wont the fame pig snap an instagram of lil new fresh happy baby. is she that much of a leach she has to sell a picture of her fresh baby yet she pists instagram pics of herself and works on a realty show.. whats real about giving birth if you cant send us a intagram like she does all her other baby in stomach pics she posts on twitter. money leach pigs.. any happy normal mother would be posting twitter and instagram pics of their new baby by today but not leach money pig selling her child to magazines so we have to wait to see if this baby even has black skin at all.

503 days ago


Jonathan Cheban needs to be punched in the ugly mug. There is something so utterly repulsive about that lisping, round faced dumb azz. Why does anyone ask him anything? He's really punchable!

503 days ago


I hope their kid doesn't turn out to be another Kanye. Always looking mad and depressed with a hot temper. And ugly............WOW is he ugly! I

503 days ago


"superstar"? haha, more like super jerk!

503 days ago

jeffrey allen    

so all this conjecture about Arik Katzenberg going to Universal Studios after summer is for real. He was sighted in New york last Friday at Skadden, Arps and it is widely believed he is attempting to maneuver Time Warner's CNN with Disney's ABC News division which opens the way for him to leverage his new position at Universal to come aboard Disney instead. Its an amazing attempt to parlay one position for another and to create a colossal deal that violates every tenet of the Sherman Anti Trust act even before being hired. If this goes througjh, he'll be the youngest C-Suite exec at the Disney Company and one of the most aggressive. And I hear he wants the disney Parks Division.

503 days ago


ok..that made me laugh!
god,he's so f*#*ing stupid!

503 days ago


Congrats Kim!

503 days ago


The fact that the family is not tweeting about this is because they are hiding something. Something is wrong.

503 days ago


I think the reason the family is silent is because something is wrong.

503 days ago


who cares? after all, who is KIm? a mere hype ......

503 days ago


I crack up every time I see that pic of him running into the sign.....hilarious!!!

503 days ago


You all know the "BFF" does not stand for "Best Friend Forever"...right? It stands for "Big Frigging Fool" and a couple of other things we could put here but they will only censor them...jerks. Thanks all...

503 days ago

arale norimaki    

I'm so damn tired of seeing stories about her!!!
Gone are the days you had to be talented to be famous

503 days ago
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